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General Comments: This notice replaces Part 3 of the previously published notice, C2017G00722, registered on 28 June 2017.
Published Date 22 Jun 2022


Queensland Class 1 Pole Erecting Vehicle Dimension Exemption Notice 2022 (No. 1)

1.       Purpose


1)      The purpose of this notice is to exempt heavy vehicle combinations used to carry power poles from stated prescribed dimension requirements in Schedule 6 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National regulation (National Regulation).

Note:             This Notice replaces Part 3 of the Queensland Class 1 Heavy Vehicle (Load Carrying) Dimension Exemption Notice 2017 (No.1).


                        As a class 1 exemption, Schedule 8 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation applies.

2.       Authorising Provision


This notice is made under section 117 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).


3.       Commencement


This notice commences on 1 July 2022.


4.       Expiry


This notice expires on 30 June 2027.


5.       Title


This notice may be cited as the Queensland Class 1 Pole Erecting Vehicle Dimension Exemption Notice 2022 (No. 1).


6.       Definitions


1)      Unless otherwise stated, words and expressions used in this Notice have the same meanings as those defined in the HVNL.


2)      In this Notice-

Electricity entity has the same meaning as in the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (Qld).

Queensland Access Conditions Guide means the document of that name published by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Note:             the Queensland Access Conditions Guideline is available on the TMR website.

Pole erecting vehicle means a vehicle that used for carrying and erecting power poles that is either a rigid truck, or a combination consisting of a rigid truck towing a trailer.

7.       Application


This Part applies to a pole erecting vehicle operated by an electricity authority or their agent.


8.       Condition – Stated Routes and Areas


1)      Vehicles operating under this Notice may operate on all roads in Queensland.


2)      While operating under this Notice, a combination must comply with the operating conditions of the Queensland Access Conditions Guideline.


9.       Exemption – Dimension


1)      A pole erecting vehicle operating under this Notice is exempt from the following mass requirements under Schedule 6 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation (MDL Regulation):


a)      section 3(1)(a) – Length (combination)

b)      section 4 – Length (trailers)

c)       section 5 – Length (rear overhang)


2)      An exemption in 1) only applies to the extent that specific conditional dimension limits are provided in section 10 of this Notice.


10.   Conditions – Dimensions


1)      While operating under this Notice, a pole erecting vehicle must not exceed the following dimensions:


a)      total combination length – 25.0m

b)      a truck rear overhang – 3.5m.

c)       a trailer rear overhang – 5.0m.


2)      Further to the restriction in (1)(a) a pole erecting vehicle that is a truck and trailer in combination, and is not carrying a power pole, must not exceed 19.0m in length.



Peter Caprioli

Executive Director (Freight and Supply Chain Productivity)

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator