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Standard 2.4.2 Food Standards as amended, taking into account amendments up to Food Standards (Proposal P1013 – Code Maintenance IX) Variation
Administered by: Health
Registered 01 Aug 2011
Start Date 11 Jul 2011
End Date 01 Mar 2016
Date of repeal 01 Mar 2016
Repealed by Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 5.1.1 - Revocation and Transitional Provisions - 2014 revision

Standard 2.4.2


Edible Oil Spreads





This Standard defines edible oil spreads and margarine and sets compositional requirements for these products.  Butter is standardised in Standard 2.5.5and is not covered by this Standard.


Table of Provisions


1             Interpretation

2             Composition of edible oil spreads and margarine




1             Interpretation


In this Code –


edible oil spreads means a spreadable food composed of edible oils and water in the form of an emulsion of the type water-in-oil.


margarinemeans an edible oil spread containing no less than 800g/kg of edible oils.


2             Composition of edible oil spreads and margarine


(1)           Edible oil spreads and margarine may contain –


(a)          water; and

(b)          edible proteins; and

(c)          salt; and

(d)          lactic acid producing microorganisms; and

(e)          flavour producing microorganisms; and

(f)           milk products; and

(g)          no more than 82 g/kg of total plant sterol equivalents content.


(2)           Subclause (3) does not apply to table edible oil spreads and table margarine produced in, or imported into, New Zealand.


(3)           Table edible oil spreads and table margarine, must contain no less than 55 mg/kg of vitamin D.