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Land Legislation Ordinance 1992 (CKI)

Authoritative Version
No. 8 of 1992 Ordinances/Cocos (Keeling) Islands as amended, taking into account amendments up to No. 2 of 1998
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Registered 29 Jan 2009
Start Date 30 Mar 1998

Territory of COCOS (KEELING) IslanDS

Land Legislation Ordinance 1992

Ordinance No. 8 of 1992 as amended

made under the

This compilation was prepared on 8 April 2002
taking into account amendments up to Ordinance No. 2 of 1998

Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting,
Attorney‑General’s Department, Canberra


                        1     Short Title [see Note 1]                                                    3

                        2     Amendments                                                                   3

Schedule                Amendments of land legislation                                    4

Part 3                      Amendments of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (W.A.) (C.K.I.)   4

Part 4                      Amendment of the Town Planning And Development Act 1928 (W.A.) (C.K.I.)   5

Notes                                                                                                            7


An Ordinance to amend the Land Act 1933 (W.A.) (C.K.I.), the Local Government Act 1960 (W.A.) (C.K.I.), the Strata Titles Act 1985 (W.A.) (C.K.I.), the Town Planning and Development Act 1928 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) and the Transfer of Land Act 1893 (W.A.) (C.K.I.).



1              Short Title [see Note 1]

                This Ordinance may be cited as the Land Legislation Ordinance 1992.

Note   This Ordinance commences on gazettal:  see subsection 12 (2) of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act 1955.

2              Amendments

         (1)   The Land Act 1933 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) is amended as set out in Part 1 of the Schedule.

         (2)   The Local Government Act 1960 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) is amended as set out in Part 2 of the Schedule.

         (3)   The Strata Titles Act 1985 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) is amended as set out in Part 3 of the Schedule.

         (4)   The Town Planning and Development Act 1928 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) is amended as set out in Part 4 of the Schedule.

         (5)   The Transfer of Land Act 1893 (W.A.) (C.K.I.) is amended as set out in Part 5 of the Schedule.

Schedule           Amendments of land legislation

(section 2)

Part 3          Amendments of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (W.A.) (C.K.I.)

1.             Section 23 (Certificate of local government authority)

1.1         Paragraph 23 (1) (a):

After “inspected and”, insert “, subject to subsection (1A),”.

1.2         After subsection 23 (1), insert:

      (1A)   The local government authority is not required to certify that a building shown on a strata plan is consistent with building plans and specifications approved for the building, if:

                (a)    the building was commenced before 1 July 1992; and

               (b)    the authority did not require the plans for the building to be approved.

Part 4          Amendment of the Town Planning And Development Act 1928 (W.A.) (C.K.I.)

1.             Section 2 (Interpretation)

1.1         Omit the definition of “public authority”, substitute:

“‘public authority’ means:

                (a)    a Minister of the Crown acting in his or her official capacity;

               (b)    a Commonwealth or State Government department, trading concern, instrumentality or public utility; and

                (c)    any other person or body, whether corporate or not, who or which, under the authority of any applied law, Commonwealth Act or Territory Ordinance, administers or carries on for the benefit of the Territory, the State or the Commonwealth, a social service or public utility;”

2.             New section 20AA

2.1         After section 20a, insert:

Vesting of access areas and reserves in Shire Council

  “20aa.   (1)  This section applies when:

                (a)    the Commission has approved, under this Act, a subdivision of land on the condition that parts of the land shown on a diagram or plan of survey of the subdivision as approved vest in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Shire council for the purpose of:

                          (i)    conservation or protection of the environment; or

                         (ii)    a waterway; or

                         (iii)    a pedestrian accessway; or

                        (iv)    a right‑of‑way; or

                         (v)    a reserve for water supply, sewerage, drainage, foreshore management, waterway management or recreation; and

               (b)    the diagram or plan is received, registered or deposited in the Office of Titles or Registry of Deeds.

       “(2)   The Registrar of Titles or the Registrar of Deeds must vest in the Council the parts of the land:

                (a)    in accordance with the condition; and

               (b)    without a conveyance, transfer, assignment or payment of a fee.”.

Notes to the Land Legislation Ordinance 1992

Note 1

The Land Legislation Ordinance 1992 (in force under the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act 1955) as shown in this compilation comprises Ordinance No. 8 of 1992 amended as indicated in the Tables below.

Table of Ordinances

Year and

Date of notification
in Gazette

Date of

Application, saving or transitional provisions

No. 8, 1992

24 Dec 1992

24 Dec 1992


No. 2, 1998

5 May 1998

30 Mar 1998 (see s. 2 and W.A. Gazette 27 Mar 1998)

Table of Amendments

ad. = added or inserted      am. = amended      rep. = repealed      rs. = repealed and substituted

Provision affected

How affected



Part 1...................................

rep. No. 2, 1998

Part 2...................................

rep. No. 2, 1998

Part 4...................................

am. No. 2, 1998

Part 5...................................

rep. No. 2, 1998