Consumer Protection Notice No.16 of   2003



I, ROSS CAMERON, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, pursuant to section 65E(1) of the Trade Practices Act 1974, hereby




  1. In respect of the goods specified in Division l of the Schedule to this Notice, the standard approved by the Standards Association of Australia specified in Division 2 of the Schedule as amended by the variations specified in Division 3 of the Schedule, is a consumer product information standard for the purposes of section 65D of the Trade Practices Act 1974.


II.     This standard will come into effect on 1 January 2004.





Division l: Particulars of Goods:


Clothing, household textiles, apparel, furnishings, upholstered furniture, bedding, mattresses, bed bases, piece goods and yarns made from textiles, plastics, plastic coated fabrics, suede, skins, hides, grain leathers and/or furs but not including goods specified below.


Goods exempt from Care Labelling Requirements


Second hand goods:   All second hand goods are exempt.


Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Infant’s Wear:  Unsupported coats (including overcoats, jackets and the like) of PVC film, handkerchiefs, braces, garter suspenders, arm bands, belts, headwear.


Footwear:  All footwear other than all types of hosiery, textile materials used in the manufacture of footwear.


Drapery:  Floor cloths, dish cloths, dusters, cleaning cloths, pressing cloths.


Haberdashery:  Ornaments, artificial flowers, sewing and embroidery threads and all other small items of haberdashery used in the making of clothing and textile products where instructions are not needed to ensure that the clothing or textile product is not damaged during cleaning and maintenance.


Furnishings: Oil baize, window blinds, shade blinds, sun blinds, awnings, floor coverings, light fittings, lampshades, tapestries, wall hangings, ornaments, handicraft items, draught excluders, non-upholstered furniture, cushions and cushion covers manufactured from remnants and labelled by the manufacturer with the following disclaimer “cushion cover manufactured from remnant/s, care treatment unknown”.


Jute Products:  All jute products.


Medical and Surgical Goods:  All goods intended for medical and surgical use as bandages, dressings, sanitary pads or materials forming part of manufactured medical and surgical goods.


Canvas Goods:  Beach and garden umbrella coverings.


Miscellaneous Goods:  Cords, twines, lashings, garden hose, toys, umbrellas and parasols, shoelaces, woven labels, flex coverings, goods manufactured for sporting purposes (including sporting gloves but excluding all other apparel), articles intended for one use only, mops, basket hangers, shoe holders, remnants, industrial gloves, polypropylene webbing furniture, all bags and cases (including handbags, purses, wallets, travel bags, school bags, sports bags, briefcases and wash bags).


Division 2: The Standard


1. Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1957:1998 Textiles - Care labelling, published on 5 January 1998.

Division 3: Variations:


Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1957:1998, specified in Division 2 is varied by:


(A)  Deleting clauses 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.


(B)  Deleting clause 2.1.3 and replacing it with:


“2.1.3 Care instructions for articles unable to be washed or drycleaned:  Where an article is unable to be washed or drycleaned, the permanent label shall include appropriate instructions in words:


(a) which warn that the article is unable to be washed or drycleaned; and


(b) which adequately describe the care treatment.”



(C)  Deleting clause 2.2(b).


(D) Deleting clause 2.2(c) and replacing it with the following clause:


“(c) The wording of the label shall be in English and be clearly legible.”


(E) Delete note 1 to clause 2.2.


(F) Add the following words to note 5 after clause 2.2:


“This includes individual pieces of household textile products sold as sets, eg napkin and tablecloth sets.”


(G) Adding the following clauses after clause 2.3:


2.4 Where in this standard there is a requirement for care instructions from categories in Tables 1, 2 or 3 to be provided on or with articles, words that have a similar meaning to the care instructions listed in Tables 1, 2 or 3 may be used.


2.5 Made up goods of a kind specified below are exempt from the requirement that a permanent label shall be attached to the goods.  However where a permanent label is not provided for such goods, care instructions shall be provided on a removable ticket or label attached to the goods, on a pamphlet accompanying the goods or as printed instructions on the wrapper or other matter in which the goods are packaged.


Made-up goods for which care instructions may be provided in a form other than by a permanent label:


Adult’s, children’s and infant’s wear:  Collars, neckwear, bow ties, gloves, mittens, all types of hosiery, incontinence garments, reversible garments, fur garments, bibs, washable nappies, squares of flannelette, terry towelling or muslin, baby pilchers.


Drapery:  Face washers, serviettes, doilies, table cloths, tray cloths, centres, runners, duchess sets, mosquito netting and covers made therefrom, butter muslin and gauze, tea towels, place mats, pot holders, finger tips, appliance covers for teapots, toasters or the like, hot water bottle covers.


Haberdashery:  Elastic, elastic threads, ribbons, zips, iron-on binding patches or trim, velcro type fasteners, curtain making kits and all other small items of haberdashery used in the making of clothing and textile products where instructions are needed to ensure that the clothing or textile product is not damaged during cleaning and maintenance.


Furnishings: Cushions that are an integral part of a furniture suite, shower curtains.


Miscellaneous: Gardening gloves.”


(H) Delete the words “each of” from the first sentence of clause 3.4.


(I) Delete the words “each of” from the first sentence of clause 3.5.


(J) Delete the words “each category” from the second sentence of clause 3.6 and replace with the words “the categories”.


(K)             Delete the third sentence of clause 3.6.


(L)              Add the words “The symbol denoting ‘do not dry clean’, that is the circle with the cross through it, is optional.” at the end of clause 3.6.




Dated this 12th day of December 2003