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Administered by: Immigration and Border Protection
Published Date 15 Mar 2017


            Customs Act 1901


Notice under Subsection 15(2)(a)


Wharf Notice of Appointment (2598)


I, William Ries, delegate of the Comptroller-General of Customs, under paragraph 15(2)(a) of the Customs Act 1901:


a)    APPOINT as a wharf in the Port of Portland the area known as Lee Breakwater Wharf in the State of Victoria and


b)   FIX the limits of that wharf within the red boundary line indicated in Attachment A to this notice.





This notice commences on 10 March 2017.



Dated 10 March 2017





Operational Strategies Branch

Border Management Division

Australian Border Force

Department of Immigration and Border Protection


Attachment A


Lee Breakwater Wharf

Department of Immigration and Border Protection 

S15 of Customs Act 1901 Wharf, Appointment (No2598)

Limits of the wharf appointed under s15(2) (a) of the Customs Act 1901         

Map scale - 1:5000 at A4





Title: S15 Wharf Lee Breakwater Portland Victoria No. 2598 - Description: This map shows the wharf limits proclaimed under section 15 of the Customs Act 1901. further infomation can be obtained from The Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service 5 Constitution Ave Canberra ACT 2600.

Section 15(2)(a) of the Customs Act 1901 Wharf Limits
Lee Breakwater Wharf		Prepared by: Richard Beal (Port of Portland)		Date: 06/06/2016