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Standard 2.6.3 Food Standards as amended, taking into account amendments up to Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Up to Amendment No. 88)
Administered by: Health
Registered 10 Dec 2009
Start Date 05 Oct 2006
End Date 12 Aug 2009
Date of repeal 01 Mar 2016
Repealed by Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 5.1.1 - Revocation and Transitional Provisions - 2014 revision

Standard 2.6.3







This Standard, in conjunction with the National Code of Management on the Restriction of the Sale and Advertising of Kava (the National Code of Kava Management), regulates the sale and distribution of kava in Australia.


While Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments recognise the cultural importance of kava to the Australian South Pacific community, this Standard and the National Code of Kava Management seek to minimise the detrimental effects associated with kava abuse.


In New Zealand this Standard regulates the labelling of sale of kava, and prohibits the addition of kava to foods other than those that comply with New Zealand Dietary Supplements Regulations (1985).  The National Code of Kava Management is not in operation in New Zealand.


Table of Provisions


1            Interpretation

2            Prohibition

3            Labelling


1            Interpretation


In this Standard -


cold water extraction means the aqueous suspension of kava using cold water only and excludes the use of any organic solvent.


kava means –


(a)          a beverage obtained by cold water extraction; or

(b)         the dried or fresh form;


of the peeled root and/or peeled rootstock, but excluding any root peelings and any of the aerial parts, of plants of the species Piper methysticum.


2            Prohibition


Kava must not be used as an ingredient in foods other than those products regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations (1985) in New Zealand as in force on 1 January 2000.


3            Labelling


(1)          There shall be written in the label on or attached to a package containing kava, the following statements –

(a)          ‘Use in moderation’; and

(b)          ‘May cause drowsiness’.


(2)                    Where kava is other than in a package –


(a)          the name and business address in Australia or New Zealand of the supplier of the food; and

(b)          the statements under subclause 3(1);


must be displayed on or in connection with the display of the food.