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Faculties Statute 2002

Authoritative Version
200203093 Statutes as made
The Statute enables the making of Rules under the Statute, and prescribes certain matters in relation to membership, powers and meetings of faculties, and in relation to the appointment of deans, associate, deputy and sub deans of faculties.
Administered by: DEST
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 s 54(2) item 6
Registered 22 Aug 2005
Gazetted 11 Jun 2002
Date of repeal 05 Aug 2006
Repealed by ANU College Governance Statute 2006

The Australian National University

Australian National University Act 1991


The Council of The Australian National University makes the following Statute under section 50 of the Australian National University Act 1991.

Dated               22 April 2002.



The Council of The Australian National University

1       Name of Statute

1.1       This Statute is the Faculties Statute 2002.

2       Interpretation

2.2       In this Statute:

faculty means a faculty in The Faculties established by the Council under section 7 of the Act.

[NOTE: currently the faculties are as follows:

                     Faculty of Arts

                     Faculty of Law

                     Faculty of Economics and Commerce

                     Faculty of Asian Studies

                     Faculty of Science

                     Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.]

the Act means the Australian National University Act 1991.

3       Faculties

3.1       The membership of each faculty is to be as set out in the Rules.

3.2       The faculty may advise

             (a)   the Dean of the faculty; and

             (b)   the Board of The Faculties; and

             (c)   the Academic Board or a Subcommittee of the Academic Board

on any academic matter.

3.3       The Dean must advise the Board of The Faculties and the Academic Board on any significant academic matter relating to his or her faculty.

3.4       A faculty has such other functions and powers as are set out in the Rules.

4       Meetings

4.1       The Dean of a faculty must convene at least 1 meeting of the faculty in each semester and at least 3 meetings in each calendar year.

4.2       However, the Dean must also convene a meeting of the faculty when requested to do so by the Vice-Chancellor or by the prescribed number of members of the faculty.

4.3       The Dean of the faculty is the chair of, and must set the agenda for, meetings of the faculty.

4.4       For a meeting held, or to be held, in the absence of the Dean, the Dean or the Vice-Chancellor must appoint a member of the faculty to chair the meeting.

5       Procedure relating to meetings

5.1       The Rules may prescribe the requirements for the quorum, voting at meetings of the faculty, and the conduct and recording of business at such meetings.

6       Proceedings not to be invalidated

6.1       The proceedings of a faculty or committee of a faculty are not to be invalidated by reason only of a defect in the appointment or election of any of its members or a defect in the convening or conduct of a meeting of the faculty or committee.

7       Delegation

7.1       A faculty may, by resolution, delegate all or any of its powers (except this power of delegation) to a committee of its members or to an officer of the University.

7.2       A power so delegated may be exercised by the delegate in accordance with the resolution.

7.3       If a faculty delegates a power to a committee, the faculty must:

             (a)   fix the quorum of the committee; and

             (b)   determine whether a matter delegated to the committee is to be decided unanimously by the committee or by a majority of the members present and voting at a meeting of the committee.

7.4       A delegation under this section is revocable by resolution of the faculty and does not prevent the exercise of a power by the faculty.

8       Dean and Subdean

8.1       The Vice-Chancellor must appoint a Dean of each faculty in accordance with any direction given by the Council.

8.2       The Dean of a faculty may appoint one or more Associate Deans, Deputy Deans or Subdeans of the faculty in accordance with any direction given by the Council.

8.3       Subject to the Statutes and Rules, the Dean has the powers and the duties that the Vice-Chancellor determines.

9       Secretary

9.1       A person appointed by the Dean of a faculty is to be the secretary to the faculty and is to record the proceedings of meetings of each faculty.

10     Rules

10.1    The Council may make Rules, not inconsistent with this Statute, prescribing matters required or permitted by this Statute to be prescribed, or necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Statute.

11     Transitional

11.1    Subject to the Rules, any person who was, immediately before the commencement of this Statute, a member of a faculty constituted under the Faculties Statute 1999 repealed by section 12 continues in office for the remainder of the term he or she would have had under that Statute as if he or she holds office under this Statute.

11.2    Rules and resolutions, made under the Faculties Statute 1999 and in force immediately before the commencement of this Statute, continue in force, and may be amended or repealed, as if they were made under this Statute.

12     Repeal

12.1    The Faculties Statute 1999, as amended and in force immediately before the commencement of this Statute, is repealed.