Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding


Notice of variation of amount required to be withheld



I, Erin Kathleen Holland, Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, vary the amount required to be withheld to an amount equal to twenty (20) percent of the payment, where the payment is:




I made this variation of the amount required to be withheld under the power contained in section 15-15 in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 to meet the special circumstances of that class of cases.


This variation is effective for payments made from 1 January 2004.


Class of cases


Payments made under a contract to an individual engaged as a performing artist to perform in a promotional activity that is:


(i)     conducted in the presence of an audience, or


(ii)   intended to be communicated to an audience by print or electronic media, or


(iii) for a film or tape, or


(iv) for a television or radio broadcast, and



where the individual has provided the payer with a Tax file number declaration form quoting their tax file number.


Expressions referred to above under the heading Class of cases have the same meaning as in regulation 44 of the Taxation Administration Regulations 1976.


Signed at Canberra, this 12th day of December 2003.



Signed by Erin Holland


Deputy Commissioner of Taxation