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This Determination specifies the information to be provided in relation to the supply of ethanol-petrol blends sold in Australia.
Administered by: Environment and Energy
Registered 01 Sep 2006
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR10-Feb-2004
Tabled Senate10-Feb-2004
Gazetted 23 Dec 2003
Date of repeal 01 Oct 2019
Repealed by Fuel Quality Standards (Ethanol) Information Standard 2019
Table of contents.

I, DAVID ALISTAIR KEMP, Minister for the Environment and Heritage, make this Determination under section 22A of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

Dated 19 December 2003



                        1     Name of Determination                                                                         2

                        2     Commencement                                                                                  2

                        3     Definitions                                                                                           2

                        4     Service stations                                                                                   2

                        5     Other retail supply                                                                               2

                        6     Supply of ethanol blend to retailer                                                         2

Schedule 1             Notice                                                                                                3




1              Name of Determination

                This Determination is the Fuel Quality Information Standard (Ethanol) Determination 2003.

2              Commencement

                This Determination commences on 1 March 2004.

3              Definitions

                In this Determination:

ethanol blend means petrol that, as tested in accordance with the Fuel Standard (Petrol) Determination 2001, contains more than 1% ethanol.

service station means premises at which petrol is sold by retail from a petrol pump.

4              Service stations

                The fuel quality information standard for the supply of ethanol blend from a service station is that the notice set out in Schedule 1 (the Schedule 1 notice) is clearly displayed on any petrol pump at that station that dispenses ethanol blend, as close as practicable to each nozzle that dispenses the ethanol blend.

5              Other retail supply

                The fuel quality information standard for the supply, by retail sale, of ethanol blend other than from a service station is that:

                (a)    before the ethanol blend is supplied, the buyer is given a document that prominently includes the words in the Schedule 1 notice; or

               (b)    the buyer is present when the ethanol blend is supplied and the Schedule 1 notice is placed on each container of ethanol blend so the notice can easily be read by the buyer.

6              Supply of ethanol blend to retailer

                The information standard for the supply of ethanol blend to a retailer is that, at the time of the supply, the retailer is given a document that prominently displays:

                (a)    a statement that the ethanol blend may contain up to and including 10% ethanol; and

               (b)    a statement that the ethanol blend is the subject of this standard.

Schedule 1        Notice

(sections 4 and 5)



A notice must be substantially in accordance with the following: