Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Social Security Regulation 20121

Select Legislative Instrument 2012 No. 228

I, QUENTIN BRYCE, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following regulation under the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999 and for the purposes of the Social Security Act 1991.

Dated 27 September 2012



By Her Excellency’s Command


Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

1 Name of regulation

  This regulation is the Social Security Regulation 2012.

2 Commencement

  This regulation commences on the day after it is registered.

3A Social Security Regulations 2004—repeal

 (1) The Social Security Regulations 2004 are repealed.

 (2) This section expires at the end of the day it commences as if it had been repealed by another legislative instrument.

3 Definitions

  In this regulation:

Act means the Social Security Act 1991.

family member has the same meaning as in subsection 23 (14) of the Act.

4 Meaning of humanitarian purpose

  For paragraph 1212B (c) of the Act, a purpose is the following:

 (a) attendance, as a formally selected member of the Australian Paralympic Team, for participation as a competitor, at the international athletic competition known as the Paralympic Games;

 (b) attendance, at a memorial service that has been approved by the Australian Government to commemorate an event involving the death or serious injury of an Australian resident, as one of the following persons:

 (i) an Australian resident who was seriously injured in the event;

 (ii) a family member of an Australian resident who died or was seriously injured in the event.

Examples of an event

A war, an act of terrorism, a natural disaster.

5 Humanitarian purpose—2012 Bali bombing memorial event

 (1) For paragraph 1212B (c) of the Act, a purpose is the attendance at the Bali bombing memorial event in Bali on 12 October 2012 by a person who is eligible to receive an ex-gratia payment for eligible Australians attending that event.

 (2) This section expires on 31 October 2012 as if it had been repealed by another legislative instrument.


1. All legislative instruments and compilations are registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments kept under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003. See