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Airworthiness Directives/Pt 105 — Aircraft as made
Revocation and remaking - Airbus Industrie A319 A320 and A321 Series Aeroplanes.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 15
Registered 30 Sep 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR15-Mar-2005
Tabled Senate15-Mar-2005
Gazetted 22 Dec 2004

                                      Airworthiness Directives 2004

                   I, DAVID ALAN VILLIERS, delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety

                   Authority, acting under subregulation 39.001 (1) of the Civil

                   Aviation Safety Regulations 1998:

                           (a)      revoke the Airworthiness Directives mentioned in

                                      Schedule 1; and

                            (b)      make, as separate instruments, each Airworthiness

                                      Directive mentioned in Schedule 1 and attached.



                   David Villiers

                   Delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority


                    20 December 2004

                   Note:   Each attached Airworthiness Directive is being re-made in exactly the

                   same form as appears in the latest published edition of the Directive.


          Schedule 1          Revocation and Remaking of

                                            Airworthiness Directives

      Airbus Industrie A319, A320 and A321 Series Aeroplanes

      AD Name                                                                               AD Number

       Artus Transformer Rectifiers                                                          AD/A320/1

       Ram Air Turbine Airborne Ground Checkout Module (AGCM)                    AD/A320/2

       Automatic Flight Control System                                                     AD/A320/3

       Ram Air Turbine                                                                        AD/A320/4 Amdt 2

       Fuel Quantity System                                                                   AD/A320/5

       Engine/APU Fire Control Panel                                                       AD/A320/6

       Standby Generator Control Unit (GCU)                                              AD/A320/7

       Angle of Attack Sensors                                                                AD/A320/8 Amdt 1

       Fuel Probes                                                                              AD/A320/9

       Standby Pitot Line                                                                      AD/A320/10

       I V2500-A1 Engine Rear Mount Barrel Nuts                                         AD/A320/11 Amdt 1

       Flight Controls - EFCS                                                                 AD/A320/12 Amdt 1

       Passenger Oxygen                                                                       AD/A320/13

       Landing Gear - Interruption of Retraction Sequence                                AD/A320/14

       Low Pressure Fire Fuel Shut-Off Valve                                                AD/A320/15

       Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator - CANCELLED                        AD/A320/16 Amdt 2

       Auxiliary Power Unit                                                                   AD/A320/17 Amdt 2

       Trimmable Horizontal Surface Relay                                                 AD/A320/18

       Hydraulic Fire Shut-Off Valve                                                         AD/A320/19

       Overwing Escape Slide                                                                  AD/A320/20

       Main Landing Gear Wheel Axle                                                       AD/A320/21

       Thrust Reverser/ECU Electrical Harness Assemblies                                AD/A320/22

       Wire Loom Chafing at Conduit Exits                                                 AD/A320/23 Amdt 2

       Pitot Probe Hoses                                                                       AD/A320/24

       Elevator Servo Controls                                                                AD/A320/25 Amdt 2

       Fuel Quantity Probes                                                                   AD/A320/26 Amdt 1

       Nose Wheel Steering Control                                                          AD/A320/27

       Pylon Fuel Return Line Connection and Pylon Sealant Integrity                  AD/A320/28

       Ram Air Turbine Bearing End-Float                                                  AD/A320/29 Amdt 1

       Seat Track Joints at Frame 64                                                         AD/A320/30

       Inner Rear Wing Spar - CANCELLED                                                AD/A320/31

       Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures Standard for Extended Range       AD/A320/32 Amdt 2

       Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser Lightning Strike Protection Improvement     AD/A320/33 Amdt 2

       Braking System Electrical Relays                                                      AD/A320/34

       Fuel System Electrical Wiring                                                         AD/A320/35

       Passenger Door Lower Connection Link Bushes                                     AD/A320/36 Amdt 2

       Thrust Reverser Check Valve Replacement                                          AD/A320/37

       Nose Section - Structural Reinforcement                                             AD/A320/38

       Aileron Support Frames                                                                AD/A320/39

       Centre Fuselage - Belly Reinforcement                                               AD/A320/40

       Passenger Door Safety Pin Guide Fitting and Telescopic Rod Freezing            AD/A320/41 Amdt 1

       Brake Wear Limits                                                                      AD/A320/42 Amdt 1

       Passenger Doors 1 and 4                                                               AD/A320/43 Amdt 2

       MLG Forward Pintle Pin Cross Bolt - CANCELLED                               AD/A320/44

       Fuselage - Fasteners at Skin Panel to Frame 13 and 14 Joint                       AD/A320/45

       Inboard Flap Trunnion                                                                 AD/A320/46 Amdt 4

       Fuselage - Pressure Floor Between Frames 42 and 43                               AD/A320/47 Amdt 2

       Wing Rear Spar between Ribs 1and 2                                                  AD/A320/48 Amdt 1

       Forward Fuselage - Web Between Frames 1& 2 - CANCELLED                   AD/A320/49

       Fuselage - Lower Forward Corner of Cockpit Sliding Window Frame              AD/A320/50

       Main Landing Gear Rear Pintle Pin                                                   AD/A320/51

       Rear Fuselage Skin Lap Joints                                                          AD/A320/52

       Fuselage Frame to Pressure Floor Connection - CANCELLED                    AD/A320/53

       Fuselage Skin at Frames 13 and 14 - CANCELLED                                 AD/A320/54

       Centre Wing, Bracket Between Shroud Box and Fixed Shroud                      AD/A320/55

       Centre Wing, Pressurised Floor Fittings at Frame 36                                AD/A320/56

       Centre Wing, Reinforcement of Pressure Floor Fittings                            AD/A320/57

       Centre Fuselage, Pick-up Angle Between Frame 35 and 36                         AD/A320/58 Amdt 2

       Central Fuselage, Frame and Frame Feet at Frames FR37 Through FR41         AD/A320/59 Amdt 1

       Hydraulic Fire Shut-Off Valve - CANCELLED                                      AD/A320/60

       Off-Wing Escape Slide                                                                  AD/A320/61 Amdt 4

       Elevator Aileron Computer                                                            AD/A320/62

       Lavatories Smoke Detection                                                           AD/A320/63

       Avionics Hatch 231 AF.                                                               AD/A320/64

       Fuselage Reinforcement Section 18                                                   AD/A320/65 Amdt 2

       Improved Water Ingress Protection for Avionics 90VU and 91VU               AD/A320/66

       MLG Free Fall Extension System                                                     AD/A320/67

       Flight Warning Computer                                                              AD/A320/68

       Passenger Door and Emergency Door Actuator Striker Mechanism               AD/A320/69 Amdt 2

       Landing Gear Retraction Control Circuit                                             AD/A320/70

       Slide/Slide Raft Release Cable                                                          AD/A320/71

       Frame 56 Connecting Angle                                                           AD/A320/72

       Frame 60 and 62 Cargo Door Frame                                                  AD/A320/73

       Gusset Frame Attachment                                                              AD/A320/74 Amdt 1

       Longitudinal Floor Beams at Frame 43                                               AD/A320/75

       Sliding Window Frame                                                                  AD/A320/76

       Loral DFDR F800 Damping Rack Installation                                       AD/A320/77

       Spoiler Phased Lift Dumping                                                          AD/A320/78

       Fuselage Frame 68                                                                      AD/A320/79 Amdt 2

       Wing Fuselage Joint Cruciform Fittings - CANCELLED                            AD/A320/80 Amdt 1

       Connecting Angle Between Frame 56 and Frame Support at Stringer 38          AD/A320/81

       Wing Rear Spar Pressurised Floor Pick-Up Angles                                  AD/A320/82

       Slats-Flaps Control Computer                                                         AD/A320/83

       Wing Rear Spar                                                                          AD/A320/84 Amdt 2

       Probe Heat Computer                                                                  AD/A320/85

       Toilet Systems - Rinse Valve Replacement                                           AD/A320/86

       Wing Centre Box Bottom Panel                                                      AD/A320/87 Amdt 1

       Wing Front Spar Vertical Stringers                                                    AD/A320/88

       Fuselage Frames 38 to 41                                                              AD/A320/89 Amdt 1

       Fuselage Frame 46 / Stringer 37 Intersection                                         AD/A320/90 Amdt 1

       Frames 43 and 44 Pressure Floor Connection                                        AD/A320/91

       Relay 11QG Relocation - CANCELLED                                             AD/A320/92 Amdt 1

       MLG Forward Pintle Pin Cross Bolt                                                  AD/A320/93 Amdt 4

       Reinforcement of Frame 35 between Stringers 30 and 31                          AD/A320/94 Amdt 1

       Avionics Rack Protection                                                              AD/A320/95

       Alternate Braking System Check                                                      AD/A320/96 Amdt 1

       Airborne Ground Check Module Modification                                       AD/A320/97 Amdt 1

       Nose Landing Gear (NLG) - Steering                                                  AD/A320/98

       Rudder Pedals                                                                            AD/A320/99 Amdt 2

       Pilot Footrest and Actuator Attachment                                             AD/A320/100 Amdt 2

       Main Landing Gear Sliding Tube                                                       AD/A320/101 Amdt 2

       Relay 11QG Relocation                                                                AD/A320/102

       MLG Door Actuator Fitting - CANCELLED                                        AD/A320/103 Amdt 1

       Flight Controls - Inspection and Modification of Spoiler Servocontrols          AD/A320/104

       Emergency Escape Slide Frangible Link                                              AD/A320/105 Amdt 1

       Fuel Tank Electrical Bonding                                                          AD/A320/106 Amdt 3

       Third Occupant Seat                                                                    AD/A320/107

       Flight Management and Guidance Computer                                         AD/A320/108

       MLG Door Actuator Fitting                                                           AD/A320/109 Amdt 1

       Flight Warning Computer                                                              AD/A320/110

       Wing Fuel Boost Pump Wiring - CANCELLED                                     AD/A320/111

       MLG Door Actuator Fitting                                                           AD/A320/112

       Cockpit Sliding Window Lower Mechanism                                          AD/A320/113

       Frame 36 - Longitudinal Beams of the Pressure Panel                              AD/A320/114

       Flight Crew Seats                                                                        AD/A320/115

       Wing Fuel Boost Pump Wiring                                                        AD/A320/116 Amdt 1

       Elevator Honeycomb Core Structure                                                  AD/A320/117

       Slide Raft Girt Bar                                                                       AD/A320/118

       Flight Control - ELAC Computer - CANCELLED                                  AD/A320/119 Amdt 1

       Slide Raft Telescopic Girt Bar                                                         AD/A320/120 Amdt 3

       Passenger Door Upper Safety Pin                                                     AD/A320/121

       Crew Oxygen Supply                                                                    AD/A320/122 Amdt 1

       Ram Air Turbine Actuator                                                             AD/A320/123

       Overwing Emergency Exit Door Frame Corners                                     AD/A320/124 Amdt 2

       Thrust Reverser Actuators                                                             AD/A320/125 Amdt 1

       Passenger Door Outer Handle                                                          AD/A320/126

       Fuel Quantity Indication System Wiring                                              AD/A320/127 Amdt 2

       Pitot Probes                                                                             AD/A320/128

       Parking Brake Operating Valve                                                        AD/A320/129 Amdt 1

       Goodrich Carbon Brake  Take-off/Landing Performance Reduction               AD/A320/130 Amdt 2

       Flight Control - ELAC Computer                                                     AD/A320/131

       PPG rospace Windshields                                                              AD/A320/132

       Rear Passenger Door Frame Fitting                                                   AD/A320/133

       Fixed Lateral Cockpit Window                                                        AD/A320/134

       Main Landing Gear Side-Stay Cuff Lug                                                AD/A320/135

       Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicators                                     AD/A320/136 Amdt 3

       Fuel Probes and Fuel Tank Level Sensors                                             AD/A320/137 Amdt 1

       Litton Air Data Inertial Reference Unit                                              AD/A320/138

       Centre Wing Box Upper Stringers                                                     AD/A320/139

       Relay 11QG Testing After Relocation                                                AD/A320/140

       Floor Crossbeam at Frame FR52 - CANCELLED                                   AD/A320/141

       Trust Reverser - Piston Rod Chrome Plating                                        AD/A320/142

       Fuel Tank Electrical Bonding                                                          AD/A320/143 Amdt 1

       Elevator                                                                                  AD/A320/144 Amdt 1

       Transformer Rectifier Unit                                                            AD/A320/145

       Airworthiness Limitation Items                                                       AD/A320/146 Amdt 2

       Life Limited and Monitored Parts                                                     AD/A320/147 Amdt 1

       Pitot Probes                                                                             AD/A320/148 Amdt 1

       Inertial Reference Systems                                                             AD/A320/149

       Flight Manual Amendment - Fuel Leak Procedure                                   AD/A320/150

       Keel Beam Side Panels                                                                  AD/A320/151

       Auxiliary Power Unit Alternating Current Generator                               AD/A320/152

       MLG Shock Absorber Sliding Tube                                                    AD/A320/153 Amdt 1

       Integrated Drive Generator Connector                                               AD/A320/154

       Passenger Door Emergency Escape Slides                                            AD/A320/155

       Hydraulic Bay Maintenance Lights                                                    AD/A320/156

       Liquid Crystal Display Units                                                           AD/A320/157 Amdt 1

       Flight Controls - Spoiler Actuators                                                    AD/A320/158

       Emergency Escape Path Marking System Power Supplies                          AD/A320/159 Amdt 1

       Cargo Compartment Heating Temperature Sensor                                  AD/A320/160

       Fuel System - Air Release Valve (ARV)                                               AD/A320/161

       Integrated Standby Instrument System                                                AD/A320/162

       Wing Trailing Edge Cable Routes                                                      AD/A320/163

       Cargo Restraint Strap Assemblies                                                      AD/A320/164

       Parking Brake                                                                           AD/A320/165