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Taxation Administration Act 1953

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Act No. 1 of 1953 as amended, taking into account amendments up to Treasury Laws Amendment (2018 Measures No. 4) Act 2019
An Act to provide for the administration of certain Acts relating to Taxation, and for purposes connected therewith
Administered by: Treasury
General Comments: Sections 18-15, 18-20 and 18-25 of Schedule 1 of this Act have been modified by the operation of the Commissioner’s Remedial Power, click here to see the modification
Registered 21 Mar 2019
Start Date 01 Mar 2019
End Date 12 Mar 2019

Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia

Taxation Administration Act 1953

No. 1, 1953

Compilation No. 160

Compilation date:                              1 March 2019

Includes amendments up to:            Act No. 8, 2019

Registered:                                         21 March 2019

This compilation is in 3 volumes

Volume 1:       sections 1–18

                        Schedule 1 (sections 6‑1 to 97‑35)

Volume 2:       Schedule 1 (sections 105‑1 to 990‑5)

Volume 3:       Endnotes

Each volume has its own contents









This compilation includes retrospective amendments made by Act No. 8, 2019


About this compilation

This compilation

This is a compilation of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 March 2019 (the compilation date).

The notes at the end of this compilation (the endnotes) include information about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law.

Uncommenced amendments

The effect of uncommenced amendments is not shown in the text of the compiled law. Any uncommenced amendments affecting the law are accessible on the Legislation Register (www.legislation.gov.au). The details of amendments made up to, but not commenced at, the compilation date are underlined in the endnotes. For more information on any uncommenced amendments, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law.

Application, saving and transitional provisions for provisions and amendments

If the operation of a provision or amendment of the compiled law is affected by an application, saving or transitional provision that is not included in this compilation, details are included in the endnotes.

Editorial changes

For more information about any editorial changes made in this compilation, see the endnotes.


If the compiled law is modified by another law, the compiled law operates as modified but the modification does not amend the text of the law. Accordingly, this compilation does not show the text of the compiled law as modified. For more information on any modifications, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law.

Self‑repealing provisions

If a provision of the compiled law has been repealed in accordance with a provision of the law, details are included in the endnotes.





Part I—Preliminary                                                                                                              1

1                             Short title                                                                             1

2                             Interpretation                                                                        1

2A                          Application of the Criminal Code                                        3

2B                           Act binds the Crown                                                            3

3                             Application                                                                          4

3AA                       Schedule 1                                                                           4

Part IA—Administration                                                                                                   5

3A                          General administration of Act                                              5

3B                           Annual report                                                                       5

3C                           Reporting of information about corporate tax entity with reported total income of $100 million or more                                                                                             6

3CA                        Reporting of information by significant global entities        8

3E                           Reporting of information about entity with PRRT payable  9

3F                           Reporting of information about junior minerals exploration incentive offset            11

Part II—Commissioner of Taxation, Second Commissioner of Taxation and Deputy Commissioner of Taxation                                                                                                                  12

4                             Commissioner and Second Commissioners of Taxation    12

4A                          Statutory Agency etc. for purposes of Public Service Act 12

5                             Tenure of Commissioner and Second Commissioners      12

5A                          Remuneration and allowances of Commissioner and Second Commissioners         12

6                             Leave of absence                                                                13

6A                          Resignation                                                                        13

6B                           Acting appointments                                                          13

6C                           Suspension and removal from office of Commissioner or Second Commissioner  14

6D                          Powers of Second Commissioner                                      16

7                             Deputy Commissioners of Taxation                                  16

8                             Delegation                                                                          17

Part IIA—The general interest charge                                                                   18

8AAA                    Overview                                                                           18

8AAB                     When the general interest charge applies                            18

8AAC                     Amount of the general interest charge                                23

8AAD                    What is the general interest charge rate?                          24

8AAE                     When the charge is due and payable                                  25

8AAF                     Notification by Commissioner                                           25

8AAG                    Remission of the charge                                                     25

8AAGA                 Rounding of the charge                                                      26

8AAH                    Judgment for payment of an unpaid amount                      26

Part IIB—Running balance accounts, application of payments and credits, and related matters          28

Division 1—Preliminary                                                                                            28

8AAZA                  Definitions                                                                         28

8AAZB                  Trustee to be treated as separate entity for each capacity    30

Division 2—Running Balance Accounts (or RBAs)                                    31

8AAZC                  Establishment of RBAs                                                     31

8AAZD                  Allocation of tax debts to RBAs                                        31

8AAZF                   General interest charge on RBA deficit debt                      32

8AAZG                  RBA statements                                                                 32

8AAZH                  Liability for RBA deficit debt                                            32

8AAZI                    RBA statement to be evidence                                           33

8AAZJ                   Evidentiary certificate about RBA transactions etc.            33

Division 3—Treatment of payments, credits and RBA surpluses       35

8AAZL                   Amounts covered by this Division                                    35

8AAZLA                Method 1—allocating the amount first to an RBA             36

8AAZLB                Method 2—applying the amount first against a non‑RBA tax debt          36

8AAZLC                RBA surplus and related credits must remain equivalent if one or the other is applied            37

8AAZLD                Special priority credits                                                       37

8AAZLE                Instructions to Commissioner not binding                         38

Division 3A—Refunds of RBA surpluses and credits                                39

8AAZLF                Commissioner must refund RBA surpluses and credits    39

8AAZLG                Retaining refunds until information or notification given   40

8AAZLGA             Retaining refunds while Commissioner verifies information 40

8AAZLGB             Retaining refunds until notification under Division 389 or ascertainment of liability               43

8AAZLH                How refunds are made                                                       45

Division 4—Miscellaneous provisions about tax debts                             46

8AAZM                 When payments are treated as received                              46

8AAZMA              Electronic payment of tax debts                                         46

8AAZMB               Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays                            46

8AAZN                  Overpayments made by the Commissioner under taxation laws              47

Part III—Prosecutions and offences                                                                        48

Division 1—Preliminary                                                                                            48

8A                          Interpretation                                                                      48

8AC                        Application of Part to the Tax Agent Services Act 2009     49

Division 2—Offences                                                                                                   50

Subdivision A—Failure to comply with taxation requirements                   50

8B                           Interpretation                                                                      50

8C                           Failure to comply with requirements under taxation law    51

8D                          Failure to answer questions when attending before the Commissioner etc.              52

8E                           Penalties for failure to comply with requirements under taxation law      52

8F                           Election to treat offence otherwise than as prescribed taxation offence    53

8G                          Order to comply with requirement                                     53

8H                          Penalty for failure to comply with order to comply            54

8HA                       Court may order payment of amount in addition to penalty 55

Subdivision B—Offences relating to statements, records and certain other Acts          55

8J                            Interpretation                                                                      55

8K                           False or misleading statements                                           62

8L                           Incorrectly keeping records etc.                                         63

8M                          Penalties for offences against subsections 8K(1) and (1B) and 8L(1) and (1A)      64

8N                          Recklessly making false or misleading statements             65

8Q                          Recklessly incorrectly keeping records etc.                        66

8R                           Penalties for offences against sections 8N and 8Q            66

8S                           Election to treat offence otherwise than as prescribed taxation offence    67

8T                           Incorrectly keeping records with intention of deceiving or misleading etc.              67

8U                          Falsifying or concealing identity with intention of deceiving or misleading etc.       68

8V                          Penalties for offences against sections 8T and 8U             69

8W                          Court may order payment of amount in addition to penalty 69

Subdivision BAA—Offences relating to electronic sales suppression tools 73

8WAA                    Object of this Subdivision                                                 73

8WAB                    Interpretation                                                                      73

8WAC                    Producing or supplying electronic sales suppression tools 74

8WAD                    Possessing electronic sales suppression tools                    75

8WAE                    Incorrectly keeping records using electronic sales suppression tools       75

Subdivision BA—Offences relating to tax file numbers                                76

8WA                       Unauthorised requirement etc. that tax file number be quoted  76

8WB                       Unauthorised recording etc. of tax file number                  77

8WC                       Conducting affairs so as to avoid tax file number requirements               78

Subdivision C—Miscellaneous                                                                              79

8XA                       Unauthorised access to taxation records                            79

8Y                          Liability of officers etc. of corporations                             80

8Z                           Evidentiary certificate relating to previous convictions      81

Division 3—Prosecution of taxation offences                                                83

8ZA                        Prosecution of taxation offences                                        83

8ZB                        Prosecution may be commenced at any time                      84

8ZC                        Place where offence committed                                          84

8ZD                        Conduct by employees or agents of corporations              85

8ZE                         Civil penalty not payable if prosecution instituted              85

8ZF                         Penalties for corporations                                                  86

8ZG                        Enforcement of orders for payment                                   86

8ZH                        Penalties not to relieve from tax                                         87

Division 4—Prescribed taxation offences                                                        88

8ZJ                         Prosecution of prescribed taxation offences                       88

8ZK                        Protection of witnesses                                                      89

8ZL                         Averment                                                                           90

8ZM                       Evidence of authority to institute proceedings                    90

8ZN                        Costs                                                                                  91

Division 5—Service of summons for prescribed taxation offences    92

9                             Interpretation                                                                      92

10                           Service of summons by post                                              92

11                           Notice of conviction in absentia                                        93

12                           Notice of intention to issue warrant in default of payment 93

13                           Limitation of action to enforce payment of fine                  94

13A                        Setting aside of conviction or order                                   94

13B                         Proof of service of summons or notice                              97

13C                         Application of other laws                                                   97

Division 6—Setting aside etc. of conviction or order on application of Commissioner                98

13CA                      Setting aside etc. of conviction or order on application of Commissioner                98

Part IIIA—Co‑operation between Commonwealth and State taxation authorities          100

Division 1—Interpretation                                                                                     100

13D                        Interpretation                                                                    100

Division 2—Trans‑border investigations                                                       102

13E                         State taxation officers may refer matters to Commissioner for investigation            102

13F                         Access to documents etc.                                                 102

13G                        Commissioner may obtain information and evidence       103

Division 4—Certification by State taxation officer of copies of, and extracts from, documents             105

13K                         Certification by State taxation officer of copies of, and extracts from, documents   105

Division 5—Australian Taxation Office may perform functions under State/Territory debits tax laws                                                                                                                    107

13L                         Australian Taxation Office may perform functions under State/Territory debits tax laws        107

Part IVA—Departure from Australia of certain tax debtors                 109

Division 1—Interpretation                                                                                     109

14Q                        Interpretation                                                                    109

Division 2—Prohibition and authorisation of departure of certain tax debtors               110

14R                         Departure from Australia of certain tax debtors prohibited 110

14S                         Departure prohibition orders                                            110

14T                         Revocation and variation of departure prohibition orders 111

14U                        Departure authorisation certificates                                  113

Division 3—Appeals from, and review of, decisions of the Commissioner          115

14V                        Appeals to courts against making of departure prohibition orders           115

14W                        Jurisdiction of courts                                                       115

14X                        Orders of court on appeal                                                115

14Y                        Applications for review of certain decisions                    116

Division 4—Enforcement                                                                                        117

14Z                         Powers of authorised officers                                          117

14ZA                      Certain tax debtors to produce authority to depart etc.     118

Part IVC—Taxation objections, reviews and appeals                                 119

Division 1—Introduction                                                                                        119

14ZL                       Part applies to taxation objections                                    119

14ZM                     Division 2—Interpretive                                                  119

14ZN                      Division 3—Taxation objections                                     119

14ZO                      Division 4—Tribunal review                                           119

14ZP                       Division 5—Federal Court appeals                                  119

Division 2—Interpretive provisions                                                                  120

14ZQ                      General interpretation provisions                                     120

14ZR                      Taxation decisions covered by single notice to be treated as single decision            121

14ZS                       Ineligible income tax remission decisions                        122

Division 3—Taxation objections                                                                         123

14ZU                      How taxation objections are to be made                           123

14ZV                      Limited objection rights in the case of certain amended taxation decisions               123

14ZVA                   Limited objection rights because of other objections        123

14ZVB                   Objections relating to excess concessional contributions 124

14ZVC                   Objections relating to non‑concessional contributions     125

14ZW                     When taxation objections are to be made                         126

14ZX                      Commissioner to consider applications for extension of time  132

14ZY                      Commissioner to decide taxation objections                    132

14ZYA                   Person may require Commissioner to make an objection decision           133

14ZYB                   Requiring Commissioner to make a private ruling           134

14ZZ                       Person may seek review of, or appeal against, Commissioner’s decision                134

Division 4—AAT review of objection decisions and extension of time refusal decisions             136

14ZZA                    Modified AAT Act to apply                                            136

14ZZB                    Sections 27, 28, 41 and 44A of the AAT Act not to apply to certain decisions       136

14ZZC                    Modification of section 29 of the AAT Act                     136

14ZZD                    Modification of section 30 of the AAT Act                     137

14ZZE                    Hearings before Tribunal to be held in private if applicant so requests    137

14ZZF                    Modification of section 37 of the AAT Act                     137

14ZZG                    Modification of section 38 of the AAT Act                     138

14ZZJ                     Modification of section 43 of the AAT Act                     139

14ZZK                    Grounds of objection and burden of proof                      139

14ZZL                    Implementation of Tribunal decisions                              140

14ZZM                   Pending review not to affect implementation of taxation decisions          140

Division 5—Court appeals against objection decisions                          141

14ZZN                    Time limit for appeals                                                      141

14ZZO                    Grounds of objection and burden of proof                      141

14ZZP                    Order of court on objection decision                                141

14ZZQ                    Implementation of court order in respect of objection decision                141

14ZZR                    Pending appeal not to affect implementation of taxation decisions           142

14ZZS                    Transfer of certain proceedings to Family Court              142

Part V—Miscellaneous                                                                                                    145

15                           Appearance by Commissioner etc.                                   145

15A                        Certification by Commissioner of copies of, and extracts from, documents             146

15B                         Recoverable advances                                                      148

15C                         Recoverable payments                                                     149

15D                        Reports about recoverable advances and recoverable payments               151

16                           Payments out of Consolidated Revenue Fund                 153

16A                        Regulations may provide for methods of payment of tax liabilities etc.    154

16B                         Certain liabilities to be reduced to nearest multiple of 5 cents   155

17                           Powers of taxation officers in relation to references to currency etc.        155

17A                        Powers of Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court in respect of taxation matters   156

18                           Regulations                                                                      157

Schedule 1—Collection and recovery of income tax and other liabilities               158

Chapter 2—Collection, recovery and administration of income tax  158

Part 2‑1—Introduction to the Pay as you go (PAYG) system            158

Division 6Guide to Parts 2‑5 and 2‑10                                                          158

6‑1                          What Parts 2‑5 and 2‑10 are about                                   158

6‑5                          The Pay as you go (PAYG) system                                158

6‑10                        How the amounts collected are dealt with                        159

Part 2‑5—Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding                                           160

Division 10Guide to Part 2‑5                                                                           160

10‑1                        What this Part is about                                                     160

10‑5                        Summary of withholding payments                                 160

Division 11—Preliminary matters                                                                    163

11‑1                        Object of this Part                                                            163

11‑5                        Constructive payment                                                      163

Division 12—Payments from which amounts must be withheld                 165

Subdivision 12‑A—General rules                                                                       165

12‑1                        General exceptions                                                           165

12‑5                        What to do if more than one provision requires a withholding 167

12‑7                        Division does not apply to alienated personal services payments             168

12‑10                      Division does not apply to non‑cash benefits                  169

12‑20                      Application of Division and regulations to non‑share dividends              169

Subdivision 12‑B—Payments for work and services                                    169

12‑35                      Payment to employee                                                       170

12‑40                      Payment to company director                                           170

12‑45                      Payment to office holder                                                  170

12‑47                      Payment to religious practitioners                                    171

12‑50                      Return to work payment                                                  171

12‑55                      Voluntary agreement to withhold                                     171

12‑60                      Payment under labour hire arrangement, or specified by regulations       172

Subdivision 12‑C—Payments for retirement or because of termination of employment            173

12‑80                      Superannuation income streams and annuities                 173

12‑85                      Superannuation lump sums and payments for termination of employment              173

12‑90                      Unused leave payments                                                   174

Subdivision 12‑D—Benefit and compensation payments                             174

12‑110                    Social Security or other benefit payment                          174

12‑115                    Commonwealth education or training payment                175

12‑120                    Compensation, sickness or accident payment                  175

Subdivision 12‑E—Payments where TFN or ABN not quoted                    175

Payment in respect of investment                                                                       176

12‑140                    Recipient does not quote tax file number                         176

12‑145                    Investor becoming presently entitled to income of a unit trust  177

12‑150                    Limited application of section 12‑140 to payment under financial arrangement       177

12‑155                    When investor may quote ABN as alternative                 178

12‑160                    Investment body unaware that exemption from quoting TFN has stopped applying                179

12‑165                    Exception for fully franked dividend                               179

12‑170                    Exception for payments below thresholds set by regulations 179

Payment of income of closely held trust where TFN not quoted                180

12‑175                    Trustee distributes income of closely held trust               180

12‑180                    Beneficiary becomes presently entitled to income of closely held trust    182

12‑185                    Exception for payments below thresholds set by regulations 183

Payment for a supply                                                                                            183

12‑190                    Recipient does not quote ABN                                        183

Subdivision 12‑F—Dividend, interest and royalty payments                      186

Dividends           187

12‑210                    Dividend payment to overseas person                             187

12‑215                    Dividend payment received for foreign resident              188

12‑220                    Application to part of a dividend                                      188

12‑225                    Application to distribution by a liquidator or other person 188

Interest               189

12‑245                    Interest payment to overseas person                                189

12‑250                    Interest payment received for foreign resident                 189

12‑255                    Interest payment derived by lender in carrying on business through overseas permanent establishment 190

12‑260                    Lender to notify borrower if interest derived through overseas permanent establishment        190

Royalties            191

12‑280                    Royalty payment to overseas person                                191

12‑285                    Royalty payment received for foreign resident                 191

General              192

12‑300                    Limits on amount withheld under this Subdivision          192

Subdivision 12‑FA—Departing Australia superannuation payments       192

12‑305                    Departing Australia superannuation payment                  193

12‑310                    Limits on amount withheld under this Subdivision          193

Subdivision 12‑FAA—Excess untaxed roll‑over amount                             193

12‑312                    Untaxed roll‑over superannuation benefits                      193

12‑313                    Limits on amount withheld under this Subdivision          193

Subdivision 12‑FB—Payments to foreign residents etc.                               194

12‑315                    Payment to foreign resident etc.                                       194

12‑317                    Payment received for foreign resident etc.                       195

12‑319                    Exemptions from withholding obligations under this Subdivision           197

Subdivision 12‑FC—Seasonal Labour Mobility Program                          198

12‑319A                 Payment to employee                                                       198

Subdivision 12‑G—Payments in respect of mining on Aboriginal land, and natural resources                198

Mining on Aboriginal land                                                                                  199

12‑320                    Mining payment                                                               199

Natural resources                                                                                                   199

12‑325                    Natural resource payment                                                199

12‑330                    Payer must ask Commissioner how much to withhold    200

12‑335                    Commissioner may exempt from section 12‑330, subject to conditions   200

Subdivision 12‑H—Distributions of withholding MIT income                   201

Guide to Subdivision 12‑H                                                                                   201

12‑375                    What this Subdivision is about                                        201

Operative provisions                                                                                             202

12‑383                    Meaning of withholding MIT                                           202

12‑385                    Withholding by withholding MITs                                  203

12‑390                    Withholding by custodians and other entities                   205

12‑395                    Requirement to give notice or make information available 209

12‑405                    Meaning of fund payment—general case                         211

12‑410                    Entity to whom payment is made                                     213

12‑415                    Failure to give notice or make information available: administrative penalty            213

12‑420                    Agency rules                                                                    214

12‑425                    Meaning of clean building managed investment trust     214

12‑430                    Meaning of clean building                                               215

Subdivision 12‑J—FHSS released amounts                                                     216

12‑460                    FHSS released amounts                                                   216

Division 12A—Distributions by AMITs (including deemed payments)    217

Guide to Division 12A                                                                                           217

12A‑1                     What this Division is about                                              217

Subdivision 12A‑A—Distributions by AMITs relating to dividend, interest and royalties          218

Guide to Subdivision 12A‑A                                                                                 218

12A‑5                     What this Subdivision is about                                        218

Operative provisions                                                                                             218

12A‑10                   Deemed payments—no obligation to withhold under Subdivision 12‑F (dividend, interest and royalty payments)                                                                        218

12A‑15                   Dividend, interest or royalty payments relating to AMIT—requirement to give notice or make information available                                                                           219

12A‑20                   Failure to give notice or make information available under section 12A‑15: administrative penalty         222

12A‑25                   Meaning of AMIT DIR payment                                      222

12A‑30                   Meaning of AMIT dividend payment                               223

12A‑35                   Meaning of AMIT interest payment                                 224

12A‑40                   Meaning of AMIT royalty payment                                  225

Subdivision 12A‑B—Distributions by AMITs relating to Subdivision 12‑H fund payments       226

Guide to Subdivision 12A‑B                                                                                 226

12A‑100                 What this Subdivision is about                                        226

Operative provisions                                                                                             226

12A‑105                 Deemed payments—no obligation to withhold under Subdivision 12‑H 226

12A‑110                 Meaning of fund payment—AMITs                                227

Subdivision 12A‑C—Deemed payments by AMITs etc.                                230

Guide to Subdivision 12A‑C                                                                                 230

12A‑200                 What this Subdivision is about                                        230

Operative provisions                                                                                             231

12A‑205                 Issue of AMMA statement etc. deemed to be payment    231

12A‑210                 Post‑AMMA actual payment and pre‑AMMA actual payment in respect of deemed payment  233

12A‑215                 AMIT payment to the Commissioner in respect of deemed payments to offshore entities etc. 234

12A‑220                 Custodian payment to the Commissioner in respect of deemed payments to offshore entities etc.           236

Division 13—Alienated personal services payments                                     239

13‑1                        Object of this Division                                                     239

13‑5                        Payment to the Commissioner in respect of alienated personal services payments   239

13‑10                      Alienated personal services payments                              242

13‑15                      Personal services payment remitters                                243

13‑20                      Time for payments to Commissioner for alienated personal services payments made during 2000‑01    244

Division 14—Benefits, gains and taxable supplies for which amounts must be paid to the Commissioner             245

Subdivision 14‑A—Non‑cash benefits                                                               245

14‑1                        Object of this Subdivision                                               245

14‑5                        Provider of non‑cash benefit must pay amount to the Commissioner if payment would be subject to withholding                                                                      245

14‑10                      Dividend, interest or royalty received, for a foreign resident, in the form of a non‑cash benefit              246

14‑15                      Payer can recover amount paid to the Commissioner       247

Subdivision 14‑B—Accruing gains                                                                    247

14‑50                      Object of this Subdivision                                               247

14‑55                      Liability for TFN withholding tax                                    248

14‑60                      Investment body may recover TFN withholding tax from investor          249

14‑65                      Application of rules in Division 18                                  249

14‑75                      Overpayment of TFN withholding tax                             250

14‑85                      Other laws do not exempt from TFN withholding tax     250

Subdivision 14‑C—Shares and rights under employee share schemes     251

14‑155                    Liability for TFN withholding tax (ESS)                         251

14‑160                    Employer may give individual tax file numbers to provider 252

14‑165                    Provider may recover TFN withholding tax (ESS) from individual         252

14‑170                    Application of rules in Division 18                                  253

14‑175                    Overpayment of TFN withholding tax (ESS)                  253

14‑180                    Application of certain provisions of Division 83A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997  253

Subdivision 14‑D—Capital proceeds involving foreign residents and taxable Australian property        254

14‑200                    Certain acquisitions of taxable Australian property from foreign residents              254

14‑205                    Effect of look‑through earnout rights                               255

14‑210                    Whether an entity is a relevant foreign resident                256

14‑215                    Excluded transactions                                                      258

14‑220                    Commissioner clearance certificates                                 260

14‑225                    Entity declarations                                                            260

14‑230                    Administrative penalties for false or misleading declarations 261

14‑235                    Varying amounts to be paid to the Commissioner           262

Subdivision 14‑E—GST payable on taxable supplies of certain real property              263

14‑250                    Recipients of certain taxable supplies of real property must pay amounts to Commissioner    264

14‑255                    Notification by suppliers of residential premises etc.       266

Division 15—Working out the amount to withhold                                       269

Guide to Division 15                                                                                              269

15‑1                        What this Division is about                                              269

Subdivision 15‑A—Working out how much to withhold                              269

15‑10                      How much to withhold                                                    270

15‑15                      Variation of amounts required to be withheld                  270

Subdivision 15‑B—Withholding schedules and regulations                        271

15‑25                      Commissioner’s power to make withholding schedules  271

15‑30                      Matters to be considered when making withholding schedules                272

15‑35                      Regulations about withholding                                        273

Subdivision 15‑C—Declarations                                                                        274

15‑50                      Declarations                                                                     274

Division 16—Payer’s obligations and rights                                                   276

Guide to Division 16                                                                                              276

16‑1                        What this Division is about                                              276

Subdivision 16‑A—To withhold                                                                          276

When to withhold                                                                                                    277

16‑5                        When to withhold an amount                                           277

16‑7                        Treat entity obliged to pay under Subdivision 12A‑C as having withheld amount under Division 12     277

16‑20                      Payer discharged from liability to recipient for amount withheld             278

Penalties for not withholding                                                                              278

16‑25                      Failure to withhold: offence                                             278

16‑30                      Failure to withhold: administrative penalty for entity other than exempt Australian government agency 279

16‑35                      Failure to withhold: administrative penalty for exempt Australian government agency in relation to payment other than dividend, interest or royalty                             280

16‑40                      Failure to withhold: administrative penalty for exempt Australian government agency in relation to dividend, interest or royalty payment                                               281

16‑43                      Failure to withhold: administrative penalty for exempt Australian government agency in relation to payment to foreign resident etc.                                                          281

Subdivision 16‑B—To pay withheld amounts to the Commissioner         282

When and how to pay amounts to the Commissioner                                    282

16‑70                      Entity to pay amounts to Commissioner                          282

16‑75                      When amounts must be paid to Commissioner                283

16‑80                      Penalty for failure to pay within time                               285

16‑85                      How amounts are to be paid                                            285

Who is a large, medium or small withholder                                                  286

16‑95                      Meaning of large withholder                                           286

16‑100                    Meaning of medium withholder                                       287

16‑105                    Meaning of small withholder                                           287

16‑110                    Commissioner may vary withholder’s status downwards 287

16‑115                    Commissioner may vary withholder’s status upwards    288

Subdivision 16‑BA—To be registered                                                               289

Registration of withholders                                                                                 290

16‑140                    Withholders must be registered                                        290

16‑141                    Registration and cancellation                                            291

Branch registration                                                                                               291

16‑142                    Branches may be registered                                             291

16‑143                    Separate amounts for entities and branches                      292

16‑144                    Cancellation of branch registration                                   292

16‑145                    Effect on branches of cancelling the entity’s registration 292

Registration of employers of working holiday makers                                293

16‑146                    Employers of working holiday makers must be registered 293

16‑147                    Registering employers of working holiday makers          293

16‑148                    Cancelling the registration of employers of working holiday makers       295

Subdivision 16‑C—To provide information                                                   297

To the Commissioner                                                                                            297

16‑150                    Commissioner must be notified of amounts                     297

16‑152                    Annual reports—Withholding payments covered by section 12‑175       298

16‑153                    Annual reports—other payments                                     299

To recipients of withholding payments                                                             302

16‑155                    Annual payment summary                                               302

16‑156                    Annual payment summary for sections 12‑175 and 12‑180 304

16‑157                    Payment summary for Subdivision 12‑H                        304

16‑160                    Part‑year payment summary                                            305

16‑165                    Payment summaries for superannuation lump sums and payments for termination of employment         306

16‑166                    Payment summary for a departing Australia superannuation payment     307

16‑167                    Payment summary for payment to recipient who does not quote ABN    307

16‑170                    Form and content of payment summary                           308

16‑175                    Penalty for not providing payment summary                   309

16‑180                    Commissioner may exempt entity from giving payment summary           310

16‑182                    Definition of reportable employer superannuation contribution             310

Subdivision 16‑D—Additional rights and obligations of entity that makes a payment                311

16‑195                    Payer’s right to recover amounts of penalty: certain withholding taxes    311

Division 18—Recipient’s entitlements and obligations                                 313

Subdivision 18‑A—Crediting withheld amounts                                            313

Guide to Subdivision 18‑A                                                                                    313

18‑1                        What this Subdivision is about                                        313

General exception                                                                                                  315

18‑5                        No credit for refunded amount                                         315

Entitlement to credits: income tax liability                                                     315

18‑10                      Application of sections 18‑15, 18‑20 and 18‑25              315

18‑15                      Tax credit for recipient of withholding payments             316

18‑20                      Tax credit where recipient is a partnership                       316

18‑25                      Tax credit where recipient is a trust                                  317

18‑27                      Tax credit for alienated personal services payments         319

Entitlement to credits: dividend, interest or royalty, amount attributable to fund payment or Seasonal Labour Mobility Program                                                                    319

18‑30                      Credit: dividend, interest or royalty                                  319

18‑32                      Credit: amount attributable to fund payment                    320

18‑33                      Credit: Seasonal Labour Mobility Program                     321

18‑35                      Credit: penalty under section 12‑415, 16‑30, 16‑35 or 16‑40 or related general interest charge               321

18‑40                      Credit: liability under Part 4‑25                                        323

Entitlement to credit: departing Australia superannuation payment       325

18‑42                      Credit—departing Australia superannuation payment      325

Entitlement to credit: mining payment                                                             326

18‑45                      Credit—mining payment                                                  326

Entitlement to credit: Petroleum resource rent tax                                       327

18‑55                      Credit—Natural resource payments                                 327

Entitlement to credit: taxable supply of real property                                 327

18‑60                      Credit—payment relating to taxable supply of real property 327

Subdivision 18‑B—Refund of certain withheld amounts                             328

18‑65                      Refund of withheld amounts by the payer to the recipient 328

18‑70                      Refund of withheld amounts by the Commissioner to the recipient         331

18‑80                      Refund by Commissioner of amount withheld from payment in respect of investment           333

18‑85                      Refund by Commissioner of amount withheld from payment in respect of taxable supply of real property                                                                                         334

Subdivision 18‑C—Recipient’s obligations                                                      334

18‑100                    Obligation to keep payment summary                              334

Subdivision 18‑D—Directors etc. of non‑complying companies                335

Object of Subdivision                                                                                            336

18‑120                    Object of Subdivision                                                      336

PAYG withholding non‑compliance tax                                                           336

18‑125                    Directors of non‑complying companies                           336

18‑130                    Directors of non‑complying companies—tax reduced in certain circumstances       338

18‑135                    Associates of directors of non‑complying companies      339

18‑140                    Notices                                                                             343

18‑145                    When PAYG withholding non‑compliance tax must be paid   344

18‑150                    General interest charge payable on unpaid PAYG withholding non‑compliance tax               345

18‑155                    Validity of decisions and evidence                                   345

18‑160                    Rights of indemnity and contribution                               346

Credits for later compliance                                                                               347

18‑165                    Credits for later compliance—scope                                347

18‑170                    Credits for later compliance—Commissioner must give notice in certain circumstances          347

18‑175                    Credits for later compliance—Commissioner may give notice 349

18‑180                    Effect of earlier credits                                                     350

Other provisions                                                                                                     351

18‑185                    When Commissioner may give notice                              351

18‑190                    Review of decisions                                                         352

Division 20—Other matters                                                                                 353

Subdivision 20‑B—Offences                                                                                353

20‑35                      Offences                                                                          353

20‑40                      Joining of charges                                                            354

20‑45                      Offences that would otherwise be committed by a partnership or unincorporated company    355

Subdivision 20‑D—Review of decisions                                                            356

20‑80                      Reviewable decisions                                                       356

Division 21—Entitlements relating to insolvent ADIs and general insurers 358

Guide to Division 21                                                                                              358

21‑1                        What this Division is about                                              358

Subdivision 21‑A—Treatment of some payments by APRA                       358

21‑5                        APRA treated like ADI or general insurance company   358

Part 2‑10—Pay as you go (PAYG) instalments                                          360

Division 45—Instalment payments                                                                    360

Guide to Division 45                                                                                              361

45‑1                        What this Division is about                                              361

Subdivision 45‑A—Basic rules                                                                            362

45‑5                        Object of this Part                                                            362

45‑10                      Application of Part                                                           364

45‑15                      Liability for instalments                                                   364

45‑20                      Information to be given to the Commissioner by certain payers               365

45‑25                      Penalty for failure to notify Commissioner                      365

45‑30                      Credit for instalments payable                                          366

Subdivision 45‑B—When instalments are due                                                367

45‑50                      Liability to pay instalments                                              367

45‑60                      Meaning of instalment quarter                                        368

45‑61                      When quarterly instalments are due—payers of quarterly instalments     368

45‑65                      Meaning of instalment month                                          369

45‑67                      When monthly instalments are due—payers of monthly instalments       370

45‑70                      When annual instalments are due                                     370

45‑72                      Means of payment of instalment                                      371

45‑75                      Instalments recoverable in same way as income tax         371

45‑80                      General interest charge on late payment                           371

45‑90                      Commissioner may withdraw instalment rate                  371

Subdivision 45‑C—Working out instalment amounts                                   372

45‑110                    How to work out amount of quarterly instalment on instalment income basis         372

45‑112                    Amount of instalment for quarterly payer who pays on basis of GDP‑adjusted notional tax   373

45‑114                    How to work out amount of monthly instalment             374

45‑115                    How to work out amount of annual instalment                375

45‑120                    Meaning of instalment income                                         376

Subdivision 45‑D—Quarterly payers                                                                380

45‑125                    Quarterly payer who pays instalments on the basis of instalment income                380

45‑130                    Quarterly payer who pays on the basis of GDP‑adjusted notional tax     382

45‑132                    Quarterly payer who pays 4 instalments annually on the basis of GDP‑adjusted notional tax 384

45‑134                    Quarterly payer who pays 2 instalments annually on the basis of GDP‑adjusted notional tax 385

Subdivision 45‑DA—Monthly payers                                                                386

45‑136                    Monthly payer                                                                 386

45‑138                    Monthly payer requirement                                              387

Subdivision 45‑E—Annual payers                                                                     389

When you start and stop being an annual payer                                            389

45‑140                    Choosing to pay annual instalments                                 389

45‑145                    Meaning of instalment group                                          391

45‑150                    Entity stops being annual payer if involved with GST registration or instalment group           391

45‑155                    Entity stops being annual payer if notional tax is $8,000 or more, or entity chooses to pay quarterly      392

45‑160                    Head company of a consolidated group stops being annual payer           393

Subdivision 45‑F—Varying the instalment rate for quarterly or monthly payers who pay on the basis of instalment income                                                                                         394

45‑200                    Application                                                                      394

45‑205                    Choosing a varied instalment rate                                    394

45‑210                    Notifying Commissioner of varied instalment rate           395

45‑215                    Credit on using varied rate in certain cases                      395

Subdivision 45‑G—General interest charge payable in certain cases if instalments are too low              397

45‑225                    Effect of Subdivision in relation to monthly payers         397

45‑230                    Liability to GIC on shortfall in quarterly instalment worked out on the basis of varied rate     397

45‑232                    Liability to GIC on shortfall in quarterly instalment worked out on the basis of estimated benchmark tax                                                                                         399

45‑233                    Reduction in GIC liability under section 45‑232 if shortfall is made up in later instalment      408

45‑235                    Liability to GIC on shortfall in annual instalment            409

45‑240                    Commissioner may remit general interest charge             411

Subdivision 45‑H—Partnership income                                                           411

45‑260                    Instalment income for a period in which you are in a partnership            411

Subdivision 45‑I—Trust income included in instalment income of beneficiary            412

45‑280                    Instalment income for a period in which you are a beneficiary of a trust  412

45‑285                    Instalment income includes distributions by certain resident unit trusts   415

45‑286                    Instalment income includes distributions by certain managed investment trusts       416

45‑287                    When trusts are disqualified due to concentrated ownership 417

45‑288                    Resident investment trusts for beneficiaries who are absolutely entitled  419

45‑290                    Exceptions to exclusion of trust capital gains from beneficiary’s instalment income                419

Subdivision 45‑J—How Commissioner works out your instalment rate and notional tax          420

45‑320                    Working out instalment rate                                             420

45‑325                    Working out your notional tax                                         421

45‑330                    Working out your adjusted taxable income                     422

45‑335                    Working out your adjusted withholding income              425

45‑340                    Adjusted tax on adjusted taxable income or on adjusted withholding income           425

Subdivision 45‑K—How Commissioner works out your benchmark instalment rate and benchmark tax             428

45‑355                    When Commissioner works out benchmark instalment rate and benchmark tax      428

45‑360                    How Commissioner works out benchmark instalment rate 428

45‑365                    Working out your benchmark tax                                    429

45‑370                    Working out your adjusted assessed taxable income for the variation year             430

45‑375                    Adjusted assessed tax on adjusted assessed taxable income 431

Subdivision 45‑L—How Commissioner works out amount of quarterly instalment on basis of GDP‑adjusted notional tax                                                                                                 433

45‑400                    Working out amount of instalment—payers of 4 quarterly instalments    433

45‑402                    Working out amount of instalment—payers of 2 quarterly instalments    435

45‑405                    Working out your GDP‑adjusted notional tax                 437

Subdivision 45‑M—How amount of quarterly instalment is worked out on basis of your estimate of your benchmark tax                                                                                                 438

45‑410                    Working out amount of instalment—payers of 4 quarterly instalments    439

45‑412                    Working out amount of instalment—payers of 2 quarterly instalments    440

45‑415                    Estimating your benchmark tax                                        442

45‑420                    Credit in certain cases where amount of instalment is nil 443

Subdivision 45‑N—How this Part applies to the trustee of a trust             444

Trustees to whom this Part applies                                                                    444

45‑450                    Trustees to whom a single instalment rate is given          444

45‑455                    Trustees to whom several instalment rates are given        445

45‑460                    Rest of Subdivision applies only to multi‑rate trustees    446

45‑465                    Meaning of instalment income                                         446

45‑468                    Multi‑rate trustee may pay quarterly instalments              447

How Commissioner works out instalment rate and notional tax for a multi‑rate trustee            447

45‑470                    Working out instalment rate                                             447

45‑473                    Commissioner must notify you of notional tax                448

45‑475                    Working out your notional tax                                         448

45‑480                    Working out your adjusted taxable income                     449

45‑483                    Meaning of reduced beneficiary’s share and reduced no beneficiary’s share         449

45‑485                    Working out your adjusted withholding income              450

How Commissioner works out benchmark instalment rate and benchmark tax for a multi‑rate trustee                451

45‑525                    When Commissioner works out benchmark instalment rate and benchmark tax      451

45‑530                    How Commissioner works out benchmark instalment rate 451

45‑535                    Working out your benchmark tax                                    452

Subdivision 45‑P—Anti‑avoidance rules                                                          452

45‑595                    Object of this Subdivision                                               453

45‑597                    Effect of Subdivision in relation to instalment months     453

45‑600                    General interest charge on tax benefit relating to instalments 453

45‑605                    When do you get a tax benefit from a scheme?                455

45‑610                    What is your tax position for an income year?                 456

45‑615                    What is your hypothetical tax position for an income year? 458

45‑620                    Amount on which GIC is payable, and period for which it is payable     458

45‑625                    Credit if you also got a tax detriment from the scheme    459

45‑630                    When do you get a tax detriment from a scheme?            460

45‑635                    No tax benefit or detriment results from choice for which income tax law expressly provides                461

45‑640                    Commissioner may remit general interest charge in special cases            463

Subdivision 45‑Q—General rules for consolidated groups                         463

Guide to Subdivision 45‑Q                                                                                   463

45‑700                    What this Subdivision is about                                        463

Application of Subdivision                                                                                   464

45‑703                    Effect of this Subdivision and Subdivision 45‑R in relation to monthly payers       464

45‑705                    Application of Subdivision to head company                  465

Usual operation of this Part for consolidated group members                  469

45‑710                    Single entity rule                                                              469

45‑715                    When instalments are due—modification of section 45‑61 470

45‑720                    Head company cannot be an annual payer—modification of section 45‑140           470

Membership changes                                                                                             470

45‑740                    Change of head company                                                 470

45‑755                    Entry rule (for an entity that becomes a subsidiary member of a consolidated group)              473

45‑760                    Exit rule (for an entity that ceases to be a subsidiary member of a consolidated group)           474

45‑775                    Commissioner’s power to work out different instalment rate or GDP‑adjusted notional tax   476

Subdivision 45‑R—Special rules for consolidated groups                           478

Guide to Subdivision 45‑R                                                                                    478

45‑850                    What this Subdivision is about                                        478

Operative provisions                                                                                             479

45‑855                    Section 701‑1 disregarded for certain purposes               479

45‑860                    Member having a different instalment period                   479

45‑865                    Credit rule                                                                        480

45‑870                    Head company’s liability to GIC on shortfall in quarterly instalment       482

45‑875                    Other rules about the general interest charge                    485

45‑880                    Continued application of Subdivision 45‑Q to the head company of an acquired group          486

45‑885                    Early application of Subdivision 45‑Q to the head company of a new group           488

Subdivision 45‑S—MEC groups                                                                         489

Guide to Subdivision 45‑S                                                                                    489

45‑900                    What this Subdivision is about                                        489

Preliminary      490

45‑905                    Objects of Subdivision                                                    490

General modification rules                                                                                  491

45‑910                    Extended operation of Part to cover MEC groups           491

Extended operation of Subdivision 45‑Q                                                         492

45‑913                    Sections 45‑705 and 45‑740 do not apply to members of MEC groups  492

45‑915                    Application of Subdivision 45‑Q to provisional head company               492

45‑917                    Assumption for applying section 45‑710 (single entity rule) 496

45‑920                    Change of provisional head company                              496

45‑922                    Life insurance company                                                   499

Extended operation of Subdivision 45‑R                                                          500

45‑925                    Additional modifications of sections 45‑855 and 45‑860 500

45‑930                    Modifications of sections 45‑865 and 45‑870 and a related provision     500

45‑935                    Additional modifications of section 45‑885                     501

Part 2‑15—Returns and assessments                                                               502

Division 70Tax receipts                                                                                    502

Guide to Division 70                                                                                              502

70‑1                        What this Division is about                                              502

Subdivision 70‑A—Tax receipts                                                                         502

70‑5                        Tax receipt to be provided to certain individual taxpayers 503

Part 2‑30—Collecting Medicare levy with income tax                           505

Division 90Medicare levy and Medicare levy surcharge                        505

Subdivision 90‑A—Treatment like income tax                                               505

90‑1                        Laws apply in relation to Medicare levy and Medicare levy surcharge as they apply in relation to income tax                                                                                         505

Part 2‑35—Excess superannuation contributions                                     506

Division 95—Excess concessional contributions charge                              506

Guide to Division 95                                                                                              506

95‑1                        What this Division is about                                              506

Subdivision 95‑A—Object of Division                                                              506

95‑5                        Object of Division                                                           506

Subdivision 95‑B—Excess concessional contributions charge                   507

95‑10                      Liability to excess concessional contributions charge      507

95‑15                      Amount of excess concessional contributions charge      508

95‑20                      When excess concessional contributions charge is due and payable        508

95‑25                      General interest charge                                                     509

Division 97—Excess contributions determinations                                       510

Subdivision 97‑A—Excess concessional contributions determinations    510

Guide to Subdivision 97‑A                                                                                    510

97‑1                        What this Subdivision is about                                        510

Operative provisions                                                                                             510

97‑5                        Determination of excess concessional contributions and charge              510

97‑10                      Review                                                                             511

Subdivision 97‑B—Excess non‑concessional contributions determinations 511

Guide to Subdivision 97‑B                                                                                    511

97‑20                      What this Subdivision is about                                        511

Operative provisions                                                                                             512

97‑25                      Excess non‑concessional contributions determinations    512

97‑30                      Associated earnings                                                         512

97‑35                      Review                                                                             513

An Act to provide for the administration of certain Acts relating to Taxation, and for purposes connected therewith

Part IPreliminary


1  Short title

                   This Act may be cited as the Taxation Administration Act 1953.

2  Interpretation

             (1)  In this Act (except Schedule 1), unless the contrary intention appears:

approved form has the meaning given by Schedule 1.

ASIO means the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

assessable amount has the meaning given by subsection 155‑5(2) in Schedule 1.

Australia, when used in a geographical sense, has the same meaning as in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Commissioner means the Commissioner of Taxation.

Deputy Commissioner means any Deputy Commissioner of Taxation.

Director‑General of Security means the Director‑General of Security holding office under the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979.

engage in conduct means:

                     (a)  do an act; or

                     (b)  omit to perform an act.

excess concessional contributions determination has the same meaning as in subsection 995‑1(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

excise law has the meaning given by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

exempt Australian government agency has the meaning given by subsection 995‑1(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

failure to notify penalty means the penalty worked out under Division 2 of Part IIA.

fuel tax law has the meaning given by the Fuel Tax Act 2006.

general interest charge means the charge worked out under Part IIA.

Immigration Department has the meaning given by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Immigration Secretary has the meaning given by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

indirect tax law has the meaning given by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

ineligible income tax remission decision has the meaning given by section 14ZS.

late reconciliation statement penalty means the penalty worked out under Division 3 of Part IIA.

migration officer means:

                     (a)  the Immigration Secretary; or

                     (b)  an employee of the Immigration Department.

objection decision has the meaning given by subsection 14ZY(2).

officer means a person appointed or engaged under the Public Service Act 1999.

private indirect tax ruling means a private ruling, to the extent that it relates to an indirect tax law (other than the fuel tax law).

private ruling has the meaning given by section 359‑5 in Schedule 1.

registered tax agent or BAS agent has the same meaning as in the Tax Agent Services Act 2009.

Second Commissioner means a Second Commissioner of Taxation.

taxation law has the meaning given by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Note:          See also subsection (2).

tax liability means a liability to the Commonwealth arising under, or by virtue of, a taxation law.

Tribunal means the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

             (2)  Despite the definition of taxation law in subsection (1), an Excise Act (as defined in subsection 4(1) of the Excise Act 1901) is not a taxation law for the purposes of Part III of this Act.

2A  Application of the Criminal Code

                   Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code applies to all offences against this Act.

Note:          Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code sets out the general principles of criminal responsibility.

2B  Act binds the Crown

                   This Act binds the Crown in each of its capacities. However, it does not make the Crown liable to a pecuniary penalty or to be prosecuted for an offence.

3  Application

                   This Act extends to every external Territory referred to in the definition of Australia.

3AA  Schedule 1

             (1)  Schedule 1 has effect.

Definitions in Schedule 1 do not apply to rest of Act

          (1A)  So far as a provision in Schedule 1 gives an expression a particular meaning, the provision does not also have effect for the purposes of this Act (other than Schedule 1), except as provided in this Act (other than Schedule 1).

Application of interpretation provisions of Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

             (2)  An expression has the same meaning in Schedule 1 as in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

             (3)  Division 950 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (which contains rules for interpreting that Act) applies to Schedule 1 to this Act as if the provisions in that Schedule were provisions of that Act.

Part IAAdministration


3A  General administration of Act

                   The Commissioner has the general administration of this Act.

Note:          An effect of this provision is that people who acquire information under this Act are subject to the confidentiality obligations and exceptions in Division 355 in Schedule 1.

3B  Annual report

             (1)  The Commissioner shall, as soon as practicable after 30 June in each year, prepare and furnish to the Minister a report on the working of this Act.

       (1AA)  A report under subsection (1) in relation to a year ending on 30 June shall:

                     (b)  set out:

                              (i)  the number of occasions (if any) during the year on which a request was made to disclose information under subsection 355‑55(1) in Schedule 1 (about disclosures to Ministers); and

                             (ii)  the number of occasions (if any) during the year on which information was disclosed under that subsection; and

                            (iii)  the Ministers to whom the information was disclosed; and

                     (c)  set out:

                              (i)  the number of occasions (if any) during the year on which a request was made to disclose information under subsection 355‑70(1) in Schedule 1 (about disclosures for law enforcement and related purposes); and

                             (ii)  the number of occasions (if any) during the year on which information was disclosed under that subsection; and

                            (iii)  the types of entities and the names of the courts and tribunals to which the information was disclosed; and

                            (iv)  if the information was disclosed under table item 1 or 6 in subsection 355‑70(1)—the general categories of offences in relation to which the information was disclosed; and

                     (d)  set out the number (if any) of *taxation officers found guilty of the offence in section 355‑25 in Schedule 1 (about disclosure of protected information); and

                     (e)  set out information on the exercise during the year of the Commissioner’s powers under Subdivision 370‑A in Schedule 1 (Commissioner’s remedial power).

          (1C)  Subsection (1) does not apply in relation to Part III and sections 15 and 15A insofar as that Part and those sections apply in relation to the Tax Agent Services Act 2009.

             (2)  The Minister shall cause a copy of a report furnished under subsection (1) to be laid before each House of the Parliament within 15 sitting days of that House after the day on which the Minister receives the report.

             (3)  For the purposes of section 34C of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901, a report that is required by subsection (1) to be furnished as soon as practicable after 30 June in a year shall be taken to be a periodic report relating to the working of this Act during the year ending on that 30 June.

             (4)  In this section:

this Act does not include Part IVC.

3C  Reporting of information about corporate tax entity with reported total income of $100 million or more

             (1)  This section applies to a corporate tax entity for an income year if, according to information reported to the Commissioner in the entity’s income tax return for the income year:

                     (a)  the entity has total income equal to or exceeding $100 million for the income year and, at the end of the income year:

                              (i)  the entity is not an Australian resident that is a private company for the income year; or

                             (ii)  the entity is a member of a wholly‑owned group that has a foreign resident ultimate holding company; or

                            (iii)  the percentage of foreign shareholding in the entity is greater than 50%; or

                     (b)  the entity has total income equal to or exceeding $200 million for the income year and, at the end of the income year, the entity is an Australian resident that is a private company for the income year.

An expression used in this subsection that is also used in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 has the same meaning as in that Act.

             (2)  The Commissioner must, as soon as practicable after the end of the income year, make publicly available the information mentioned in subsection (3).

             (3)  The information is as follows:

                     (a)  the entity’s ABN (within the meaning of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997) and name;