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SLI 2012 No. 205 Regulations as made
This regulation amends the Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997 to add government spending activities in Schedule 1AA of the FMA Regulations 1997 and the National Health Funding Body to Schedule 1.
Administered by: Finance
Registered 16 Aug 2012
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR20-Aug-2012
Tabled Senate20-Aug-2012
Date of repeal 19 Mar 2014
Repealed by Finance (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2014

Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Financial Management and Accountability Amendment Regulation 2012 (No. 5)1

Select Legislative Instrument 2012 No. 205

I, QUENTIN BRYCE, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following regulation under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997.

Dated 16 August 2012



By Her Excellency’s Command


1              Name of regulation

                This regulation is the Financial Management and Accountability Amendment Regulation 2012 (No. 5).

2              Commencement

                This regulation commences on the day after it is registered.

3              Amendment of Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997

                Schedule 1 amends the Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997.

Schedule 1        Amendments

(section 3)


[1]           After Part 7A


Part 7B               Parliamentary Budget Officer


22E         Assistance to Parliamentary Budget Officer (Act s 64)

         (1)   The Finance Minister may issue guidelines in relation to the provision of assistance to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, including:

                (a)    the provision of information to the Parliamentary Budget Officer; and

               (b)    requirements for the confidentiality of advice given to the Parliamentary Budget Officer; and

                (c)    the making of adequate arrangements for the provision of the assistance.

Note   The position of Parliamentary Budget Officer has been established by the Parliament.

         (2)   The guidelines are to have a title approved by the Finance Minister.

         (3)   An official performing duties in relation to the provision of assistance to the Parliamentary Budget Officer must act in accordance with any guidelines issued under subregulation (1).

[2]           Schedule 1, after item 158



National Health Funding Body (NHFB) comprising:

   (a)  the Chief Executive Officer mentioned in section 253 of the National Health Reform Act 2011; and

Chief Executive Officer


  (b)  the staff mentioned in subsection 264 (1) of that Act; and



   (c)  persons assisting the NHFB as mentioned in section 265 of that Act; and



  (d)  consultants engaged under subsection 266 (1) of that Act


[3]           Schedule 1AA, Part 3, before items for Department of Immigration and Citizenship


                       Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


Grant to Australian Industry Group under the International Trade Remedies Adviser Project Funding Agreement to employ and support an adviser to facilitate small and medium enterprises to access, and increase their awareness and understanding of, Australia’s anti-dumping and countervailing system

[4]           Schedule 1AA, item 401.006



Regional Food Producers Innovation and Productivity Program


Objective: To assist the regional food industry to improve productivity and profitability through innovation in processing and value-adding

[5]           Schedule 1AA, item 401.012



Live Animal Exports—Business Assistance Improved Supply Chain and Official Development Assistance


Objective: To improve animal welfare outcomes, including for the export of livestock, by coordinated action at the national and international levels

[6]           Schedule 1AA, after item 401.017



Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


Objective: To encourage science, innovation and technology in rural industries and help to advance the careers of young scientists through national recognition of their research ideas


The Australian Pest Animal Research Program


Objectives: To support applied research and extension projects that develop and promote improved integrated approaches for managing the impacts of pest animals (of national significance to agriculture but with benefits also flowing to the environment). The program also undertakes analyses to help prioritise Australian Government investment in pest animal management


Plant Biosecurity and Response Reform


Objective: To continue to reform Australia’s biosecurity system to integrate biosecurity activities, scientific capabilities and analysis across the biosecurity continuum, and to strengthen partnerships between all governments in Australia and other countries, industry and the broader community, in line with government priorities and the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity


Australian wine industry—support


Objective: To support the Australian wine industry in relation to the sales and profitability of the industry


Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP)


Objective: To promote and support the development of nationally consistent land use and land management practices information for Australia


National Biosecurity Committee (NBC) small project fund


Objective: To provide support for projects that assist in progressing key NBC priorities or national biosecurity policy issues

[7]           Schedule 1AA, after item 402.027



Assistance—Disaster Income Recovery Subsidy


Objective: To provide payments to individuals who have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of a natural disaster

[8]           Schedule 1AA, after item 410.024



Memorial Services for Bali Bombings


Objective: To make payments to assist people to attend memorial services in connection with the Bali bombings

[9]           Schedule 1AA, items 421.001 to 421.005



Regional Development


Objective: To strengthen the sustainability, capacity and diversity of regions through focused stakeholder consultation and engagement, research, policy development, and program delivery activities


Local Government


Objective: To build capacity in local government and provide local and community infrastructure, and to improve economic and social outcomes in local communities




Objectives: To provide financial assistance, infrastructure, and services to Territories, and to maintain and improve the legislative framework for self-governing Territories


Arts and Cultural Development


Objective: To support and promote participation in, and access to, Australia's arts and culture, including by supporting excellence in the arts, supporting indigenous arts, cultures and languages, and protecting Australia's movable cultural heritage


Sport and Recreation


Objectives: To increase general participation and safety in physical and active recreation activities, to protect the integrity of sport, and to achieve excellence in high-performance athletes, including by investment in sport infrastructure and events, research and international cooperation

[10]         Schedule 1AA, item 425.002



Environmental Information and Research


Objectives: To improve Australia’s capacity to deliver and disseminate environmental research and information, enhancing capabilities in taxonomy and species discovery, and to pursue a permanent end to all forms of commercial and so-called ‘scientific’ whaling

[11]         Schedule 1AA, item 425.004



Management of Hazardous Wastes, Substances and Pollutants


Objective: To maintain and improve the quality of the environment, to reduce waste and pollution and to increase resource recovery, including through national frameworks, standards, regulation, management and monitoring of wastes, hazardous substances, air pollutants, ozone-depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases

[12]         Schedule 1AA, items 425.007 and 425.008



Water Reform


Objectives: To support government and non-government partners to promote adaptation to climate change, wise water use, secure water supplies, and to improve the health of rivers, waterways and freshwater ecosystems, and to support Australian expertise


Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program


Objectives: To provide funding for rural water infrastructure, management and efficiency, to develop a transparent water market, to improve broader wetlands, river and freshwater ecosystems’ health outcomes and to improve knowledge of river systems

[13]         Schedule 1AA, item 425.011



National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns


Objective: To provide funding for practical projects that save water and reduce water losses in cities and towns with populations of less than 50,000

[14]         Schedule 1AA, item 425.013



Restoring the Balance in the Basin


Objectives: To purchase water entitlements for environmental use and to undertake other measures to ensure that diversions from the Murray-Darling Basin are environmentally sustainable


1.       All legislative instruments and compilations are registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments kept under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003. See www.comlaw.gov.au.