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Published Date 07 Aug 2019

Heavy Vehicle National Law

Heavy Vehicle Stated Maps – Suspension and Amendment Notice 2019 (No.11)


1               Authorising provision

1)      This Notice is made under the following provisions of the Heavy Vehicle National Law:


a)      Section 175, immediately suspending or amending the routes listed in Schedule 1 of this Notice to prevent or minimize serious harm to public safety or significant damage to road infrastructure; and

b)      Section 174, cancelling or amending the routes listed in Schedule 1 of this Notice.


2               Purpose

The purpose of this Notice is to amend stated maps for vehicles at the request of road managers.  

3               Commencement Date

1)      Suspension or amendment of the routes in Schedule 1 under s1(1)(a) above commences immediately upon publication of this Notice; and

2)      Cancellation or amendment of the routes in Schedule 1 under s1(1)(b) above commences 28 days after publication of this Notice.


4               Title

This Notice may be cited as the Heavy Vehicle Stated Maps – Amendment Notice 2019 (No.11)

5               Application

This Notice applies in all participating jurisdictions.  

6               Amendments

The specified networks in Column 2 of Schedule 1 to this Notice are amended as specified in Column 4 for the Road Manager’s reasons shown in Column 5.


Dated: 31/07/2019


Jose Arredondo

Manager Network Access Policy

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Schedule 1: Table of Amended Routes

COLUMN 1 Authorising Provision



COLUMN 3 Locality


Changes to Route


Road Manager Reasons for Change

s174 and s175 HVNL

New South Wales

All networks


Upper Lachlan Shire

Add the following bridge restrictions:  

Closed - Harley Road (Kiamma Creek), Latitude -34.4613 Longitude 149.4758

12 tonne limit - Arthursleigh Road (Sandy Creek), Latitude -34.5620 Longitude 150.0079

12 tonne limit - Bigga Road (Kangaroo Creek), Latitude -34.1020 Longitude 149.1736

2 tonne limit - Blue Hills Road (Monkey Creek), Latitude -34.2555 Longitude 149.7072

6 tonne limit - Cooksvale Road (Peelwood Creek), Latitude -34.0879 Longitude 149.4446

8 tonne limit - Jeffreys Road (Bridgy Creek), Latitude -34.5433 Longitude 149.9816

8 tonne limit - Julong Road (Crookwell River), Latitude -34.3348 Longitude 149.3478

8 tonne limit - Julong Road (Crookwell River), Latitude -34.3247 Longitude 149.2944

4 tonne limit - Kangaloolah Road (Diamond Creek), Latitude -34.2861 Longitude 149.3947

10 tonne limit - Peelwood Road (Peelwood Creek), Latitude -34.1165 Longitude 149.4304

6 tonne limit - Peelwood Road (Unknown), Latitude -34.1144 Longitude 149.4286

6 tonne limit - Reids Flat Road (Coates Creek), Latitude -34.1339 Longitude 149.0639

2 tonne limit - Willcox Road (Clifford's Creek) Latitude -34.3822 Longitude 149.6021

Restrictions and load limits imposed on bridge structures for public safety.