Australian National University Act 1991



The Council of The Australian National University makes the following Statute under section 50 of the Australian National University Act 1991.


Dated: 15 February 2013.






Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC FASSA



1 Name of Statute and commencement

1.1 This Statute is the Programs and Awards Statute 2013.

1.2 This Statute commences on 15 February 2013.

2 Interpretation

2.1 In this Statute, and in Rules and Orders made under this Statute:

Rules means Rules made under this Statute.

3 Degrees, diplomas and certificates

3.1  The Council may make Rules specifying the degrees, diplomas and certificates that the University may confer.

4  Council may make Rules

4.1  The Council may make Rules about:

 (a)  the admission to candidature (including the limitation on such admission) of applicants for programs of study or research, and parts of such programs, for degrees (not including bachelor degrees), graduate diplomas or graduate certificates; and

 (b)  the admission to the University and the enrolment by an ANU College (including the limitation on such admission or enrolment) of applicants for programs of study, or for parts of such programs, for a bachelor degree, a diploma or a certificate; and

 (c)  the requirements of programs, whether of study or research or both; and

 (d) assessments or examinations; and

 (e) the academic performance of students, including the effect of unsatisfactory performance; and

 (f) the granting of degrees, diplomas, certificates and honours; and

 (g) the granting of scholarships for study or research, or both.

5 Review

5.1  If the Council makes Rules under section 4, the Rules must include provisions giving a person whose candidature might be affected a right of review.

5.2  A right of review under subsection 5.1 may be granted subject to any limitations set out in the Rules.

6 Orders with respect to programs, etc.

6.1  In this section, authority means:

 (a) the Deputy Vice-Chancellor; or

 (b) the Associate Dean of an ANU College;

as the case requires.

6.2  An authority specified in Rules made under section 4 may make Orders about such matters mentioned in those Rules.

6.3  Orders made under subsection 6.2 must not be inconsistent with this Statute or Rules made under this Statute.

6.4  Rules specifying the Associate Dean of an ANU College may provide that an Order made by that Associate Dean for the purposes of those Rules is not to have effect until it is approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

7 Associate awards

7.1  To avoid doubt, a reference in this Statute to a degree, diploma or certificate includes a reference to an associate degree, an associate diploma or an associate certificate, respectively.

8 Rules

8.1  The Council may make Rules, not inconsistent with this Statute, prescribing matters required or permitted by this Statute to be prescribed, or necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Statute.

9 Transitional

9.1  Rules made or in force under the Programs and Awards Statute 2012 and in force immediately before the commencement of this Statute continue in force, and may be amended or repealed, as if they were made under this Statute.

10  Repeal

10.1  The Programs and Awards Statute 2012, as amended and in force immediately before the commencement of this Statute, is repealed.