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Airworthiness Directives as made
Revocation and remaking - Aircraft - General.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
General Comments: This instrument revokes and remakes as separate instruments the Airworthiness Directives listed in Schedule 1.
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 15
Registered 30 Sep 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR15-Mar-2005
Tabled Senate15-Mar-2005
Gazetted 22 Dec 2004

                                      Airworthiness Directives 2004

                   I, DAVID ALAN VILLIERS, delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety

                   Authority, acting under subregulation 39.001 (1) of the Civil

                   Aviation Safety Regulations 1998:

                           (a)      revoke the Airworthiness Directives mentioned in

                                      Schedule 1; and

                            (b)      make, as separate instruments, each Airworthiness

                                      Directive mentioned in Schedule 1 and attached.



                   David Villiers

                   Delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority


                    20 December 2004

                   Note:   Each attached Airworthiness Directive is being re-made in exactly the

                   same form as appears in the latest published edition of the Directive.


          Schedule 1          Revocation and Remaking of

                                            Airworthiness Directives

      Aircraft - General

       AD Name                                                                             AD Number

       Electrical Switch - CANCELLED                                                     AD/GENERAL/1

       Fuel System - CANCELLED                                                           AD/GENERAL/2

       Flight Manual Stowage Requirements - CANCELLED                              AD/GENERAL/3 Amdt 1

       Aircraft Exits                                                                            AD/GENERAL/4 Amdt 3

       Radio Installation - CANCELLED                                                    AD/GENERAL/5

       Aircraft Alternate Static Systems - CANCELLED                                  AD/GENERAL/6 Amdt 1

       Airspeed Indicators and Altimeters - Modification - CANCELLED               AD/GENERAL/7 Amdt 5

       GNM Agricultural Harness - CANCELLED                                          AD/GENERAL/8

       3-LU. 88B Marker Receivers - CANCELLED                                       AD/GENERAL/9

       Aviorex Harness - CANCELLED                                                     AD/GENERAL/10

       Briggs and Stratton AAF Type B5 Ignition Switch - CANCELLED               AD/GENERAL/11

       GNM Agricultural Harness - CANCELLED                                          AD/GENERAL/12

       Yellow Line Altimeter - CANCELLED                                               AD/GENERAL/13 Amdt 1

       Aerolex (Harley) Safety Belt Attachment - CANCELLED                         AD/GENERAL/14

       Seat and Occupant Restraint Strength Standards - CANCELLED                  AD/GENERAL/15

       Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers - Installation - CANCELLED                   AD/GENERAL/16 Amdt 3

       Landing Gear Audible Warning Device - CANCELLED                             AD/GENERAL/17 Amdt 4

       Automatic Pilot Limitation Placard - Installation                                   AD/GENERAL/18 Amdt 1

       Fuel System - CANCELLED                                                           AD/GENERAL/19

       Fuel Valve Controls - Modification - CANCELLED                                AD/GENERAL/20

       Waste Water Outlet - CANCELLED                                                 AD/GENERAL/21

       Engine Oil Tank - Modification                                                       AD/GENERAL/22

       Aircraft Break-In Points - CANCELLED                                            AD/GENERAL/23

       Stretcher Installation - CANCELLED                                                AD/GENERAL/24

       Engine Exhaust Operated Cabin Heater - CANCELLED                            AD/GENERAL/25

       Duplicate Inspection of Flying Controls - CANCELLED                           AD/GENERAL/26

       Warning or Indicator Light Lamps - CANCELLED                                 AD/GENERAL/27

       Safety Belt and Harness Installations - CANCELLED                              AD/GENERAL/28

       Wooden Aircraft - Airframe Structural Inspection                                  AD/GENERAL/29

       Agricultural roplanes - Safety Harness Installation - CANCELLED               AD/GENERAL/30 Amdt 1

       Fuel Tank Filler Caps - CANCELLED                                                AD/GENERAL/31 Amdt 1

       External Spray Tanks - CANCELLED                                               AD/GENERAL/32 Amdt 1

       Cargo and Baggage Compartment Lighting - Inspection                            AD/GENERAL/33 Amdt 1

       Safety Harnesses - CANCELLED                                                     AD/GENERAL/34

       Restraint and Stowage of Cargo and Equipment - CANCELLED                   AD/GENERAL/35 Amdt 2

       Seat Belts and Safety Harnesses - CANCELLED                                     AD/GENERAL/36

       Emergency Exits                                                                        AD/GENERAL/37 Amdt 8

       Portable Fire Extinguishers - Removal of Methyl Bromide!! Carbon              AD/GENERAL/38 Amdt 1

       Generator System Warning Placard - Installation                                   AD/GENERAL/39 Amdt 3

       Teco Aircraft Seats - CANCELLED                                                  AD/GENERAL/40

       Weston Garwin Curruth Altimeters - CANCELLED                                AD/GENERAL/41 Amdt 1

       Microphone/Compass Safe Distance - Modification                                 AD/GENERAL/42

       Power Supply Connections to Hourmeters                                           AD/GENERAL/43

       Autopilot Pitch Switch Placard - CANCELLED                                     AD/GENERAL/44

       Mitchell Automatic Pilot Servo Bridle Cable Clamp - Replacement               AD/GENERAL/45 Amdt 2

       Placarding of Fuel Quantity Indicators - Modification                              AD/GENERAL/46

       3 Pointer Type Altimeters                                                             AD/GENERAL/47

       Fire Protection In Toilet Areas                                                       AD/GENERAL/48 Amdt 3

       TKK Altimeter Mechanisms Incorporated in Altimeters of Various Brand Names         AD/GENERAL/49 Amdt 3

       Whelen Strobe Light - Modification                                                  AD/GENERAL/50

       Electrical External Power Connection - Inspection                                 AD/GENERAL/51

       Bonding - Modification                                                                 AD/GENERAL/52

       Flight Data Recorder Underwater Locating Device - Installation                  AD/GENERAL/53

       Magnetic Compasses Fitted in Compliance with ANO 20.18 - Calibration       AD/GENERAL/54

       Directional Gyros - Inspection                                                        AD/GENERAL/55 Amdt 2

       Cable Operated Control Systems - Duplicate Inspection                            AD/GENERAL/56 Amdt 3

       Pitot Heat Inoperative Indicators - Installation                                     AD/GENERAL/57 Amdt 1

       Voice Recorders - Attachment of Reflective Strips                                  AD/GENERAL/58

       Anti-Collision Lights - Installation - CANCELLED                                AD/GENERAL/59

       Flight Crew Compartment Seats - Safety Harness - Modification                  AD/GENERAL/60 Amdt 1

       Cabin Attendant Seats                                                                  AD/GENERAL/61 Amdt 2

       Turbo Insignia                                                                           AD/GENERAL/62 Amdt 1

       Flammability Requirements - Aircraft Seat Cushions                                AD/GENERAL/63

       Side Facing (SF) Seats - Improved Occupant Restraint                              AD/GENERAL/64 Amdt 2

       Hand Held Portable Fire Extinguishers                                                AD/GENERAL/65 Amdt 3

       Floor Proximity Escape Path Marking                                               AD/GENERAL/66

       Passenger Safety Harnesses                                                            AD/GENERAL/67 Amdt 3

       Cabin Interior Materials                                                                AD/GENERAL/68 Amdt 4

       Additional Airworthiness Requirements for Extended Range Operation with     AD/GENERAL/69 Amdt 1

       Cargo and Baggage Compartment Liner                                              AD/GENERAL/70 Amdt 1

       Helicopter Occupant Harnesses                                                        AD/GENERAL/71 Amdt 1

       Mobile Cellular Telephone Installations - CANCELLED                           AD/GENERAL/72 Amdt 1

       Access to Type III Exits                                                               AD/GENERAL/73

       Front Seat Occupant Restraint Installation                                           AD/GENERAL/74

       This AD still to be issued                                                               AD/GENERAL/75

       Class D Cargo Compartments  Re-classification                                     AD/GENERAL/76 Amdt 2

       Suspect Fuel - CANCELLED                                                           AD/GENERAL/77

       Fuel Contamination                                                                     AD/GENERAL/78 Amdt 1

       Testing for Ethylene Diamine (EDA) Contamination of Fuel Tanks             AD/GENERAL/79 Amdt 1

       Ethylene Diamine (EDA) Decontamination - Simple Aircraft                     AD/GENERAL/80 Amdt 2

       Ethylene Diamine (EDA) Decontamination - Complex Aircraft                  AD/GENERAL/81 Amdt 2

       Repair Assessment of Pressurised Fuselages                                          AD/GENERAL/82 Amdt 1

       Rockwell Collins 621A-3 Transponders                                              AD/GENERAL/83