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Standards/Other as amended, taking into account amendments up to Radiocommunications Amendment Standard 2005 (No. 1)
Makes standards for the performance of specifed devices.
Administered by: Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Registered 30 Nov 2005
Start Date 23 Nov 2005
End Date 06 Mar 2013
Date of repeal 20 Sep 2014
Repealed by Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2014

Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2004

as amended

made under subsection 162 (1) of the

This compilation was prepared on 28 November 2005
taking into account amendments up to Radiocommunications Amendment Standard 2005 (No. 1)

Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing,
Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra


                        1     Name of Standard [see Note 1]                                                             3

                        2     Commencement [see Note 1]                                                               3

                        3     Revocation                                                                                          3

                        4     Definitions                                                                                           3

                        5     Application                                                                                          3

                        6     Standard for performance                                                                     4

                        7     Effect of amendment of standard for performance                                    4

Notes                                                                                                                                5





1              Name of Standard [see Note 1]

                This Standard is the Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2004.

2              Commencement [see Note 1]

                This Standard commences on the date of its notification in the Gazette.

3              Revocation

                The following Standards are revoked:

                  ·    Radiocommunications Standard (Short Range Devices) No. 1 of 1996

                  ·    Radiocommunications Standard (Short Range Devices — 9 kHz to 25 MHz Radio Equipment and 9 kHz to 30 MHz Inductive Loop Systems) 1999.

4              Definitions

                In this Standard:

Act means the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

AS/NZS 4268 means a standard published by Standards Australia that includes AS/NZS 4268 in the title, as in force from time to time.

former Standards means the Standards revoked under section 3 of this Standard.

short range device means a radiocommunications device:

                (a)    manufactured in, or imported into, Australia after the commencement of this Standard; and

               (b)    that is:

                          (i)    of a type mentioned in column 2 of table 1 or column 2 of table 2 of AS/NZS 4268; and

                         (ii)    capable of being operated on a frequency, or within a range of frequencies, within the frequency bands mentioned in column 3 of those tables.

5              Application

         (1)   This Standard applies to a radiocommunications device:

                (a)    that is a short range device, including a low interference potential device and a radio controlled model; and

               (b)    that is not a device mentioned in subsection (2).

Exception — device imported for significant event

         (2)   This subsection applies to a radiocommunications device that:

                (a)    is imported in Australia solely for use in connection with a significant event; and

               (b)    if required to be tested or inspected before it is used in Australia — meets the testing or inspection requirements; and

                (c)    if conditions or requirements are imposed on the use of the device in Australia — complies with those conditions or requirements; and

               (d)    is used in Australia only at the location of the significant event; and

                (e)    is used in Australia only for the duration of the significant event.

         (3)   In this section:

significant event means an event at a specified location or locations, notified on the website www.acma.gov.au with the approval of the Chair.

6              Standard for performance

                For paragraph 162 (1) (a) of the Act, the standard for performance is the standard set out in AS/NZS 4268, other than the following provisions:

                (a)    clause 1 (Scope), paragraph (b) (New Zealand);

               (b)    subclause (New Zealand limits for EIRP);

                (c)    subclause (New Zealand limits for transmitter spurious emissions);

               (d)    subclause (New Zealand limits for emission bandwidth);

                (e)    subclause (New Zealand limits for operating frequencies);

                (f)    subclause 10.1 (General), paragraph (b) (New Zealand).

7              Effect of amendment of standard for performance

         (1)   If a short range device is manufactured, imported, altered or modified within 1 year after the standard for performance is amended or replaced, the device is taken to meet the standard for performance if it meets that standard as in force immediately before the amendment or replacement.

         (2)   A short range device that is manufactured, imported, altered or modified 1 year or more after the standard for performance is amended or replaced must meet the standard for performance as amended or replaced.

Notes to the Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2004

Note 1

The Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2004 (in force under subsection 162 (1) of the Radiocommunications Act 1992) as shown in this compilation is amended as indicated in the Tables below.

Under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003, which came into force on 1 January 2005, it is a requirement for all non-exempt legislative instruments to be registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments.

Table of Instruments


Date of notification
in Gazette or FRLI registration

Date of

Application, saving or
transitional provisions

Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2004

1 Sept 2004 (see Gazette 2004, No. GN35)

1 Sept 2004


Radiocommunications Amendment Standard 2005 (No. 1)

22 Nov 2005 (see F2005L03647)

23 Nov 2005

Table of Amendments

ad. = added or inserted      am. = amended      rep. = repealed      rs. = repealed and substituted

Provision affected

How affected

S. 5..........................................

rs. 2005 No. 1