Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Parliamentary Precincts Regulations 20111

Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 181

I, QUENTIN BRYCE, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following Regulations under the Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988.

Dated 29 September 2011



By Her Excellency’s Command


Special Minister of State

1 Name of Regulations

  These Regulations are the Parliamentary Precincts Regulations 2011.

2 Commencement

  These Regulations commence on the day after they are registered.

3 Definition

  In these Regulations:

Act means the Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988.

4 Premises included in Parliamentary precincts

 (1) Subregulation (2) applies if:

 (a) the Presiding Officers certify under subsection 5 (2) of the Act that property specified in the certification is required for the purposes of the Parliament; and

 (b) the Minister declares, by legislative instrument, that the Presiding Officers have made a certification under subsection 5 (2) of the Act.

Note   Property that is specified in a certification made by the Presiding Officers as being required for the purposes of the Parliament must be owned or held under lease by the Commonwealth and must not be within the Parliamentary precincts defined by section 4 of the Act.

 (2) For subsection 5 (2) of the Act, the property is to be treated as part of the Parliamentary precincts for the purposes of the Act with effect from the commencement of the legislative instrument.

 (3) Subregulation (2) ceases to apply in relation to particular property if the Presiding Officers:

 (a) revoke the certification in which the property was specified; or

 (b) amend the certification to omit the property from it.


1. All legislative instruments and compilations are registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments kept under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003. See