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This instrument amends the List of Migratory Species (13/07/2000) to reflect the update of scientific names of some species on the Annex of the Japan-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (JAMBA).
Administered by: Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
Made 12 Mar 2009
Registered 17 Mar 2009
Tabled HR 19 Mar 2009
Tabled Senate 19 Mar 2009
Date of repeal 19 Mar 2014
Repealed by Environment (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2014



Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Subsection 209(6)


Update of the List of Migratory Species




I, PETER ROBERT GARRETT, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, pursuant to subsection 209(6) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, update the scientific names of species included on the list of migratory species, following amendments to the annex to the Japan – Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (JAMBA) as follows:


Common name                       Current scientific name         Updated scientific name


Cattle Egret                              Bubulcus ibis                           Bubulcus ibis (Ardea ibis)

                                                (Ardeola ibis)


                                                Ardeola ibis


Great Egret                               Egretta alba                            Egretta alba (Ardea alba)


Lesser Golden Plover               Pluvialis dominica                  Pluvialis fulva



Common Sandpiper                  Tringa hypoleucos                   Actitus hypoleucos


Grey-tailed Tattler                    Tringa incana                          Heteroscelus brevipes

                                                (Tringa brevipes)


                                                Tringa brevipes


Terek Sandpiper                       Xenus cinereus                        Xenus cinereus

                                                (Tringa terek)


                                                Tringa terek


Sanderling                                Crocethia alba                        Calidris alba

                                                (Calidris alba)                         (Crocethia alba)


                                                Calidris alba                          


Grey Phalarope                        Phalaropus fulicarius              Phalaropus fulicarius

                                                                                                (Phalaropus fulicaria)


White-winged Tern                   Chlidonias leucoptera             Chlidonias leucopterus


Caspian Tern                            Hydroprogne tschegrava        Hydroprogne caspia                                        (Hydroprogne caspia)             (Sterna caspia)


                                                Hydroprogne caspia


Oriental Plover             Charadrius veredus                Charadrius veredus                                                                                        (Charadrius asiaticus                                                                                      veredus)


Wandering Tattler                     Tringa incana                          Heteroscelus incanus


South Polar Skua                      Stercorarius maccormicki       Catharacta maccormicki


Long-tailed Jaeger                    Stercorarius longicauda          Stercorarius longicaudus


This instrument will commence on 23 March 2009.






Dated this 12th day of March 2009





Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts