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Published Date 07 Feb 2019


Australian Capital Territory Heavy Vehicle Standards (Bus Bicycle Rack) Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)

1.       Purpose

The purpose of this notice is to exempt a heavy vehicle to which it applies from certain requirements of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation (the National Regulation).

2.       Authorising Provision

This Notice is made under section 61 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (the National Law) as in force in the Australian Capital Territory.

3.       Title

This Notice may be cited as the Australian Capital Territory Heavy Vehicle Standards (Bus Bicycle Rack) Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1).

4.       Commencement

This Notice commences on 10 February 2019.

5.       Expiry

This Notice expires on 9 February 2024.

6.       Definitions

Unless otherwise stated, words and expressions used in this Notice have the same meanings as those defined in the National Law.

In this Notice –

Fleet number means the last three numerals of a bus’s registration number.

Bicycle rack means a rack capable of carrying two bicycles fitted to the front of a bus.

Bike rack bus means a bus operated by ACTION and fitted with a bicycle rack.

7.       Application

(1)    This Notice applies in the Australian Capital Territory only.

(2)    This Notice applies to a Bike rack bus that does not comply with an ADR requirement as mentioned in Section 8 of this notice as a result of the fitment of a bicycle rack.


8.       Exemption from Prescribed Vehicle Standards

A bike rack bus is exempt from Schedule 1, section 2 (1) of the National Regulation insofar as it requires compliance with an Australian Design Rule (ADR) listed in Column two of Table 1, to the extent listed in column four.

Table 1 Exemption from Prescribed Vehicle Standards

Column 1

Column 3

Column 2

Column 4



Component ADR

Requirement exempted


Safety Glazing Material


Glazing requirements in accordance with clause 7.2


Installation of Lighting and Light Signalling Devices


Inward light projection angles in accordance with clauses, 6.1.5, 6.2.5, 6.3.5 and Appendix A


General Safety Requirements


External protrusions in accordance with clauses 11.1.1, 11.1.2 and 11.1.3


Vehicle Configuration and Dimensions


Total length of vehicle in accordance with clause


Vehicle Marking


Visibility of number plate in accordance with clause

9.       Conditions

A vehicle operating under this notice must display the fleet number on the right and left side of the front of the bus beneath the corner of the windscreen.



Geoff Casey

Executive Director Safety Standards & Assurance

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator