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R87/2004 Orders/Civil Aviation as made
Replacement of section 100.91 of the Civil Aviation Orders
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015 s12 item 15
Registered 04 Mar 2005
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR10-Feb-2005
Tabled Senate10-Feb-2005
Gazetted 23 Dec 2004





Civil Aviation Amendment Order

(No. R87) 2004



I, WILLIAM BRUCE BYRON, Director of Aviation Safety, on behalf of CASA, issue the following Civil Aviation Order under regulation 31 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988.




[Signed Bruce Byron]



Bruce Byron

Director of Aviation Safety and

   Chief Executive Officer


12 December 2004




1         Name of Order

                     This Order is the Civil Aviation Amendment Order (No. R87) 2004.

2         Commencement

                     This Order commences on gazettal.

3         Replacement of section 100.91 of the Civil Aviation Orders

                     Section 100.91 of the Civil Aviation Orders is omitted and a new section substituted as set out in Schedule 1.


Schedule 1        Substitution of section 100.91 of the Civil Aviation Orders



SECTION 100.91



1           APPLICATION

1.1        Except where otherwise approved or directed by CASA, this section of the CAOs applies to the requirements for the grant of an aircraft maintenance engineer licence in category airframes and for the grant of additional ratings to a licence in this category.

1.2        This section of the CAOs is to be read in conjunction with the current issue of CAO section 100.92 and AAC 9-91.

2           DEFINITIONS

Terms and abbreviations used in this section are detailed in CAO section 100.90.

3           RATINGS

Category airframes is classified into the following ratings:


Group 1         Aeroplane systems not classified in Group 2 to 20 inclusive.

Group 2         Helicopters not fitted with flight control hydraulic boosting.

Group 3         Wooden airframe structures.

Group 4         Fabric covering of airframe structures.

Group 5         Power driven fluid systems other than Groups 2, 19 or 20.

Group 6         Airconditioning systems.

Group 7         Aircraft of fibre reinforced plastic composite construction as specified by CASA and listed in AAC 9-91.

Group 10       Pressurisation systems.

Group 19       Helicopters with hydraulically powered flight controls, not classified in Group 20.

Group 20       Aeroplanes, powered by turbojet/turbofan engines, or pressurised and of MTOW greater than 8 000 kg as listed in AAC 9-91; and

Helicopters of MTOW greater than 3 500 kg fitted with flight controls powered from more than 1 hydraulic source as listed in AAC 9-91; and

Aircraft listed in AAC 9-91 deemed by CASA to be of an unusual design requiring specialised maintenance techniques.


4.1        Ratings specifying the groups of airframe systems and/or the specific aircraft type for which the privileges of the licence may be exercised, must be endorsed on the licence.

4.2        Applicants who comply with the experience and examination requirements of subsections 5 and 6 of this section may be granted the appropriate rating, subject to the conditions specified at paragraphs 4.3 to 4.5 inclusive.

4.3        Applicants for a Group 3, 4, 5 or 10 rating must hold a Group 1 rating.

4.4        Applicants for a Group 6 rating must hold a Group 1, 2 or 19 rating.

4.5        A separate rating in Group 20 is required for each aircraft listed in AAC 9-91.

4.6        Endorsement of ratings shall take the following form:


Aeroplane Airframe Systems    Group 1

Helicopter Airframe Systems   Group 2

Wooden structures                     Group 3

Fabric Covering                          Group 4

Power Driven Fluid Systems     Group 5

Airconditioning Systems           Group 6

Composite Aircraft                    Group 7

Pressurisation Systems             Group 10

Helicopter Airframe Systems   Group 19

*............................................       Group 20


*(The appropriate aircraft type or series description as listed in AAC 9-91 is inserted in the space).


5.1        There are no work experience requirements to be met prior to sitting any examination.

5.2        Successful completion of a relevant training course acceptable to CASA, will be required for all aircraft classified in Group 20, with the exceptions specified by CASA and listed in AAC 9-91.

5.3        The minimum experience required for the grant of a licence is 4 years aircraft maintenance or aircraft component maintenance including:

              (a)  2 years aircraft maintenance experience in category airframes; and

              (b)  practical experience in the group or type for which a rating is sought, to the scope and depth indicated in the relevant Schedule of Experience issued by CASA, or other approved documents.

5.4        For aircraft classified as high capacity, practical experience must be specified in a Schedule of Experience compiled by the operator and found acceptable by CASA.

5.5        For the endorsement of additional airframe ratings the minimum experience required is that specified in the relevant Schedule of Experience.


For the grant of a licence or endorsement of additional ratings, applicants must pass the relevant examinations specified by CASA and listed in AAC 9-91.


7.1        From the effective date of this CAO, ratings granted in accordance with section 100.91 will be deemed to be equivalent to the corresponding ratings listed in AAC 9-91.

7.2        From the effective date of this CAO, examination credits granted in accordance with section 100.91 will be deemed to be equivalent to the examinations listed in AAC 9-91.