Allocation Amendment Principles 2001 (No. 2)

I, BRONWYN KATHLEEN BISHOP, Minister for Aged Care, make these Principles under subsection 96-1 (1) of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Dated 24 May 2001


Minister for Aged Care


1 Name of Principles

  These Principles are the Allocation Amendment Principles 2001 (No. 2).

2 Commencement

  These Principles commence on gazettal.

3 Amendment of Allocation Principles 1997

  Schedule 1 amends the Allocation Principles 1997.

Schedule 1 Amendment

(section 3)

[1] After Part 2


Part 2A People with special needs

4.4A Purpose of Part 2A (Act s 11-3)

  The purpose of this Part is to specify kinds of people who are people with special needs.

4.4B Veterans

 (1) People who are veterans are specified.

 (2) In this section:

veteran means a person who is:

 (a) a veteran of the Australian Defence Force or of an allied defence force; or

 (b) a spouse, widow or widower of a person mentioned in paragraph (a).