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Cash Transaction Reports Regulations (Amendment)

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SR 1991 No. 166 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the Cash Transaction Reports Regulations.
Administered by: Attorney-General's
General Comments: This instrument was backcaptured in accordance with Section 36 of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003
Registered 01 Jan 2005
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled Senate13-Aug-1991
Tabled HR20-Aug-1991
Gazetted 28 Jun 1991
Date of repeal 09 Apr 2013
Repealed by Attorney-General's (Spent and Redundant Instruments) Repeal Regulation 2013








Statutory  Rules  1991   No. 1661




Cash Transaction Reports Regulations 2 (Amendment)



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following Regulations under the Cash Transaction Reports Act 1988.


          Dated 27 June 1991.


                                                                                         BILL HAYDEN


          By His Excellency’s Command,







1.   Amendment

1.1   The Cash Transaction Reports Regulations are amended as set out in these Regulations.



2.   Regulation 2 (Interpretation)

2.1   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “aborigine”):

Omit “aborigine”, substitute “Aboriginal person”


2.2   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “child”):

Omit “16”, substitute “18”.


2.3   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “isolated area”):

Omit “100”, substitute“20”.


2.4   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “local government body”:

After “municipal” in paragraph (a) of the definition, insert “, city, town, district”.


2.5   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “public authority”):

Omit the definition, substitute:

‘public authority’ includes a rating authority;”.


2.6   Subregulation 2 (1) (definition of “rating authority”)

After “municipal” in paragraph (a) of the definition, insert “, city, town, district”.


2.7   Subregulation 2 (2):

Add at the end:


    “; and (c)  a bank; and

              (d)  a building society; and

               (e)  a credit union; and

               (f)  a society incorporated or established under a law in force in a State or Territory providing for the establishment of mutual societies or friendly societies.”.



3.   Regulation 3 (The verification procedure)

3.1   Paragraph 3 (1) (b):

Omit “8 or 9”, substitute “8, 9 or 10a”.


4.   Regulation 4 (Verification generally)

4.1   Subparagraph 4 (1) (b) (ii):

Omit the subparagraph, substitute:


                         “(ii)  a nominee of the signatory who is an acceptable referee or who would, if he or she had known the signatory for at least 12 months, be an acceptable referee; or”.


4.2   Sub-subparagraph 4 (1) (j) (i) (b):

Omit the sub-subparagraph, substitute:


                                    “(b)   bearing the signatures of the signatory and an employee or agent of the financial body; or”.


4.3   Sub-subparagraph 4 (1) (j) (ii) (b):

Omit the sub-subparagraph, substitute:


                                    “(b)   bearing the signatures of the signatory and the acceptable referee; or”.



5.   Regulation 5 (Verification: public authorities and public companies)

5.1   Subregulation 5 (1):

After “public authority”, insert “or a body established or incorporated for a public purpose”.


5.2   Subregulation 5 (1):

After “the authority”, insert “or body”.


5.3   Subregulation 5 (1):

Add at the end “,or of some or all accounts, of the authority, body or company with the identifying cash dealer”.


5.4   Subregulation 5 (3):

After “the person”, insert “(whether or not the person is, or is to be, a signatory to a relevant account)”.


5.5   Subregulation 5 (4):

After “public authority” (wherever occurring), insert “or a body established or incorporated for a public purpose”.


5.6   Subregulation 5 (5):

After “public authority”, insert “or a body established or incorporated for a public purpose”.


5.7   Paragraph 5 (5) (a):

After “the authority”, insert “or body”.


5.8   New subregulation 5 (5a):

After subregulation (5), insert:


           “(5a)  A certificate of identity by a verifying officer may relate to more than one signatory of the account for which it is lodged.”.



6.   Regulation 6 (Verification: children)

6.1   Sub-subparagraph 6 (1) (b) (i) (B):

Omit “and” (last occurring), substitute:


                                 “or (C)    contained in a student card issued by the institution that also bears the seal or stamp of the institution; and”


6.2   Subparagraph 6 (1) (b) (iv):

Omit the subparagraph, substitute:


                        “(iv)  signed by the principal, deputy principal, head teacher, deputy head teacher, enrolment officer, deputy enrolment officer, secretary, deputy secretary, chief administrator or deputy chief administrator of the educational institution.”;


7.   Regulation 7 (Verification: recent arrivals in Australia)

7.1   Paragraph 7 (2) (a):

Omit the paragraph, substitute:


             “(a)  immediately before the person most recently arrived in Australia, the person was not ordinarily resident in Australia; and”.


7.2   Paragraph 7 (2) (c):

Omit “less than 6 weeks.”, substitute:


                     “a period:

                           (i)  that commences on the day on which the person most recently arrived in Australia, or on the first day since that arrival on which the person is lawfully at large in Australia, whichever is the later; and

                          (ii)  the duration of which is less than 6 weeks.”.



8.   Regulation 8 (Verification: non-residents)

8.1   Subparagraph 8 (5) (b) (ii):

Omit the subparagraph, substitute:


                         “(ii)  that the signatory is a signatory of an account with the financial body.”.


8.2   New subregulations (7) and (8):

Add at the end:


             “(7)  A person resident outside Australia who is a signatory of an account is taken to be identified if:

               (a)  the person produces to an employee of a bank who is authorised by the bank to open accounts with the bank:

                           (i)  being a bank that carries on business outside Australia and is engaged in a transaction with an identifying cash dealer; and

                          (ii)  whether or not the bank has an authority under section 9 of the Banking Act 1959;

                     verification of the identity of the signatory using documents that are equivalent to documents worth a total of 100 points that are referred to in regulation 4; and


               (b)  the employee:

                           (i)  signs a statement that he or she has seen the documents; and

                          (ii)  attaches a copy of each of the documents to the statement or records the pertinent details of the documents in the statement.


             “(8)  A certificate of identity by an employee referred to in subregulation (7) may relate to more than one signatory of the account for which it is lodged.”.



9. Regulation 9 (Verification: Aboriginal persons resident in an isolated area)

9.1   Subregulation 9 (1):

Omit “aboriginal” (wherever occurring), substitute “Aboriginal”.


9.2   Subregulation 9 (2):

Omit “aborigine”, substitute “Aboriginal person”.



10. New regulation 10a

10.1   After regulation 10, insert:


Verification: certain recipients of social security benefits

          “10a.  (1)  The verification procedure for the purposes of subsection 20 (8) of the Act  for an individual who:

               (a)  is unable to comply with the checks mentioned in regulation 4; and

               (b)  produces to the identifying cash dealer, not more than 3 months after the date on which it was issued, a letter of introduction from the Department of Social Security ;

consists of the verification by that identifying cash dealer of the identity of the individual from that letter of introduction.


             “(2)  Verification of the identity of a signatory under subregulation (1) is worth 100 points.


             “(3)  In subregulation (1), ‘letter of introduction’ means a letter signed by the signatory and an officer of the Department of Social Security to the effect that:

               (a)  the signatory is the recipient of a Social Security payment; and

               (b)  the signatory's signature has been verified from departmental records.”.





1.      Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 28 June 1991.


2.      Statutory Rules 1990 No. 36 as amended by 1990 Nos 162, 340 and 341; 1991 Nos 7 and 89.