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Quarantine Amendment Proclamation 2006 (No. 1)

Authoritative Version
  • - F2006L00329
  • No longer in force
Proclamations/Other as made
This Proclamation amends Schedule 5 - Permitted Seeds List of the Proclamation by varying the types of seeds that may be imported into Australia without a permit.
Administered by: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Registered 17 Feb 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR27-Feb-2006
Tabled Senate27-Feb-2006
Date of repeal 19 Jul 2013
Repealed by Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2013

Quarantine Amendment Proclamation 2006 (No. 1)

I, PHILIP MICHAEL JEFFERY, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make this Proclamation under section 13 of the Quarantine Act 1908.

Signed and sealed with the
Great Seal of Australia
on 15 February 2006




By His Excellency’s Command


1              Name of Proclamation

                This Proclamation is the Quarantine Amendment Proclamation 2006

                (No. 1).

2              Commencement

                This Proclamation commences on the day after it is registered.

3              Amendment of Quarantine Proclamation 1998

                Schedule 1 amends the Quarantine Proclamation 1998.

Schedule 1        Amendments

(section 3)


[1]           Schedule 5

Insert each of the following in the appropriate alphabetical position (determined on a letter-by-letter basis)

Adonis brevistyla

Avonia albissima

Avonia recurvata

Avonia ruschii

Bituminaria bituminosa var. albomarginata

Callianthemum angustifolium

Callianthemum sajanense

Carphalea kirondron

Eritrichium villosum

Euphorbia wallichii

Festulolium loliaceum

Goodia lotifolia

Griffinia liboniana

Iliamnia bakeri

Lavigeria macrocarpa

Leiospora pamirica

Ligularia alpigena

Lotus filicaulis

Lotus krylovii

Maireana brevifolia

Physaria alpina

Pleurospermum amabile

Pleurospermum angelicoides

Pulsatilla jarmilea

Rhinacanthus nasutus

Rubus var. ‘Apache’

Rubus var. ‘Bedford Giant’

Rubus var. ‘Black Loganberry’

Rubus var. ‘Black Satin’

Rubus var. ‘Boysenberry’

Rubus var. ‘Cherokee’

Rubus var. ‘Chester’

Rubus var. ‘Cheyenne’

Rubus var. ‘Commanche’

Rubus var. ‘Dewberry’

Rubus var. ‘Dirksen Thornless’

Rubus var. ‘Himalaya Giant’

Rubus var. ‘Lawtonberry’

Rubus var. ‘Loch Ness’

Rubus var. ‘Loganberry’

Rubus var. ‘Marionberry’

Rubus var. ‘Murrindindi’

Rubus var. ‘Navaho’

Rubus var. ‘Oregon Thornless’

Rubus var. ‘Ouachita’

Rubus var. ‘Ranui Black’

Rubus var. ‘Silvanberry’

Rubus var. ‘Smoothstem’

Rubus var. ‘Tayberry’

Rubus var. ‘Thornfree’

Rubus var. ‘Waldo’

Rubus var. ‘Youngberry’

Trichilia dregeana

Trichilia emetica

Trigonella balansae

Yucca desmetiana

[2]           Schedule 5


Erepsia heteropetala

[3]           Schedule 5


Feijoa spp.

[4]           Schedule 5


Heteropyxis natalensis

[5]           Schedule 5


Metrosideros spp.

[6]           Schedule 5


Myrtus communis

[7]           Schedule 5


Myrtus ugni

[8]           Schedule 5

other amendments according to the following table



Melilotus spp. (other than M. alba, M. dentata, M. elegans, M. neapolitanus, M. polonicus, M. segetalis, M. sicula, M. suaveolens, M. sulcata, M. sulcatus and M. wolgicus)

Melilotus spp. (other than M. albus, M. dentatus, M. elegans, M. neapolitanus, M. polonicus, M. segetalis, M. suaveolens, M. sulcatus and M. wolgicus)

Nasturtium spp. (other than N. aquaticum, N. draba, N. indicum, N. madagascariensis and N. montanum)

Nasturtium spp. (other than N. draba, N. indicum, N. madagascariensis and N. montanum)

Petunia spp. (other than P. x hybrida and P. integrifolia)

Petunia spp. (other than P. integrifolia)

Rorippa spp. (other than R. amphibia, R. amphibia x sylvestris, R. anceps, R. armoracioides, R. cantoniensis, R. curvisiliqua, R. dubia, R. gambellii, R. globosa, R. heterophylla, R. hilariana, R. indica, R. lippizensis, R. microsperma, R. nana, R. obtusa, R. prostrata, R. pyrenaica, R. sarmentosa, R. silvestris, R sinuata, R. teres and R. x sterilis)

Rorippa spp. (other than R. amphibia, R. amphibia x sylvestris, R. anceps, R. aquatica, R. armoracioides, R. austriaca, R. cantoniensis, R. curvisiliqua, R. dubia, R. gambellii, R. globosa, R. heterophylla, R. hilariana, R. indica, R. lippizensis, R. microsperma, R. nana, R. obtusa, R. prostrata, R. pyrenaica, R. sarmentosa, R. silvestris, R. sinuata, R. teres and R. x sterilis)