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Other as amended, taking into account amendments up to ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2019/216
Administered by: Treasury
Registered 22 Mar 2019
Start Date 21 Mar 2019
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ASIC Corporations (Repeal and Transitional) Instrument 2017/186


About this compilation


Compilation No. 1


This is a compilation of ASIC Corporations (Repeal and Transitional) Instrument 2017/186 as in force on 21 March 2019. It includes any commenced amendment affecting the legislative instrument to that date.


This compilation was prepared by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


The notes at the end of this compilation (the endnotes) include information

about amending instruments and the amendment history of each amended provision.



Part 1—Preliminary

1        Name of legislative instrument

This is the ASIC Corporations (Repeal and Transitional) Instrument 2017/186.

3        Authority

This instrument is made under paragraphs 283GA(1)(a), 741(1)(a), 992B(1)(a) and 1020F(1)(a) of the Corporations Act 2001.

4        Schedules

Each instrument that is specified in a Schedule to this instrument is repealed as set out in the applicable items in the Schedule concerned, and any other item in a Schedule to this instrument has effect according to its terms.

5        Repeal of amending and repealing instruments

(1)     The repeal of an instrument by section 4 does not affect any amendment to or repeal of another instrument (however described) made by the instrument.

(2)     Subsection (1) does not limit the effect of section 7 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 as it applies to the repeal of an instrument by section 4.

Schedule 1—Repeal

ASIC Class Order [CO 02/273]

1        The whole of the instrument

Repeal the instrument.


Schedule 2—Savings

Transitional continuation of relief given by repealed ASIC Class Order

1        Transitional relief

(1)     An exemption specified in an ASIC Class Order specified in Schedule 1 as in force immediately before its repeal, continues to apply by force of this item, in the circumstances and on the conditions specified in relation to the exemption.

(2)     Subitem (1) has effect until 1 April 2022.


Endnote 1—Instrument history

Instrument number

Date of FRL registration

Date of commencement

Application, saving or transitional provisions


23/3/2017 (see F2017L00283)




20/3/2019 (see F2019L00325)



Endnote 2—Amendment history

ad. = added or inserted     am. = amended     LA = Legislation Act 2003    rep. = repealed     rs. = repealed and substituted

Provision affected 

How affected

Section 2

rep. s48D LA

Schedule 2 (subitem 1(2))

rs. 2019/216