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This Direction amends the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959 - Direction Relating to Foreign Currency Transactions and to Libya (04/03/2011), the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959 - Variation of Exemption (sub-regulation 6(1)) - Libya (04/03/2011) and the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959 - Variation of Exemption (sub-regulation 8(1)(a)) - Libya (04/03/2011) by substituting a new Annex.
Administered by: Treasury
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 s 54(2) item 43
Registered 02 Aug 2011
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR16-Aug-2011
Tabled Senate18-Aug-2011
Date of repeal 09 Aug 2013
Repealed by Treasury (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2013




The Reserve Bank of Australia hereby amends:

(i)                 the Annex to the Direction dated 4 March 2011; and

(ii)               the Annex to the Variation of Exemption dated 4 March 2011 relating to sub-regulation 6(1) of the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959; and

(iii)             the Annex to the Variation of Exemption dated 4 March 2011 relating to sub-regulation 8(1)(a) of the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959,

as published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. S34, S35 and S36, 9 March 2011, by substituting the following Annex.

This amendment will come into operation on 3 August 2011.


Dated at Sydney this 28th day of July 2011.


For and on behalf of the Reserve Bank of Australia,





Glenn Stevens









Al-Baghdadi, Dr Abdulqader Mohammed

Passport number: B010574. Date of birth: 01/07/1950. Head of the Liaison Office of the Revolutionary Committees. Revolutionary Committees involved in violence against demonstrators.


Dibri, Abdulqader Yusef

Date of birth: 1946. Place of birth: Houn, Libya. Head of Muammar Qadhafi’s personal security. Responsibility for regime security. History of directing violence against dissidents.


Dorda, Abu Zayd Umar

Director, External Security Organisation. Regime loyalist. Head of external intelligence agency.


Jabir, Major General Abu Bakr Yunis

Date of birth: 1952. Place of birth: Jalo, Libya. Defence Minister. Overall responsibility for actions of armed forces.

Matuq, Matuq Mohammed

Date of birth: 1956. Place of birth: Khoms. Secretary for Utilities. Senior member of regime. Involvement with Revolutionary Committees. Past history of involvement in suppression of dissent and violence.


Qadhaf Al-dam, Sayyid Mohammed

Date of birth: 1948. Place of birth: Sirte, Libya. Cousin of Muammar Qadhafi. In the 1980s, Sayyid was involved in the dissident assassination campaign and allegedly responsible for several deaths in Europe. He is also thought to have been involved in arms procurement.


Qadhafi, Mohammed Muammar

Date of birth: 1970. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.


Qadhafi, Saadi

Passport number: 014797. Date of birth: 25/05/1973. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Commander Special Forces. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Command of military units involved in repression of demonstrations.


Qadhafi, Saif al-Arab

Date of birth: 1982. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.


Al-Senussi, Colonel Abdullah

Date of birth: 1949. Place of birth: Sudan. Director Military Intelligence. Military Intelligence involvement in suppression of demonstrations. Past history includes suspicion of involvement in Abu Selim prison massacre. Convicted in absentia for bombing of UTA flight. Brother-in-law of Muammar Qadhafi.


Abdulhafiz, Colonel Mas’ud

Armed Forces Commander. Third in command of Armed Forces. Significant role in Military Intelligence.


Abdussalam, Abdussalam Mohammed


Date of birth: c1952. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Head of Counter-Terrorism, External Security Organisation. Prominent Revolutionary Committee member. Close associate of Muammar Qadhafi.


Abu, Shaariya

Deputy Head, External Security Organisation. Prominent member of regime. Brother-in-law of Muammar Qadhafi.


Ashkal, Al-Barrani

Deputy Director, Military Intelligence. Senior member of regime.


Ashkal, Omar


Place of birth: Sirte, Libya. Head, Revolutionary Committees Movement. Revolutionary Committees involved in violence against demonstrators.


Qadhaf Al-Dam, Ahmed Mohammed


Date of birth: 1952. Place of birth: Egypt. Cousin of Muammar Qadhafi. Since 1995, he is believed to have had command of an elite army battalion in charge of Qadhafi’s personal security and to have a key role in External Security Organisation. He has been involved in planning operations against Libyan dissidents abroad and was directly involved in terrorist activity.


Al Kuni, Colonel Amid Husain


Governor of Ghat (South Libya)

Al Qadhafi, Quren Salih Quren


Libyan Ambassador to Chad

Al-Barrasi, Safia Farkash

Wife of Muammar Qadhafi


Al-Charif, Ibrahim Zarroug


Minister for Social Affairs in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Al-Gaoud, Abdelmajid


Minister for Agriculture, Animal and Maritime Resources in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Al-Mahmoudi, Baghdadi


Prime Minister of Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


El-Kassim Zouai, Mohamed Abou


Secretary General of the General People’s Congress


Fakhiri, Abdelkebir Mohamad


Minister for Education, Higher Education and Research in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government

Farkash, Mohammed Boucharaya

Director of intelligence in External Security Office


Ghanem, Shukri Muhammad


Oil Minister and Chairman of the National Oil Company

Hijazi, Mohamad Mahmoud


Minister for Health and Environment in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Houej, Mohamad Ali


Minister for Industry, Economy and Trade in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Mansour, Abdallah


Senior role in security services and former Director of Radio and Television


Saleh, Bachir

Head of Cabinet of the Leader


Tohami, General Khaled

Director of Internal Security Office


Zarti, Mustafa

Vice chief executive of Libyan Investment Authority, board member of National Oil Corporation, head of Tamoil and vice chairman of First Energy Bank in Bahrain


Zidane, Mohamad Ali


Minister for Transport in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Zlitni, Abdelhaziz


Minister for Planning and Finance in Colonel Gaddafi’s Government


Al-Inma Holding Company for Construction and Real Estate Developments



Al-Inma Holding Company For Industrial Investments



Al-Inma Holding Company for Services




Al-Inma Holding Company for Tourism Investment




Hasan al-Mashay Street (off al-Zawiyah Street)

Tel No.: (218) 213345187

Fax: +218.21.334.5188

e-mail: info@ethic.ly

Economic and Social Development Fund


Qaser Bin Ghasher Road, Salaheddine Cross / P.O. Box 93599, Tripoli, Libya


First Gulf Libyan Bank






The 7th of November Street, P.O. Box 81200, Tripoli, Libya;


Tel No. (218) 213622262;

Fax No. (218) 213622205

Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation


P.O. Box 1101; Hay Alandalus, Jian St, Tripoli, Libya


Gumhouria Bank


Gumhouria Bank Building, Omar Al Mukhtar Avenue, Giddal Omar Al Mukhtar / P.O. Box 685, Tripoli, Libya


Harouge Oil Operations (a.k.a. Harouge; a.k.a. Veba Oil Libya GMBH)


Al Magharba Street, P.O. Box 690, Tripoli, Libya

Libyan Arab Airlines




P.O. Box 2555 Haiti street Tripoli, Libya

HQ Phone: +218 (21) 602 093

HQ Fax: +218 (22) 30970

Libyan Arab African Investment Company (LAAICO)


76351 Janzour, Libya; 81370 Tripoli, Libya


Libyan Holding Company for Development and Investment



Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Board           


Tajora, Tripoli, Libya

Legislation number 60/2006 by Libyan General People’s Committee


Libyan Jamahirya Broadcasting Corporation




Mabruk Oil Operations


Dat El-Emad 2, Ground Floor, PO Box 91171, Tripoli

National Commercial Bank


Orouba Street, AlBayda, Libya


Revolutionary Guard Corps



Sahara Bank


Sahara Bank Building, First of September Street, P.O. Box 270, Tripoli, Libya


Waatassimou Foundation




Zuietina Oil Company (a.k.a. ZOC; a.k.a. Zueitina)


Zueitina Oil Building, Sidi Issa Street, Al Dahra Area,

P.O. Box 2134, Tripoli, Libya

Juwadi, Colonel Taher

Fourth in Revolutionary Guard chain of command