Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia


Australian Bureau of Statistics - Australian Statistician — Appointment of Persons to Act in the Office of Australian Statistician – Appointment 2018

I, General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Ret’d), GovernorGeneral of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council and under subsection 15(1) of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975:


(a) terminate the appointment made on 29 June 2018 of Teresa Dickinson and Luise McCulloch to act in the office of Australian Statistician; and


(b) appoint Teresa Dickinson, Luise McCulloch and Jenet Connell to act alternately in the office of Australian Statistician during all periods when the holder of that office is absent from duty or from Australia or is, for any other reason, unable to perform the duties of that office, as follows:


(i) Teresa Dickinson is to act in the office during the first period of that kind commencing on or after the date of this instrument;


(ii) during each subsequent period of that kind, the alternate appointee will act in the office, if that appointee is available to do so;


(iii) if the appointee who, under paragraph (i) or (ii) above, would act in the office during a period of that kind is unavailable to do so, the next alternate appointee is to act in the office during that period;  and


(iv) if any of the appointees is acting in the office and that appointee becomes unable to continue to act during the relevant period, the next alternate appointee is to act in the office during the remainder of that period.

Dated: 21 November 2018

Peter Cosgrove


By His Excellency’s Command

Stuart Robert

Assistant Treasurer