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Airworthiness Directives/Pt 105 — Aircraft as made
Revocation and remaking - Airbus Industrie A330 Series Aeroplanes.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 15
Registered 30 Sep 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR15-Mar-2005
Tabled Senate15-Mar-2005
Gazetted 22 Dec 2004

                                      Airworthiness Directives 2004

                   I, DAVID ALAN VILLIERS, delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety

                   Authority, acting under subregulation 39.001 (1) of the Civil

                   Aviation Safety Regulations 1998:

                           (a)      revoke the Airworthiness Directives mentioned in

                                      Schedule 1; and

                            (b)      make, as separate instruments, each Airworthiness

                                      Directive mentioned in Schedule 1 and attached.



                   David Villiers

                   Delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority


                    20 December 2004

                   Note:   Each attached Airworthiness Directive is being re-made in exactly the

                   same form as appears in the latest published edition of the Directive.


          Schedule 1          Revocation and Remaking of

                                            Airworthiness Directives

      Airbus Industrie A330 Series Aeroplanes

      AD Name                                                                               AD Number

       Pitot Probes                                                                             AD/A330/1

       Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicators                                     AD/A330/2 Amdt 1

       Escape Slide Girt Bar Slider Mechanism                                               AD/A330/3 Amdt 2

       THSA - Operational Life Limit                                                       AD/A330/4

       Elevator Servo Control - Operational Life Limit                                    AD/A330/5

       Emergency Door 3 Type I - Escape Slide Parachute Pin                           AD/A330/6

       THSA  Transfer Tube                                                                  AD/A330/7 Amdt 2

       Aileron Servo Control - Life Limits                                                  AD/A330/8

       Nose Landing Gear                                                                      AD/A330/9 Amdt 2

       Spoiler Servo Control Unit - Inspection                                              AD/A330/10

       Pitot Probes                                                                             AD/A330/11

       Ram Air Turbine Rotary Solenoids                                                    AD/A330/12 Amdt 1

       Life Limits/Monitored Parts                                                           AD/A330/13 Amdt 2

       Windshield Central Retainer                                                           AD/A330/14 Amdt 1

       Flap Rotary Actuators                                                                  AD/A330/15 Amdt 1

       Rudder Servo-Controls                                                                  AD/A330/16

       Type A Passenger/Crew Door Slide Rafts and Type 1 Emergency Door Slides   AD/A330/17 Amdt 2

       Forward Fuselage Frame 12A Stiffener                                                AD/A330/18

       Thrust Reverser - Directional Pilot Valve Pressure Test/Replacement            AD/A330/19

       Leading Edge Slat Rotary Actuator Type A - Inspection                           AD/A330/20

       Low Pressure Fuel Shut-Off Valve                                                     AD/A330/21 Amdt 1

       Flight Manual Amendment - Fuel Leak Procedure                                   AD/A330/22

       Elevator Servo Control Transducer Attachment lug Inspection and FCOM      AD/A330/23 Amdt 1

       This AD not issued                                                                      AD/A330/24

       Auxiliary Power Unit Control Box                                                    AD/A330/25

       Spoiler Servo-Controls Life Limitations                                              AD/A330/26

       Nose Wheel Steering Limits                                                           AD/A330/27 Amdt 1

       Flight Control Primary Computer                                                     AD/A330/28

       'SAMM' Elevator Servo-control                                                       AD/A330/29

       Argo-Tech/Intertechnique Vent Float Valves                                        AD/A330/30 Amdt 1

       Airworthiness Limitations Items - Time Limits/Maintenance Checks            AD/A330/31

       Main Landing Gear Retraction Actuator Piston Rod                                AD/A330/32 Amdt 1

       Air Conditioning Pack Ram Air Outlet Ducts                                        AD/A330/33

       MLG Retraction Actuator Lower Pin                                                 AD/A330/34

       Aileron Servo Control Fittings Attachment                                          AD/A330/35

       Main Landing Gear Wheel Axles                                                      AD/A330/36

       Elevator Servocontrols                                                                 AD/A330/37 Amdt 1

       Liquid Crystal Display Units                                                           AD/A330/38

       Elevator Structure                                                                       AD/A330/39 Amdt 1

       Jettison Valve Mounting                                                               AD/A330/40

       Passenger Gaseous Oxygen Containers diaphragm                                   AD/A330/41

       Integrated Standby Instrument System                                                AD/A330/42

       Cockpit Instrument Panel                                                              AD/A330/43

       Cargo Restraint Strap Assemblies                                                      AD/A330/44