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Corporations Regulations 2001

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SR 2001 No. 193 Regulations as amended, taking into account amendments up to Treasury Laws Amendment (Miscellaneous and Technical Amendments) Regulations 2021
Principal Regulations. These Regulations repeal the Corporations Regulations 1990 and the Partnerships and Associations Application Order 1999 (No. 1)
Administered by: Treasury
Registered 24 Aug 2021
Start Date 01 Jul 2021
End Date 24 Aug 2021
Table of contents.
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Collapse Volume 1Volume 1
Collapse Chapter 1—IntroductoryChapter 1—Introductory
Collapse Part 1.0—MiscellaneousPart 1.0—Miscellaneous
1.0.01 Name of Regulations
1.0.02 Interpretation
1.0.02A Prescribed financial market
1.0.02B Proprietary company thresholds (Act s 45A)
1.0.03 Prescribed forms (Act s 350)
1.0.03A Documents that must be in the prescribed form
1.0.03B Documents that must be lodged with ASIC
1.0.03C Documents that must be in a form approved by ASIC
1.0.04 Directions and instructions in forms
1.0.05 Documents and information required by forms
1.0.05A Lodgment with ASIC
1.0.06 Annexures accompanying forms
1.0.07 General requirements for documents
1.0.08 Information to accompany financial documents lodged for financial years
1.0.09 Information to accompany financial documents etc lodged for half-years
1.0.10 Continuous disclosure notices
1.0.11 Certain documents to be signed by personal representatives etc
1.0.12 Form of notice of resolution
1.0.13 Time for lodging documents
1.0.14 Address of registered office or place of business
1.0.15 Affidavits and statements in writing
1.0.16 Certification and verification of certain documents
1.0.17 Documents signed or sworn in accordance with the rules
1.0.18 Prescribed provisions (Act s 53)
1.0.20 Copies of orders to be lodged
1.0.21 Identification of lodged orders
1.0.22 Territorial application of Act
Expand Part 1.1—Prescribed amountsPart 1.1—Prescribed amounts
Expand Part 1.2—InterpretationPart 1.2—Interpretation
Expand Part 1.2A—Disclosing entitiesPart 1.2A—Disclosing entities
Expand Chapter 2A—Registration of companiesChapter 2A—Registration of companies
Expand Chapter 2B—Basic features of a companyChapter 2B—Basic features of a company
Expand Chapter 2C—RegistersChapter 2C—Registers
Expand Chapter 2D—Officers and employeesChapter 2D—Officers and employees
Expand Chapter 2E—Related party transactionsChapter 2E—Related party transactions
Expand Chapter 2G—MeetingsChapter 2G—Meetings
Expand Chapter 2K—ChargesChapter 2K—Charges
Expand Chapter 2L—DebenturesChapter 2L—Debentures
Expand Chapter 2M—Financial reports and auditChapter 2M—Financial reports and audit
Expand Chapter 2N—Updating ASIC information about companies and registered schemesChapter 2N—Updating ASIC information about companies and registered schemes
Expand Chapter 5—External administrationChapter 5—External administration
Expand Chapter 5B—Bodies corporate registered as companies, and registrable bodiesChapter 5B—Bodies corporate registered as companies, and registrable bodies
Expand Chapter 5C—Managed investment schemesChapter 5C—Managed investment schemes
Expand Chapter 5D—Licensed trustee companiesChapter 5D—Licensed trustee companies
Expand Chapter 6—TakeoversChapter 6—Takeovers
Expand Chapter 6A—Compulsory acquisitions and buy-outsChapter 6A—Compulsory acquisitions and buy-outs
Expand Chapter 6CA—Continuous disclosureChapter 6CA—Continuous disclosure
Expand Chapter 6D—FundraisingChapter 6D—Fundraising
Expand Volume 2Volume 2
Expand Volume 3Volume 3
Expand Volume 4Volume 4
Expand Volume 5Volume 5
Expand Volume 6Volume 6
Expand Volume 7Volume 7

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Corporations Regulations 2001

Statutory Rules No. 193, 2001

made under the

Corporations Act 2001

Compilation No. 166

Compilation date:                              1 July 2021

Includes amendments up to:            F2021L00848

Registered:                                         24 August 2021

This compilation is in 7 volumes

Volume 1:       regulations 1.0.01–6D.5.03

Volume 2:       regulations 7.1.02–7.6.08E

Volume 3:       regulations 7.7.01–8A.7.20

Volume 4:       regulations 9.1.01–12.9.03

Volume 5:       Schedules 1, 2 and 2A

Volume 6:       Schedules 3–13

Volume 7:       Endnotes

Each volume has its own contents

About this compilation

This compilation

This is a compilation of the Corporations Regulations 2001 that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 July 2021 (the compilation date).

The notes at the end of this compilation (the endnotes) include information about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law.

Uncommenced amendments