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Academic Board Statute 2001

Authoritative Version
Statutes as made
The Statute establishes the Academic Board and provides for the functions and powers and the conduct of business of the Board.
Administered by: DEST
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 s 54(2) item 6
Registered 28 Sep 2005
Gazetted 27 Jun 2001
Date of repeal 05 Aug 2006
Repealed by Academic Board Statute 2006



Australian National University Act 1991




The Council of The Australian National University, makes this Statute under section 50 of the Australian National University Act 1991.


Dated   23  May  2001.





The Council of The Australian National University.


1  Name of Statute

1.1                   This is the Academic Board Statute 2001.

2  Definitions

2.1                   In this Statute, unless the contrary intention appears:

academic policy includes:

(a)     the strategic academic directions of the University, including the development of teaching, learning, scholarship, research and research training in any or all parts of the University; and

(b)     any other matter (whether mentioned in the Rules or not) that is relevant to the academic affairs of the University.

Board means Academic Board established under section 3.

Rules means the Rules made under this Statute.

3  Establishment of Board

3.1                   There is to be a Committee of the Council called the Academic Board.

4  Constitution of Board

4.1                   Subject to section 5, the constitution of the Board is to be as set out in the Rules.

5  Chair of Board

5.1                   The Vice-Chancellor is the Chair of the Board.

6  Functions and powers of Board

6.1                   The Board may report to or advise the Council on all aspects of the academic policy of the University.

6.2                   The Council may refer matters for advice or determination to the Board.

6.3                   If so directed by the Council, the Board may determine or make decisions on behalf of the Council in respect of academic policy.

6.4                   In giving advice to the Council, the Board may consult with other Committees of the Council or other University bodies.

6.5                   The Board may perform such other functions, undertake such other responsibilities or exercise such other authorities as the Council from time to time directs or as are set out in the Rules.

6.6                   The Board is to provide such reports relating to its operations as the Council or the Vice-Chancellor requests.

7  Conduct of business of Board

7.1                   Subject to the Rules, the Board may, by resolution, determine the following matters:

(a)     the manner and time of convening, holding and adjourning a meeting of the Board;

(b)     the voting (including postal or proxy voting) at such a meeting;

(d)     the conduct of the business at a meeting of the Board;

(e)     the appointment of subcommittees of the Board.

8  Delegation

8.1                   The Board may, by resolution, delegate any of its powers and functions (except this power of delegation and its powers under section 7) to any member of the Board or to a Committee or Subcommittee or to any officer of the University.

8.2                   A power or function so delegated may be exercised by the delegate in accordance with the resolution.

8.3                   A delegation under this section is revocable by resolution of the Board and does not prevent the exercise of a power or function by the Board.

8.4                   The Board must notify the Council of delegations made under subsection 8.1.

9  Rules

9.1                   The Council may make Rules not inconsistent with this Statute, prescribing all matters required or permitted by this Statute to be prescribed, or necessary or convenient to be prescribed, for carrying out or giving effect to this Statute and, in particular, may make Rules about the following matters:

(a)     setting out functions of the Board;

(b)          relating to the definition of academic policy;

(c)          providing for the membership of the Board;

(d)          providing for the organisation and operations of the Board;

(e)          establishing Subcommittees of the Board.