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This instrument designates specified parts of the spectrum with respect to specified geographic areas to be allocated by issuing spectrum licences.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 55
Registered 21 Dec 2020

Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia





Radiocommunications (Spectrum Designation—3.4 GHz Band) Notice 2020

I, PAUL FLETCHER, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, make the following notice.

Dated   10 December 2020




Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts




1  Name

                   This instrument is the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Designation—3.4 GHz Band) Notice 2020.

2  Commencement

             (1)  Each provision of this instrument specified in column 1 of the table commences, or is taken to have commenced, in accordance with column 2 of the table. Any other statement in column 2 has effect according to its terms.


Commencement information

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3




1. The whole of this instrument

The day after this instrument is registered


Note:          This table relates only to the provisions of this instrument as originally made. It will not be amended to deal with any later amendments of this instrument.

             (2)  Any information in column 3 of the table is not part of this instrument. Information may be inserted in this column, or information in it may be edited, in any published version of this instrument.

3  Authority

                   This instrument is made under subsection 36(1) of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.


Note:          A number of expressions used in this instrument are defined in section 5 of the Act, including the following:

(a)    ACMA;

(b)    spectrum;

(c)    spectrum licence.

             (1)  In this instrument:

Act means the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

Hierarchical Cell Identification Scheme or HCIS means the Hierarchical Cell Identification Scheme used as a part of the Australian Spectrum Map Grid 2012 document published by ACMA, as the document existed at the time this instrument was made.

             (2)  In this instrument, a reference to a part of the spectrum includes all frequencies that are greater than the lower frequency, up to and including the higher frequency.


5  Designation

             (1)  Each part of the spectrum referred to in an item in column 1 of the following table is designated to be allocated by issuing spectrum licences, with respect to the areas (named areas) set out in column 2 of the table for that item.


Parts of the spectrum designated to be allocated by issuing spectrum licences with respect to particular areas


Column 1

Part of the spectrum

Column 2

Named areas


3400 MHz to 3425 MHz

Adelaide, Ballarat and Bendigo, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Regional NSW, Regional Qld, Regional SA, Regional Vic, Regional WA, Remote WA, Sydney, Toowoomba


3425 MHz to 3442.5 MHz

Regional NSW, Regional Qld, Regional SA, Regional Vic, Regional WA, Remote WA


3442.5 MHz to 3475 MHz

Remote WA


3492.5 MHz to 3510 MHz

Adelaide, Ballarat and Bendigo, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Toowoomba


3510 MHz to 3542.5 MHz

Adelaide, Ballarat and Bendigo, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Regional NSW, Regional Qld, Regional SA, Regional Vic, Regional WA, Sydney, Toowoomba

Note:          A named area provided in column 2 of this table is to be ascertained in accordance with subsection (2).

             (2)  A named area referred to in column 2 of the table contained in subsection (1) is to be ascertained as the composite of the areas, described using identifiers from the Hierarchical Cell Identification Scheme, set out in column 2 of the following table for that named area.

Note 1:       The HCIS is a naming convention for areas on the Australian Spectrum Map Grid 2012 (ASMG), which is a system used by the ACMA to define geographic areas for radiocommunications licensing. A document describing the ASMG and HCIS, as well as spatial datasets describing each HCIS area could, at the time this instrument was made, be found on the ACMA’s website (http://www.acma.gov.au).

Note 2:       A tool to convert lists of HCIS area descriptions, such as the lists contained in the below table, into Placemark files to allow these areas to be visualised using computer mapping software could, at the time this instrument was made, be found on the ACMA’s website (http://www.acma.gov.au).


Description of areas referred to in subsection (1)


Column 1

Named area

Column 2

Areas forming the named area (HCIS Identifiers)



IW3J, IW3K, IW3L, IW3N, IW3O, IW3P, IW6B, IW6C, IW6D, IW6F, IW6G, IW6H, IW3E5, IW3E6, IW3E8, IW3E9, IW3F4, IW3F5, IW3F6, IW3F7, IW3F8, IW3F9, IW3G4, IW3G5, IW3G6, IW3G7, IW3G8, IW3G9, IW3H4, IW3H5, IW3H6, IW3H7, IW3H8, IW3H9, IW3I2, IW3I3, IW3I5, IW3I6, IW3I8, IW3I9, IW3M2, IW3M3, IW3M5, IW3M6, IW3M8, IW3M9, IW6A2, IW6A3, IW6A5, IW6A6, IW6A8, IW6A9, IW6E2, IW6E3, IW6E5, IW6E6, IW6E8, IW6E9, JW1E4, JW1E7, JW1I1, JW1I4, JW1I7, JW1M1, JW1M4


Ballarat and Bendigo

KW9I, KW9J, KW9M, KW9N, KX2G, KX2H, KX2K, KX2L, KX3A, KX3B, KW8H6, KW8H9, KW8L3, KW8L6, KW8L9, KW8P3, KW8P6, KW8P9, KW9E4, KW9E5, KW9E6, KW9E7, KW9E8, KW9E9, KW9F4, KW9F5, KW9F6, KW9F7, KW9F8, KW9F9, KW9G4, KW9G5, KW9G7, KW9G8, KW9K1, KW9K2, KW9K4, KW9K5, KW9K7, KW9K8, KW9O1, KW9O2, KW9O4, KW9O5, KW9O7, KW9O8, KX2C7, KX2C8, KX2C9, KX2D3, KX2D6, KX2D7, KX2D8, KX2D9, KX2O1, KX2O2, KX2O3, KX2O4, KX2O5, KX2O6, KX2P1, KX2P2, KX2P3, KX2P4, KX2P5, KX2P6, KX3C1, KX3C2, KX3C4, KX3C5, KX3C7, KX3C8, KX3E1, KX3E2, KX3E3, KX3E4, KX3E5, KX3E6, KX3E7, KX3E8, KX3F1, KX3F2, KX3F3, KX3F4, KX3I1, KX3I2, KX3I4, KX3I5, KX3I7, KX3M1



NT9, NT8C, NT8D, NT8G, NT8H, NT8K, NT8L, NT8O, NT8P, NU3A, NU3B, NU3C, NU3D, NU3F, NU3G, NU3H, NT5O4, NT5O5, NT5O6, NT5O7, NT5O8, NT5O9, NT5P4, NT5P5, NT5P6, NT5P7, NT5P8, NT5P9, NT6M4, NT6M5, NT6M6, NT6M7, NT6M8, NT6M9, NT6N4, NT6N5, NT6N6, NT6N7, NT6N8, NT6N9, NT6O4, NT6O5, NT6O6, NT6O7, NT6O8, NT6O9, NT6P4, NT6P5, NT6P6, NT6P7, NT6P8, NT6P9, NU2C1, NU2C2, NU2C3, NU2D1, NU2D2, NU2D3, NU2D5, NU2D6, NU2D8, NU2D9, NU2H2, NU2H3, NU3E1, NU3E2, NU3E3, NU3E5, NU3E6, NU3E8, NU3E9, NU3I2, NU3I3, NU3J1, NU3J2, NU3J3, NU3K1, NU3K2, NU3K3, NU3L1, NU3L2, NU3L3



MW4D, MW4H, MW4L, MW5A, MW5B, MW5E, MW5F, MW5I, MW5J, MW1P4, MW1P5, MW1P6, MW1P7, MW1P8, MW1P9, MW2M4, MW2M5, MW2M6, MW2M7, MW2M8, MW2M9, MW2N4, MW2N5, MW2N6, MW2N7, MW2N8, MW2N9, MW4P1, MW4P2, MW4P3, MW5M1, MW5M2, MW5M3, MW5N1, MW5N2, MW5N3



KX3J, KX3K, KX3L, KX3N, KX3O, KX3P, KX6A, KX6B, KX6C, KX6D, KX6E, KX6F, KX6G, KX6H, KX6I, KX6J, KX6K, KX6L, LX1I, LX1M, LX1N, LX1O, LX4A, LX4B, LX4C, LX4E, LX4I, KX3E9, KX3F5, KX3F6, KX3F7, KX3F8, KX3F9, KX3G1, KX3G2, KX3G4, KX3G5, KX3G6, KX3G7, KX3G8, KX3G9, KX3H4, KX3H5, KX3H6, KX3H7, KX3H8, KX3H9, KX3I3, KX3I6, KX3I8, KX3I9, KX3M2, KX3M3, KX3M4, KX3M5, KX3M6, KX3M7, KX3M8, KX3M9, LX1E4, LX1E7, LX1E8, LX1E9, LX1J1, LX1J4, LX1J5, LX1J6, LX1J7, LX1J8, LX1J9, LX1K4, LX1K7, LX4F1, LX4F2, LX4F4, LX4F5, LX4F7, LX4F8, LX4J1, LX4J2, LX4J4, LX4J5, LX4J7, LX4J8



BV1I, BV1J, BV1K, BV1L, BV1M, BV1N, BV1O, BV1P, BV2I, BV2J, BV2M, BV2N, BV4A, BV4B, BV4C, BV4D, BV4E, BV4F, BV4G, BV4H, BV4I, BV4J, BV4K, BV4L, BV5A, BV5B, BV5E, BV5F, BV5I, BV5J, BV1E7, BV1E8, BV1E9, BV1F7, BV1F8, BV1F9, BV1G7, BV1G8, BV1G9, BV1H7, BV1H8, BV1H9, BV2E7, BV2E8, BV2E9, BV2F7, BV2F8, BV2F9, BV4M1, BV4M2, BV4M3, BV4N1, BV4N2, BV4N3, BV4O1, BV4O2, BV4O3, BV4P1, BV4P2, BV4P3, BV5M1, BV5M2, BV5M3, BV5N1, BV5N2, BV5N3


Regional NSW

MV6, MW6, MW7, MW8, MW9, MV2P, MV3D, MV3H, MV3L, MV3M, MV3N, MV3O, MV3P, MV5D, MV5H, MV5L, MV5P, MV7L, MV7O, MV7P, MV8D, MV8H, MV8I, MV8J, MV8K, MV8L, MV8M, MV8N, MV8O, MV8P, MV9A, MV9B, MV9C, MW1A, MW1B, MW1C, MW1D, MW1E, MW1F, MW1G, MW1H, MW1I, MW1J, MW1K, MW1L, MW1M, MW1N, MW1O, MW2A, MW2B, MW2C, MW2D, MW2E, MW2F, MW2G, MW2H, MW2I, MW2J, MW2K, MW2L, MW2O, MW2P, MW3A, MW3E, MW3I, MW3M, MW3N, MW4A, MW4B, MW4C, MW4E, MW4F, MW4G, MW4I, MW4J, MW4K, MW4M, MW4N, MW4O, MW5C, MW5D, MW5G, MW5H, MW5K, MW5L, MW5O, MW5P, MX1C, MX1D, MX1H, MX2A, MX2B, MX2C, MX2D, MX2E, MX2F, MX2G, MX2H, MX3A, MX3B, MX3C, MX3D, MX3E, MX3F, MX3G, MX3H, NV1I, NV1J, NV1K, NV1L, NV1M, NV1N, NV1O, NV1P, NV2H, NV2I, NV2J, NV2K, NV2L, NV2M, NV2N, NV2O, NV2P, NV3E, NV3F, NV3G, NV3H, NV3I, NV3J, NV3K, NV3L, NV3M, NV3N, NV3O, NV3P, NV4A, NV4B, NV4C, NV4D, NV4E, NV4F, NV4G, NV4H, NV5A, NV5B, NV5C, NV5D, NV5E, NV5F, NV5G, NV5H, LW3L3, LW3L5, LW3L6, LW3L8, LW3L9, LW3P3, LW3P6, LW3P9, LW6D3, LW6D6, LW6D9, LW6H3, LW6H6, LW6H9, LW6L3, LW6L6, LW6L9, LW6P3, LW6P6, LW6P9, LW9D3, LW9D6, LW9D9, MV3G9, MV3K3, MV3K6, MV3K9, MV5G5, MV5G6, MV5G8, MV5G9, MV5K2, MV5K3, MV7K6, MV7K8, MV7K9, MV7N9, MV8E6, MV8E9, MV8F4, MV8F5, MV8F6, MV8F7, MV8F8, MV8F9, MV8G4, MV8G5, MV8G6, MV8G7, MV8G8, MV8G9, MV9D1, MV9D2, MV9D3, MV9D4, MV9D5, MV9D7, MV9D8, MV9E1, MV9E2, MV9E3, MV9F1, MV9F2, MV9F3, MV9G1, MV9G2, MV9G3, MV9H1, MV9H2, MW1P1, MW1P2, MW1P3, MW2M1, MW2M2, MW2M3, MW2N1, MW2N2, MW2N3, MW3B1, MW3B4, MW3B7, MW3F1, MW3F4, MW3F7, MW3J1, MW3J4, MW3J5, MW3J6, MW3J7, MW3J8, MW3J9, MW3O4, MW3O5, MW3O6, MW3O7, MW3O8, MW3O9, MW3P4, MW3P5, MW3P6, MW3P7, MW3P8, MW3P9, MW4P4, MW4P5, MW4P6, MW4P7, MW4P8, MW4P9, MW5M4, MW5M5, MW5M6, MW5M7, MW5M8, MW5M9, MW5N4, MW5N5, MW5N6, MW5N7, MW5N8, MW5N9, NV2D7, NV2D8, NV2D9, NV4I1, NV4I2, NV4I3, NV4I4, NV4I7, NV4J1, NV4J2, NV4J3, NV4K1, NV4K2, NV4K3, NV4L1, NV4L2, NV4L3, NV4M1, NV4M4, NV4M7, NV5I1, NV5I2, NV5I3, NV5J1, NV5J2, NV5J3, NV5K1, NV5K2, NV5K3, NV5L1, NV5L2, NV5L3, NV7A1, NW1M4, NW1M5, NW1M6, NW1M7, NW1M8, NW1M9, NW1N4, NW1N5, NW1N6, NW1N7, NW1N8, NW1N9, NW1O4, NW1O5, NW1O6, NW1O7, NW1O8, NW1O9, NW1P4, NW1P5, NW1P6, NW1P7, NW1P8, NW1P9


Regional Qld

NT2P, NT3M, NT3N, NT3O, NT3P, NT4G, NT4H, NT4K, NT4L, NT4O, NT4P, NT5D, NT5E, NT5F, NT5G, NT5H, NT5I, NT5J, NT5K, NT5L, NT5M, NT5N, NT6A, NT6B, NT6C, NT6D, NT6E, NT6F, NT6G, NT6H, NT6I, NT6J, NT6K, NT6L, NT7C, NT7D, NT7F, NT7I, NT7J, NT7N, NT8A, NT8B, NU2A, NU2B, NU2E, NU2F, NU2G, NU2L, NU2P, NU3M, NU3N, NU3O, NU3P, NU6A, NU6B, NU6C, NU6D, NT2O3, NT2O5, NT2O6, NT2O8, NT2O9, NT4C6, NT4C9, NT4D4, NT4D5, NT4D6, NT4D7, NT4D8, NT4D9, NT5A4, NT5A5, NT5A6, NT5A7, NT5A8, NT5A9, NT5B4, NT5B5, NT5B6, NT5B7, NT5B8, NT5B9, NT5C2, NT5C3, NT5C4, NT5C5, NT5C6, NT5C7, NT5C8, NT5C9, NT5O1, NT5O2, NT5O3, NT5P1, NT5P2, NT5P3, NT6M1, NT6M2, NT6M3, NT6N1, NT6N2, NT6N3, NT6O1, NT6O2, NT6O3, NT6P1, NT6P2, NT6P3, NT7A6, NT7A8, NT7A9, NT7B2, NT7B3, NT7B4, NT7B5, NT7B6, NT7B7, NT7B8, NT7B9, NT7E2, NT7E3, NT7E4, NT7E5, NT7E6, NT7E7, NT7E8, NT7E9, NT7G1, NT7G4, NT7G7, NT7K1, NT7K4, NT7K7, NT7M1, NT7M2, NT7M3, NT7M5, NT7M6, NT7M9, NT7O1, NT7O4, NT7O7, NT7O8, NT7O9, NT7P7, NT7P8, NT7P9, NT8M7, NT8M8, NT8M9, NT8N7, NT8N8, NT8N9, NU1B2, NU1B3, NU1B5, NU1B6, NU1C1, NU1C2, NU1C3, NU1C4, NU1C5, NU1C6, NU1D1, NU1D2, NU1D3, NU1D4, NU1D5, NU1D6, NU1D9, NU1H3, NU2C4, NU2C5, NU2C6, NU2C7, NU2C8, NU2C9, NU2D4, NU2D7, NU2H1, NU2H4, NU2H5, NU2H6, NU2H7, NU2H8, NU2H9, NU2J3, NU2K1, NU2K2, NU2K3, NU3E4, NU3E7, NU3I1, NU3I4, NU3I5, NU3I6, NU3I7, NU3I8, NU3I9, NU3J4, NU3J5, NU3J6, NU3J7, NU3J8, NU3J9, NU3K4, NU3K5, NU3K6, NU3K7, NU3K8, NU3K9, NU3L4, NU3L5, NU3L6, NU3L7, NU3L8, NU3L9, NU5D1, NU5D2, NU5D3, NU6E1, NU6E2, NU6E3, NU6E4, NU6E5, NU6E6, NU6F1, NU6F2, NU6F3, NU6F4, NU6F5, NU6F6, NU6G1, NU6G2, NU6G3, NU6G4, NU6G5, NU6G6, NU6H1, NU6H2, NU6H3, NU6H4, NU6H5, NU6H6


Regional SA

IW2, IW5, IW7, IW8, IW9, JW4, IV8K, IV8L, IV8N, IV8O, IV8P, IV9F, IV9I, IV9J, IV9K, IV9L, IV9M, IV9N, IV9O, IV9P, IW1P, IW3A, IW3B, IW3C, IW3D, IW4D, IW4G, IW4H, IW4K, IW4L, IW4N, IW4O, IW4P, IW6I, IW6J, IW6K, IW6L, IW6M, IW6N, IW6O, IW6P, JV7M, JV7N, JV7O, JV7P, JV8M, JW1A, JW1B, JW1C, JW1D, JW1F, JW1G, JW1H, JW1J, JW1K, JW1L, JW1N, JW1O, JW1P, JW2A, JW2B, JW2C, JW2E, JW2F, JW2G, JW2H, JW2I, JW2J, JW2K, JW2M, JW2N, JW2O, JW5A, JW5B, JW5C, JW5E, JW5F, JW5I, JW5J, JW5M, JW7A, JW7B, JW7C, JW7D, JW7E, JW7F, JW7G, JW7I, JW8A, IV8H9, IV8J8, IV8J9, IV9E3, IV9E4, IV9E5, IV9E6, IV9E7, IV9E8, IV9E9, IV9G1, IV9G2, IV9G4, IV9G5, IV9G6, IV9G7, IV9G8, IV9G9, IW1L6, IW1L9, IW3E1, IW3E2, IW3E3, IW3E4, IW3E7, IW3F1, IW3F2, IW3F3, IW3G1, IW3G2, IW3G3, IW3H1, IW3H2, IW3H3, IW3I1, IW3I4, IW3I7, IW3M1, IW3M4, IW3M7, IW6A1, IW6A4, IW6A7, IW6E1, IW6E4, IW6E7, JV7I7, JV7I8, JV7I9, JV7J7, JV7J8, JV7J9, JV7K7, JV7K8, JV7K9, JV7L7, JV7L8, JV7L9, JV8I7, JV8I8, JV8I9, JV8N1, JV8N4, JV8N5, JV8N6, JV8N7, JV8N8, JV8N9, JV8O7, JW1E1, JW1E2, JW1E3, JW1E5, JW1E6, JW1E8, JW1E9, JW1I2, JW1I3, JW1I5, JW1I6, JW1I8, JW1I9, JW1M2, JW1M3, JW1M5, JW1M6, JW1M7, JW1M8, JW1M9, JW2D1, JW2D2, JW2D4, JW2D5, JW2D6, JW2D7, JW2D8, JW2D9, JW2L1, JW2L2, JW2L3, JW2L4, JW2L5, JW2L6, JW3A7, JW3E1, JW5N1, JW5N2, JW5N4, JW5N5, JW5N7, JW5N8, JW8B1, JW8B2, JW8B4


Regional Vic

KX5, KX8, KX9, LX5, LX7, LX8, KW7L, KW7O, KW7P, KW8B, KW8C, KW8D, KW8E, KW8F, KW8G, KW8I, KW8J, KW8K, KW8M, KW8N, KW8O, KW9A, KW9B, KW9C, KW9D, KW9H, KW9L, KW9P, KX1C, KX1D, KX1G, KX1H, KX1K, KX1L, KX1O, KX1P, KX2A, KX2B, KX2E, KX2F, KX2I, KX2J, KX2M, KX2N, KX3D, KX4C, KX4D, KX4G, KX4H, KX4J, KX4K, KX4L, KX4N, KX4O, KX4P, KX6M, KX6N, KX6O, KX6P, LW7A, LW7E, LW7F, LW7I, LW7J, LW7K, LW7M, LW7N, LW7O, LW7P, LX1A, LX1B, LX1C, LX1D, LX1F, LX1G, LX1H, LX1L, LX1P, LX2A, LX2E, LX2I, LX2M, LX2N, LX2O, LX4D, LX4G, LX4H, LX4K, LX4L, LX4M, LX4N, LX4O, LX4P, LX6A, LX6E, LX6I, LX6M, KW5P8, KW5P9, KW6M7, KW6M8, KW6M9, KW6N7, KW6N8, KW6N9, KW6O7, KW6O8, KW6O9, KW6P7, KW6P8, KW6P9, KW7D9, KW7H3, KW7H5, KW7H6, KW7H8, KW7H9, KW7K5, KW7K6, KW7K8, KW7K9, KW8A2, KW8A3, KW8A4, KW8A5, KW8A6, KW8A7, KW8A8, KW8A9, KW8H1, KW8H2, KW8H3, KW8H4, KW8H5, KW8H7, KW8H8, KW8L1, KW8L2, KW8L4, KW8L5, KW8L7, KW8L8, KW8P1, KW8P2, KW8P4, KW8P5, KW8P7, KW8P8, KW9E1, KW9E2, KW9E3, KW9F1, KW9F2, KW9F3, KW9G1, KW9G2, KW9G3, KW9G6, KW9G9, KW9K3, KW9K6, KW9K9, KW9O3, KW9O6, KW9O9, KX1J9, KX1N3, KX1N6, KX1N9, KX2C1, KX2C2, KX2C3, KX2C4, KX2C5, KX2C6, KX2D1, KX2D2, KX2D4, KX2D5, KX2O7, KX2O8, KX2O9, KX2P7, KX2P8, KX2P9, KX3C3, KX3C6, KX3C9, KX3G3, KX3H1, KX3H2, KX3H3, KX4B3, KX4B6, KX4B9, KX4F3, KX4F5, KX4F6, KX4F7, KX4F8, KX4F9, LW4M7, LW4M8, LW4M9, LW7B1, LW7B4, LW7B5, LW7B7, LW7B8, LW7B9, LW7C7, LW7C8, LW7G1, LW7G2, LW7G4, LW7G5, LW7G6, LW7G7, LW7G8, LW7G9, LW7H7, LW7L1, LW7L2, LW7L4, LW7L5, LW7L7, LW7L8, LW8M4, LW8M5, LW8M7, LW8M8, LW8M9, LX1E1, LX1E2, LX1E3, LX1E5, LX1E6, LX1J2, LX1J3, LX1K1, LX1K2, LX1K3, LX1K5, LX1K6, LX1K8, LX1K9, LX2P4, LX2P5, LX2P6, LX2P7, LX2P8, LX2P9, LX3M7, LX3M8, LX3M9, LX4F3, LX4F6, LX4F9, LX4J3, LX4J6, LX4J9, LX6B4, LX6B7, LX6F1, LX6F4, LX6F7, LX6J1, LX6J4, LX6J7, LX6N1, LX6N4


Regional WA

AV9, AW3, BV7, BV8, BW1, BW2, BW5, BV1A, BV1B, BV1C, BV1D, BV2A, BV2B, BV2C, BV2D, BV2G, BV2H, BV2K, BV2L, BV2O, BV2P, BV3A, BV3B, BV3E, BV3F, BV3I, BV3J, BV3M, BV3N, BV5C, BV5D, BV5G, BV5H, BV5K, BV5L, BV5O, BV5P, BV6A, BV6B, BV6E, BV6F, BV6I, BV6J, BV6M, BV6N, BV9A, BV9B, BV9E, BV9F, BV9I, BV9J, BV9M, BV9N, BW3A, BW6A, BW6E, BW6I, BW6M, BV1E1, BV1E2, BV1E3, BV1E4, BV1E5, BV1E6, BV1F1, BV1F2, BV1F3, BV1F4, BV1F5, BV1F6, BV1G1, BV1G2, BV1G3, BV1G4, BV1G5, BV1G6, BV1H1, BV1H2, BV1H3, BV1H4, BV1H5, BV1H6, BV2E1, BV2E2, BV2E3, BV2E4, BV2E5, BV2E6, BV2F1, BV2F2, BV2F3, BV2F4, BV2F5, BV2F6, BV3C1, BV3C2, BV3C4, BV3C5, BV3C7, BV3C8, BV3G1, BV3G2, BV3G4, BV3G5, BV4M4, BV4M5, BV4M6, BV4M7, BV4M8, BV4M9, BV4N4, BV4N5, BV4N6, BV4N7, BV4N8, BV4N9, BV4O4, BV4O5, BV4O6, BV4O7, BV4O8, BV4O9, BV4P4, BV4P5, BV4P6, BV4P7, BV4P8, BV4P9, BV5M4, BV5M5, BV5M6, BV5M7, BV5M8, BV5M9, BV5N4, BV5N5, BV5N6, BV5N7, BV5N8, BV5N9, BV9C1, BV9C2, BV9C4, BV9C5, BV9C7, BV9C8, BV9G1, BV9G2, BV9G4, BV9G5, BV9G7, BV9G8, BW3M4, BW3M7, BW3M8


Remote WA

AU6I, AU6J, AU6K, AU6L, AU6M, AU6N, AU6O, AU6P, AU9, BU4H, BU4I, BU4J, BU4K, BU4L, BU4M, BU4N, BU4O, BU4P, BU5E, BU5F, BU5G, BU5H, BU5I, BU5J, BU5K, BU5L, BU5M, BU5N, BU5O, BU5P, BU7, BU8, BU9A, BU9B, BU9E, BU9F, BU9I, BU9J, BU9M, BU9N



MV9I, MV9J, MV9K, MV9L, MV9M, MV9N, MV9O, MV9P, MW3C, MW3D, MW3G, MW3H, MW3K, MW3L, NV4N, NV4O, NV4P, NV5M, NV5N, NV5O, NV5P, NV7B, NV7C, NV7D, NV7E, NV7F, NV7G, NV7H, NV7I, NV7J, NV7K, NV7L, NV7M, NV7N, NV7O, NV7P, NW1A, NW1B, NW1C, NW1D, NW1E, NW1F, NW1G, NW1H, NW1I, NW1J, NW1K, NW1L, MV9D6, MV9D9, MV9E4, MV9E5, MV9E6, MV9E7, MV9E8, MV9E9, MV9F4, MV9F5, MV9F6, MV9F7, MV9F8, MV9F9, MV9G4, MV9G5, MV9G6, MV9G7, MV9G8, MV9G9, MV9H3, MV9H4, MV9H5, MV9H6, MV9H7, MV9H8, MV9H9, MW3B2, MW3B3, MW3B5, MW3B6, MW3B8, MW3B9, MW3F2, MW3F3, MW3F5, MW3F6, MW3F8, MW3F9, MW3J2, MW3J3, MW3O1, MW3O2, MW3O3, MW3P1, MW3P2, MW3P3, NV4I5, NV4I6, NV4I8, NV4I9, NV4J4, NV4J5, NV4J6, NV4J7, NV4J8, NV4J9, NV4K4, NV4K5, NV4K6, NV4K7, NV4K8, NV4K9, NV4L4, NV4L5, NV4L6, NV4L7, NV4L8, NV4L9, NV4M2, NV4M3, NV4M5, NV4M6, NV4M8, NV4M9, NV5I4, NV5I5, NV5I6, NV5I7, NV5I8, NV5I9, NV5J4, NV5J5, NV5J6, NV5J7, NV5J8, NV5J9, NV5K4, NV5K5, NV5K6, NV5K7, NV5K8, NV5K9, NV5L4, NV5L5, NV5L6, NV5L7, NV5L8, NV5L9, NV7A2, NV7A3, NV7A4, NV7A5, NV7A6, NV7A7, NV7A8, NV7A9, NW1M1, NW1M2, NW1M3, NW1N1, NW1N2, NW1N3, NW1O1, NW1O2, NW1O3, NW1P1, NW1P2, NW1P3



NT7H, NT7L, NT8E, NT8F, NT8I, NT8J, NT7G2, NT7G3, NT7G5, NT7G6, NT7G8, NT7G9, NT7K2, NT7K3, NT7K5, NT7K6, NT7K8, NT7K9, NT7O2, NT7O3, NT7O5, NT7O6, NT7P1, NT7P2, NT7P3, NT7P4, NT7P5, NT7P6, NT8M1, NT8M2, NT8M3, NT8M4, NT8M5, NT8M6, NT8N1, NT8N1, NT8N2, NT8N3, NT8N4, NT8N5, NT8N6