1973 No.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council and on the recommendation of the Superannuation Board, hereby make the following Regulation under the Superannuation Act 1922-1971.

Dated this fifth day of April, 1973.

Paul Hasluck


By His Excellency’s Command,

Signature of Treasurer



Amendment of the Superannuation Regulations†

After regulation 4 of the Superannuation Regulations the following regulation, is inserted:—

Investment of moneys of the Fund in debentures.

“ 4a. (1) For the purposes of paragraph (a) of sub-section (4) of section 12 of the Act, an investment of moneys of the Fund in debenture of a kind referred to in paragraph (d) of sub-section (2) of that section is permitted if, before making the investment, the Board obtains and considers advice from an expert adviser as to the suitability for the Fund, having regard to the purposes of the Fund, of the proposed investment.

“ (2) In sub-regulation (1), ‘ expert adviser ’, in relation to a proposed investment, means a person (including a body corporate) whom the Board, having regard to the competence and experience in financial matters of the person, chooses to give advice to the Board in relation to that proposed investment, but does not include a person who is a member, or a deputy of a member, of the Board or a member of the staff of the Board.”.


* Notified in the Commonwealth Gazette on 1973.

† Statutory Rules 1960, No. 68 as amended by Statutory Rules 1962, No. 14; 1963. Nos. 51 and 118; 1964, No. 73; 1965, Nos. 5, 136 and 182; 1966, Nos. 38, 67, 96 and 113; 1967, Nos. 15, 23, 83 and 147; 1968, Nos. 48, 71 and 135; 1969, Nos. 105 and 204; 1970, Nos. 4, 112. 173 and 211; 1971, Nos. 5 and 115; and 1972, Nos. 73 and 120.

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