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Acts Interpretation (Ministerial Acting Arrangements for the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio) Authorisation (No. 1) 2022






I, Katherine Ruth Gallagher, Minister for Women, acting in accordance with sections 19 and 34AAB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901, and all other powers thereunto enabling, as the case requires, hereby authorise the Hon Dr Anne Aly MP, Minister for Early Childhood Education and Minister for Youth, to exercise, on my behalf, all my powers and functions, including powers and functions conferred on me by any law of the Commonwealth.

This instrument commences on Monday 2 January 2023 and ceases to have effect at the end of Sunday 15 January 2023 (inclusive).


Dated 8 December 2022






Katherine Ruth Gallagher, Minister for Women and Minister for the Public Service



Note: The name of this document was amended on registration as the document as lodged did not have a unique name (see subsection 10(2), Legislation Rule 2016).