Allocation Amendment Principles 2008 (No. 1)1

Aged Care Act 1997

I, JUSTINE ELLIOT, Minister for Ageing, make these Principles under subsection 961 (1) of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Dated 17 March 2008


Minister for Ageing



1 Name of Principles

  These Principles are the Allocation Amendment Principles  2008 (No. 1).

2 Commencement

  These Principles commence on 20 March 2008.

3 Amendment of Allocation Principles 1997

  Schedule 1 amends the Allocation Principles 1997.

Schedule 1 Amendment

(section 3)


[1] Paragraph 4.43 (1) (a)


 (a) that a care recipient cannot be discharged and readmitted:

 (i) to attract the accommodation supplement or the concessional resident supplement; or

 (ii) to enable a service to charge the care recipient an accommodation bond;


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