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This statute complements, and applies to the legislation of the Australian National University, the provisions of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.
Administered by: Education, Skills and Employment
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 09
Registered 24 Jul 2017
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR08-Aug-2017
Tabled Senate08-Aug-2017
Table of contents.


Australian National University (Interpretation) Statute 2017


Council of the University makes the following statute.

Dated 21 July 2017

Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC FASSA FAIIA





1          Name

This is the Australian National University (Interpretation) Statute 2017.

2          Commencement

This instrument commences on 18 August 2017.

3          Authority

This instrument is made under the Australian National University Act 1991, section 50 (Statutes).

4          Application of Acts Interpretation Act

Nothing in this instrument prejudices the application to the statutes of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

5          Rules and orders

                         (1)    If a statute provides for empowering an authority or officer of the University to make rules or orders, then, unless the contrary intention appears, expressions used in any such rule or order have the same meaning as in the Act or in the statute.

                         (2)    This instrument applies to rules and orders made under statutes in like manner as it applies to statutes.

                         (3)    The Acts Interpretation Act 1901 applies to rules and orders made under statutes as if they were statutes.

6          Interpretation

In a statute, unless the contrary intention appears:

ANU College means any of the following colleges of the University:

                                           (a)    the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences;

                                          (b)    the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific;

                                           (c)    the ANU College of Business and Economics;

                                          (d)    the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science;

                                           (e)    the ANU College of Health and Medicine;

                                           (f)    the ANU College of Law;

                                           (g)    the ANU College of Science.

College Dean, of an ANU College, means the person who is appointed as College Dean of the college.

examination includes any form of assessment within the meaning of the Assessment Rule.

orders means orders made under statutes or rules.

rules means rules made under statutes.

the Act means the Australian National University Act 1991.

University House includes the buildings, courtyards and outhouses of University House and the area surrounding University House bounded by Balmain Crescent, Liversidge Street, Garran Road and the eastern boundary of the Acton Ridge Axis.

7          Notes

In a statute, a note contained within square brackets is for information only and is not to be regarded as part of the statute.

8          References to authorities, officers or offices

Unless the contrary intention appears, in a statute, in relation to a matter, a reference to an authority, officer or office is to be construed as a reference:

                                           (a)    to that authority, officer or office in and of the University; and

                                          (b)    if there is more than one such authority, officer or office—to whichever of those authorities, officers or offices that has portfolio responsibility for the matter.

9          Amendment of statutes

                         (1)    This section applies if:

                                           (a)    a statute (the later statute) repeals another statute (the former statute); and
                                          (b)    the later statute has similar content and title to the former statute.

                         (2)    Unless the contrary intention appears, the former statute is to be regarded for all purposes as being amended by the later statute as if the later statute were an amending statute.

10      Citation of statutes

In a statute, rule, order or other document of the University, a statute, rule or order may be cited by its title (whether with or without the year of its making) or by its number, and a reference to a statute, rule or order by its number or title is to be construed as a reference to that instrument as amended from time to time.

11      Giving notice

Unless the contrary intention appears, a notice required or permitted to be given to a person under a statute is to be taken to have been given to the person if it was sent:

                                           (a)    by pre-paid post to the person at the address last notified to the relevant Registrar as the person’s mailing or postal address for the relevant semester or session; or

                                          (b)    to the person at the e-mail address allocated to the person by the University; or

                                           (c)    to the person at a secure website that the person is required by the University to access.

12      Repeal

The Interpretation Statute (No.2) 2013 is repealed.