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Food Standards as amended, taking into account amendments up to Food Standards (Proposal P1043 – Code Revision (2016)) Variation
Administered by: Health
Registered 13 Apr 2017
Start Date 13 Apr 2017

Schedule 24           Restricted plants and fungi

Note 1        This instrument is a standard under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth). The standards together make up the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. See also section 1.1.1—3.

                   Restricted plants and fungi are regulated by paragraphs 1.1.1—10(5)(a) and (6)(e) and Standard 1.4.4.This Standard lists plants and fungi for the definition of restricted plant or fungus in section 1.1.2—3.

Note 2        The provisions of the Code that apply in New Zealand are incorporated in, or adopted under, the Food Act 2014 (NZ). See also section 1.1.1—3.

S24—1                Name

                            This Standard is Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Schedule 24 – Restricted plants and fungi.

                                      Note    Commencement:
This Standard commences on 1 March 2016, being the date specified as the commencement date in notices in the Gazette and the New Zealand Gazette under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth). See also section 93 of that Act.

S24—2                Restricted plants and fungi

                            For paragraph (a) of the definition of restricted plant or fungus in section 1.1.2—3, the plants and fungi are:

Restricted plants and fungi

Species name

Common name

Natural toxicant

Artemisia absinthium

Common wormwood

Thujone, santonin

Artemisia cina Berg

Levant wormseed

Thujone, santonin

Artemisia maritima

Levant wormseed

Thujone, santonin

Artemisia vulgaris


Thujone, santonin

Chrysanthemum balsamita



Chrysanthemum parthenium (see Tanacetum parthenium)



Cinchona spp.



Cinnamomum camphora

Camphor tree oil

Safrole, coumarin

Cinnamomum micranthum

Micranthum oil

Safrole, coumarin

Hedeoma pulegioides oil

American pennyroyal



White snakeroot oil


Hypericum perforatum

St John's wort


Mentha pulegium oil

European pennyroyal oil


Sassafras albidum

American sassafras oil


Sassafras officinale (see Sassafras albidum)



Tanacetum balsamita (see Chrysanthemum balsamita)



Tanacetum parthenium



Tanacetum vulgare

Tansy oil


Thuja occidentalis

Thuja, White cedar



Amendment History

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These amendments are made under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 unless otherwise indicated. Amendments do not have a specific date for cessation unless indicated as such.


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This is compilation No. 1 of Schedule 24 as in force on 13 April 2017 (up to Amendment No. 168). It includes any commenced amendment affecting the compilation to that date.


Prepared by Food Standards Australia New Zealand on 13 April 2017.


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Schedule 24 was published in the Food Standards Gazette No. FSC96 on 10 April 2015 as part of Amendment 154 (F2015L00438 –- 1 April 2015) and has since been amended as follows:


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