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Airworthiness Directives/Pt 105 — Aircraft as made
Revocation and remaking - Aerospatiale (Socata) TBM 700 Series Aeroplanes.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 15
Registered 30 Sep 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR15-Mar-2005
Tabled Senate15-Mar-2005
Gazetted 22 Dec 2004

                                      Airworthiness Directives 2004

                   I, DAVID ALAN VILLIERS, delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety

                   Authority, acting under subregulation 39.001 (1) of the Civil

                   Aviation Safety Regulations 1998:

                           (a)      revoke the Airworthiness Directives mentioned in

                                      Schedule 1; and

                            (b)      make, as separate instruments, each Airworthiness

                                      Directive mentioned in Schedule 1 and attached.



                   David Villiers

                   Delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority


                    20 December 2004

                   Note:   Each attached Airworthiness Directive is being re-made in exactly the

                   same form as appears in the latest published edition of the Directive.


          Schedule 1          Revocation and Remaking of

                                            Airworthiness Directives

      Aerospatiale (Socata) TBM 700 Series Aeroplanes

      AD Name                                                                               AD Number

       Battery Overheating Indication                                                       AD/TBM 700/1

       Elevator Horn Anti-Icing                                                              AD/TBM 700/2

       Rudder Skin                                                                              AD/TBM 700/3

       Elevator and Rudder Drainage                                                         AD/TBM 700/4

       Elevator Trim Tab                                                                      AD/TBM 700/5 Amdt 2

       Ground Power Receptacle Shunt                                                       AD/TBM 700/6

       EFIS Configuration                                                                     AD/TBM 700/7

       Propeller Control                                                                       AD/TBM 700/8

       Windshield De-Icing                                                                    AD/TBM 700/9

       Wing Tip Draining                                                                      AD/TBM 700/10

       Flap Carriages                                                                           AD/TBM 700/11

       Flap Rail Fittings                                                                        AD/TBM 700/12 Amdt 1

       Oil Cooler Interference                                                                 AD/TBM 700/13 Amdt 1

       Side Trim Panel                                                                         AD/TBM 700/14

       Starter Generator                                                                        AD/TBM 700/15 Amdt 1

       Main Landing Gear Inboard Doors                                                    AD/TBM 700/16

       Elevator Trim Tab Fitting                                                             AD/TBM 700/17 Amdt 1

       Oxygen Generators                                                                     AD/TBM 700/18

       Horizontal Stabiliser Outboard Hinge Fitting                                         AD/TBM 700/19 Amdt 1

       Flap Attachment Fittings - Flap Carriages                                            AD/TBM 700/20 Amdt 2

       Horizontal Stabiliser Top Skin                                                         AD/TBM 700/21

       Cabin Drainage                                                                          AD/TBM 700/22

       Fuel Tank Air Vent Valves                                                             AD/TBM 700/23 Amdt 1

       Fuel Tank Vent Hose                                                                   AD/TBM 700/24

       Propeller Governor Control Cable                                                    AD/TBM 700/25

       Nose Wheel Tyre                                                                       AD/TBM 700/26

       Elevator Control System                                                               AD/TBM 700/27 Amdt 1

       Fuselage Skin Around the VHF1 Antenna                                            AD/TBM 700/28 Amdt 2

       Pitot Tube Supply Line/Aileron Control Cable                                      AD/TBM 700/29

       On-Board Servicing Power Receptacle                                                AD/TBM 700/30

       Elevator Skin Bond                                                                     AD/TBM 700/31

       Fuselage C6 and C8 Cross-Beam Bolts                                                AD/TBM 700/32

       Vertical Stabiliser Attachment Fittings                                               AD/TBM 700/33 Amdt 1

       Pilot Seat & Front Passenger Seat                                                     AD/TBM 700/34

       Flight Controls - Flap Actuator                                                        AD/TBM 700/35

       Pilot Door Frame                                                                       AD/TBM 700/36

       Engine Controls - Propeller and Fuel control cables.                                AD/TBM 700/37