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EC128 Lists as made
This instrument amends the List of Threatened Ecological Communities (16/07/2000)to include in the critically endangered category the Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt.
Administered by: Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
Registered 03 Dec 2015
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR02-Feb-2016
Tabled Senate02-Feb-2016



Commonwealth of Australia


Amendments to the list of threatened ecological communities under section 181 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EC128)



I, GREG HUNT, Minister for the Environment, pursuant to paragraph 184(1)(a) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, hereby amend the list referred to in section 181 of that Act by:

including in the list in the critically endangered category

Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt

as described in the Schedule to this instrument.






Dated this…............26th day of ….November ..2015





Greg Hunt






Minister for the Environment




Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt

The Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt ecological community is endemic to the wheatbelt region of southwestern Western Australia, located inland between the Darling Range and the Goldfields region. It occurs within the IBRA[1] subregions of Merredin (Avon Wheatbelt 01), Katanning (Avon Wheatbelt 02) and Western Mallee (Mallee 02) plus the drier eastern to south-eastern parts of the Jarrah Forest bioregion that lie adjacent to the Avon Wheatbelt bioregion and receive less than 600 mm mean annual rainfall.

The ecological community generally occupies the flatter, lower elevation landscapes of the wheatbelt region such as plains, valley floors, watercourses/wetlands including the margins of salt lakes, and extends onto breakaways and gravel rises.

The ecological community is a type of woodland, where the trees are usually well spaced and the canopy crown cover is at least 10%. The tree canopy is dominated to co-dominated by one or more of several key species of Eucalyptus listed in Table 1. The eucalypts share a tree or mallet form, i.e.  they typically have an erect, single-stemmed trunk with a variable crown shape. The woodland represents a complex mosaic in which the key eucalypt species may co-occur in various combinations.

The understorey is highly variable in its structure and composition, ranging from almost bare to grassy, herb-rich, shrubby or thicket forms.

The ecological community supports a diverse range of fauna, including black cockatoos, the numbat, malleefowl and chuditch, amongst other species, providing essential resources such as shelter and food for the animals.



Table 1.  Key eucalypt species that occur in the tree canopy of the Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt ecological community. Within a given patch of the ecological community, one or more of these species are dominant or co-dominant. Scientific are current as at October 2015.

Scientific name

Common name/s

Eucalyptus accedens

powder-bark; powder-bark wandoo

Eucalyptus aequioperta

Welcome Hill gum

Eucalyptus alipes

Hyden mallet

Eucalyptus astringens subsp. astringens

brown mallet

Eucalyptus capillosa

wheatbelt wandoo

Eucalyptus densa subsp. densa

narrow-leaved blue mallet

Eucalyptus extensa

yellow mallet

Eucalyptus falcata

silver mallet

Eucalyptus gardneri subsp. gardneri

blue mallet

Eucalyptus goniocarpa

Lake King mallet

Eucalyptus kondininensis

Kondinin blackbutt

Eucalyptus longicornis

red morrel

Eucalyptus loxophleba subsp. loxophleba

York gum

Eucalyptus melanoxylon

black morrel

Eucalyptus mimica subsp. continens

hooded mallet

Eucalyptus mimica subsp. mimica

Newdegate mallet

Eucalyptus myriadena

small-fruited gum; blackbutt

Eucalyptus occidentalis

flat-topped yate

Eucalyptus ornata

ornamental silver mallet; ornate mallet

Eucalyptus recta

Mt Yule silver mallet; Cadoux mallet

Eucalyptus rudis subsp. rudis

flooded gum

Eucalyptus salicola

salt gum; salt salmon gum

Eucalyptus salmonophloia

salmon gum

Eucalyptus salubris


Eucalyptus sargentii subsp. sargentii

salt river gum

Eucalyptus singularis

ridge-top mallet

Eucalyptus spathulata subsp. spathulata

swamp mallet

Eucalyptus spathulata subsp. salina

Salt River mallet

Eucalyptus urna


Eucalyptus wandoo subsp. pulverea


Eucalyptus wandoo subsp. wandoo




[1] IBRA refers to the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia, version 7.