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Electoral and Referendum Regulations (Amendment)

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  • - F1996B04241
  • No longer in force
SR 1983 No. 181 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the Electoral and Referendum Regulations.
Administered by: Finance
General Comments: The Referendum (Constitution Alteration) Act 1906 was repealed by the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984. However, according to s 145 of the latter Act, these Regulations continue in force. This instrument was backcaptured in accordance with Section 36 of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003
Registered 01 Jan 2005
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled HR04-Oct-1983
Tabled Senate04-Oct-1983
Gazetted 22 Sep 1983
Date of repeal 19 Mar 2014
Repealed by Finance (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2014

Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia

Statutory Rules 1983 No. 1811

Electoral and Referendum Regulations2 (Amendment)

I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulation under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and the Referendum (Constitution Alteration) Act 1906.

Dated 15 September 1983.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Special Minister of State

The Schedule

The Schedule to the Electoral and Referendum Regulations is amended by omitting Form 2 and substituting the following form:

Electoral and Referendum Regulations	1983 No.181				529

FORM 2                                                                                                                                                                          Regulation 8


Fill in this form if—

(a) you are claiming enrolment on an electoral roll; or

(b) you need to change your name, address or other details on an electoral roll.

Please post it in the prepaid envelope, or deliver it, to the Australian Electoral Office. Your claim will be acknowledged.


Commonwealth of Australia To the Electoral Registrar, Subdivision of


Please use BLOCK LETTERS only.

Please use blue or black ink only.

My name is



Please include all names by which you are generally known.


Christian or given names


Residential address—you can only be enrolled for your residential address. Please give your full address. If you live in a rural area show sufficient detail to identify your place of living.

I live at

Flat/Street number           Street/Road






Postal address—if the same as residential address put ‘As above’.

My postal address is

Postal address


Your postal address will not appear on the roll.

My occupation is


(delete one) and I am Male/Female

The remaining details are necessary for identification but will not appear on the roll.

I was born on

day month year                  Town

............ /......... /.......... / in


Complete former address only if you have moved since your last enrolment.

My former address was

No.           Street                    Suburb/Town


Complete former name only if you have changed your name (for example by marriage) since your last enrolment

My former name was

Former name


530			Electoral and Referendum Regulations	1983 No.181

FORM 2 – continued






1 am entitled to enrolment because—

(a)      I am not under 18 years of age;

(b)      I have lived continuously in Australia for at least 6 months;

(c)      I am an Australian citizen or other British subject;

(d)     I have lived at my present address (or elsewhere within the Subdivision) for the period of 1 month immediately before the date of this claim,

Upon enrolment you will be entitled to vote at elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate.


and I claim enrolment for the Subdivision.

You must sign this declaration in the presence of a person who is enrolled, or entitled to be enrolled, on an electoral roll kept for the purposes of a House of Representatives election.


I declare that the statements made in this claim, including my personal particulars set out above, are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


A person who is unable to sign his name in writing may make his mark as his personal signature.

.............................................................                        ........ /...... ./.......

Personal Signature of Claimant                                               Date



I saw this claim signed by the claimant and am satisfied that the statements

As the person to witness this claim you must be satisfied from personal knowledge or enquiry of the claimant or otherwise that the information declared is true.


contained in the claim are true.

I am enrolled, or entitled to be enrolled, on an electoral roll kept for the purposes of a House of Representatives election.


Name of witness in BLOCK LETTERS

Surname                      Christian or given names

You may not witness this claim unless you are able to sign your name in writing.

Full address of witness






.............................................................                        ........ /...... /........

Signature of witness                                                                Date


1. Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 22 September 1983.

2. Statutory Rules 1940 No. 163 as amended to date. For previous amendments see Note 2 to Statutory Rules 1983 No. 114 and see also Statutory Rules 1983 Nos. 114, 153 and 176.