Appeals Rule 2023


I, Professor Brian P. Schmidt, Vice-Chancellor, make the following rule.

Dated 5 JULY 2023


Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA FRS





Part 1— Preliminary

1 Name

2 Commencement

3 Authority

4 Definitions

Part 2— Reviewable decisions

5 Meaning of reviewable decision

6 Discipline decisions

7 Academic integrity decisions

Part 3— Application for review

8 Grounds for review of reviewable decisions

9 Affected student may make application for review

10 Registrar may reject invalid applications

11 Registrar must refer valid applications to Appeals Committee

Part 4— Appointment of Appeals Committee

12 Appeals Panel

13 Appeals Committee

Part 5— Consideration by Appeals Committee

14 Additional material

15 Material to be provided to student

16 Notification of hearing etc.

17 Decision whether to conduct oral hearing

18 Applications for review relating only to penalty or other action taken

19 Hearing procedure

20 Student’s rights on review

21 Remote participation in review

22 Non-appearance before Appeals Committee

23 Decision by Appeals Committee

24 Undertaking by student

25 Decision final

Part 6— Miscellaneous

26 Joint, double or dual programs with other institutions etc.

27 Certain functions not to be exercised personally by original decision-maker

28 Extension of time

Part 7— Repeal, transitional provisions and expiry

Division 7.1— Repeal

29 Repeal

Division 7.2— Transitional provisions

30 General application and savings

31 Transitional orders

32 Application of Legislation Statute, section 26

33 Transitional provisions additional

Division 7.3— Expiry

34 Expiry of instrument

Part 1—Preliminary

academic integrity decision: see section 7 (Academic integrity decisions).

Appeals Committee means an Appeals Committee appointed under section 13 (Appeals Committee).

course means a subject of scholarly study, whether it is taught:

discipline decision: see section 6 (Discipline decisions).

property includes any form of real or personal property.

Example of property

Intellectual property, including intellectual property in any data or information.

reviewable decision: see section 5 (Meaning of reviewable decision).

Secretary, to an Appeals Committee, means the person appointed as Secretary to the Appeals Committee under section 13(6) (Appeals Committee).

student means a person who is or was enrolled in, or seeking enrolment in, a program or course offered by the University, or who is or was given permission by the University to audit a program or course offered by the University.


[Note: For definitions applying to University legislation generally, see the dictionary in the Legislation Statute. That dictionary defines terms relevant to this instrument, including the following:

Part 2—Reviewable decisions

Part 3—Application for review

[Note: For the service (however described) of notices and other documents, see the Legislation Statute, section 24.]

Part 4—Appointment of Appeals Committee

student means a person who is enrolled in a program or course offered by the University.

Part 5—Consideration by Appeals Committee

[Note: For the service (however described) of notices and other documents, see the Legislation Statute, section 24.]

[Note: A person may be permitted or required to participate in the review remotely (see section 21 (Remote participation in review)).]

[Note 1: The Registrar may delegate the function of appearing in person and other functions under this subsection (see Governance Statute, section 67 (Delegation and subdelegation of functions of other University officials)).]

[Note 2: A function exercised by a delegate (or subdelegate) of the Registrar is taken to have been exercised by the Registrar (see Acts Interpretation Act, section 34AB(1)(c)).]

Examples of methods of communication for remote participation

1 teleconference

2 videoconference

review includes any part of the review.

[Note: For the service (however described) of notices and other documents, see the Legislation Statute, section 24.]

Part 6—Miscellaneous

[Note: The time limit may be extended even though the relevant time has ended (see Legislation Statute, section 22 (Power to extend time)).]

Part 7—Repeal, transitional provisions and expiry

Division 7.2—Transitional provisions

[Note: The Academic Integrity Rule 2021, section 74(3) (General application and savings: conduct in relation to courses) provides for the application of that rule for relevant conduct engaged in by a student in relation to a course that commenced before 1 December 2021.]