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Health (Hairdressers) Regulations (NI)

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Reg No. 2 of 1971
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This is a regulation of the previous Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly that was continued in force under s16 and 16A of the Norfolk Island Act 1979.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
Registered 18 Jul 2016


NORFOLK                            ISLAND








[Consolidated as at 5 January 2007

on the authority of the Administrator

and in accordance with

the Enactments Reprinting Act 1980]




         1.      Citation

         2.      Parts

         3.      Interpretation


         4.      Hairdressing establishment must be registered

         5.      Register

         6.      Registration



         7.      Facilities to be provided in hairdressing establishments



         8.      Hairdressers to clean hands

         9.      Head rests to be covered

       10.      Clean towels, cloths, etc

       11.      Clean water for shaving

       12.      Liquid soap, etc

       13.      Rotary hairbrushes not be used

       14.      Arresting bleeding

       15.      Contamination to be avoided


       16.      Disinfection of implements, etc


       17.      Customers suffering from contagious diseases, etc

       18.      Hairdressers suffering from contagious diseases, etc

                  . . . .


       20.      Occupier to ensure compliance with regulations

       21.      Offences and penalties



NORFOLK                            ISLAND



Health (Hairdressers) Regulations




      1.         These Regulations may be cited as the Health (Hairdressers) Regulations.


      2.         These Regulations are divided into Parts, as follows ¾

Part    1      —        Preliminary

Part    2      —        Registration

Part    3      —        Facilities in Hairdressing Establishments

Part    4      —        Sanitary Provisions

Part    5      —        Disinfection

Part    6      —        Diseases

Part    7      —        Miscellaneous.


      3.         (1)        In these Regulations, unless the contrary intention appears —

“disinfecting solution” means a solution of disinfectant with a bactericidal strength at least equal to that of a 5% solution of carbolic acid;

“hairdresser” means a person who, for pay or reward, shaves, cuts, trims, arranges, cleanses, dresses, waves, curls, singes, bleaches, tints, colours or in any other way treats the hair or beard of a person;

“hairdressing establishment” means any premises where a person carries on business as a hairdresser, but does not include a hospital;

“occupier”, in relation to a hairdressing establishment, means a person having the charge, management or control of the establishment;

“register”, in relation to premises, means to register those premises as a hairdressing establishment, and “registered” and “registration” have a corresponding meaning.

                  (2)        For the purposes of these Regulations, a towel or cloth shall not be deemed to be clean unless it is free from dirt or stain and has not been used since it was last laundered.


Hairdressing establishment must be registered

      4.         A person shall not, after the expiry of one month after the commencement of these Regulations, use premises as a hairdressing establishment unless those premises are registered.


      5.         The executive member shall keep a register, in such form as he thinks fit, in which he shall register premises in accordance with this Part.


      6.         (1)        An application to register premises shall —

(a)        be made by the occupier of the premises;

(b)        be in accordance with Form A in the Schedule;

(c)        be lodged with the executive member; and

(d)       be accompanied by a fee of $1.

                  (2)        On receipt of an application in accordance with subregulation 6(1), the executive member shall —

(a)        if he is of the opinion that the premises are unsuitable for use as a hairdressing establishment - refuse to register the premises; or

(b)        in any other case - register the premises.

                  (3)        Where the executive member registers premises, he shall issue to the applicant a certificate of registration in accordance with Form B in the Schedule.

                  (4)        The occupier of a hairdressing establishment shall display in some prominent part of the establishment the certificate of registration issued to him under this Regulation.

                  (5)        Subject to subregulation 6(6), the registration of premises has effect until —

(a)        31 December next following the date on which the premises were registered; or

(b)        the date on which the person to whom the certificate of registration was issued ceases to be the occupier of the premises,

whichever is the earlier.


                  (6)        The executive member may at any time cancel the registration of premises —

(a)        if the occupier or any person in the employment of the occupier is convicted of —

(i)         an offence under these regulations; or

(ii)        an offence under the Health Act 1913 committed on the premises;

(b)        if the occupier ceases to carry on the business of a hairdresser on the premises; or

(c)        if the occupier so requests.


Facilities to be provided in hairdressing establishments

      7.         (1)        The occupier of a hairdressing establishment shall —

(a)        provide in the establishment one or more suitable and efficient wash basins fitted with effective waste pipes suitably trapped and vented;

(b)        cause an adequate supply of hot and cold clean water to be provided in the establishment while it is open for business;

(c)        cause a sufficient supply of towels, nail-brushes and soap to be available at all times in the establishment for the exclusive personal use of persons employed or working in the establishment; and

(d)       cause all walls, floors, floor coverings, shelves, fittings, furniture and appliances that are in any way used in or connected with the business of the establishment to be maintained in good order and in a thoroughly clean condition.

                  (2)        The occupier of a hairdressing establishment shall provide in the establishment at least 2 watertight metal receptacles with close-fitting lids and shall cause —

(a)        all soiled towels and other soiled cloths to be placed into one of those receptacles immediately after use; and

(b)        all hair clippings, paper and other waste derived from attendance to a customer to be placed in the other of those receptacles as soon as practicable after attendance to that customer.


Hairdressers to clean hands

      8.         A hairdresser shall —

(a)        immediately before attending to a customer, thoroughly clean his hands with soap and clean water; and

(b)        at all times while attending to a customer, wear a clean coat or overall without external pockets.


Head rests to be covered

      9.         The occupier of a hairdressing establishment shall, before each occasion on which a chair in his establishment is used by a customer for the purpose of being attended to by a hairdresser, cause the head rest of that chair to be covered with a clean sheet of paper, clean towel or clean cloth.

Clean towels, cloths, etc

      10.       The occupier of a hairdressing establishment shall ensure that all towels, cloths, neck protectors and similar articles used on each customer shall be clean for that customer.

Clean water for shaving

      11.       A hairdresser shall not shave a customer with water that is not clean.

Liquid soap, etc

      12.       A hairdresser shall not shave a customer, or wash a customer’s hair or beard, with soap that is not in liquid, cream or powder form.

Rotary hairbrushes not to be used

      13.       A hairdresser shall not use a rotary hairbrush on a customer or apply to a customer’s skin a sponge or powder puff or a substance in block form.

Arresting bleeding

      14.       A hairdresser shall not, for the purpose of arresting bleeding from a customer, use a styptic otherwise than in liquid or powder form and on sterile cotton wool.

Contamination to be avoided

      15.       A hairdresser shall not apply to a customer a substance taken from a bottle, can or like container unless —

(a)        the substance is applied by means of a sprayer, atomizer, blower or sprinkler;

(b)        the bottle, can or container is designed in such a manner as to prevent the contamination of the unused portion of the substance; or

(c)        the substance is removed from the bottle, can or container with a sterile applicator.


Disinfection of implements, etc

      16.       (1)        A hairdresser shall cause each article referred to in this Regulation to be disinfected in the manner prescribed in relation to that article by this Regulation —

(a)        each day the article is used - before it is so used; and

(b)        immediately after the article is used on or in relation to a customer.

                  (2)        Subject to subregulations 16(3) and 16(4) —

(a)        razors, blades, scissors, combs, hairbrushes and other tools or appliances, other than those referred to in paragraphs 16(2)(b) and 16(2)(c), shall be immersed for 3 minutes in boiling water, steam or a disinfecting solution;

(b)        clippers shall be thoroughly brushed with a clean brush until all hair is removed and then shall be thoroughly wiped with a cloth soaked with methylated spirits;

(c)        shaving brushes shall be immersed for 3 minutes in a disinfecting solution or the hair or bristle portion shall be immersed for 3 minutes in boiling water; and

(d)       bowls, basins, cups and like containers, including the wash basins referred to in paragraph 7(1)(a) shall be thoroughly cleaned with soap or other detergent and water and then rinsed.

                  (3)        Subject to subregulation 16(4), where it is not reasonably practicable to disinfect an article in accordance with subregulation 16(2), the article shall be thoroughly wiped with a cloth soaked in a disinfecting solution.

                  (4)        In lieu of being treated in the manner specified in either of subregulation 16(2) or 16(3), an article referred to in subregulation 16(2) may be exposed for 10 minutes to ultra-violet irradiation.

                  (5)        When a new shaving brush is first taken into use, the hair or bristle portion shall be immersed for 30 minutes in a 10% solution of formalin and then rinsed in clean water.


Customers suffering from contagious diseases, etc

      17.       Where a hairdresser has reason to believe that a customer is suffering from a contagious disease, contagious skin rash or contagious skin eruption, the hairdresser shall, immediately after attending to the customer, cause —

(a)        all articles (other than those referred to in paragraph 17(b)) brought into contact with the hair, beard or skin of the customer to be immersed for 5 minutes in a disinfecting solution or boiling water; and

(b)        all towels, cloths, neck protectors and similar articles used on the customer, and the coat or overall worn by the hairdresser while attending to the customer, to be immersed for 10 minutes in a disinfecting solution or boiling water or to be destroyed.

Hairdressers suffering from contagious diseases, etc

      18.       A hairdresser suffering from a contagious disease, contagious skin rash or contagious skin eruption shall not attend to a customer.

. . . .


Occupier to ensure compliance with regulations

      20.       The occupier of a hairdressing establishment —

(a)        shall give instructions to each hairdresser employed in the establishment to ensure compliance with these Regulations; and

(b)        shall provide the solutions, soap, boiling water, steam and articles required for the purposes of compliance with these Regulations.


Offences and penalties

      21.       A person shall not contravene or fail to comply with any provision of these Regulations.

Penalty:           $100 or, where the offence is a continuing offence, $10 for every day during which the offence continues.



                                                                    SCHEDULE                                            Regulation 6

Form A


Health (Hairdressers) Regulations


The executive member

Norfolk Island

I,                                                     the occupier of the hairdressing establishment mentioned hereunder, hereby apply for the registration of the establishment for the year ending on 31 December 20  .

I enclose herewith the fee of $1.


Name of applicant in full

Address of applicant

Situation of hairdressing establishment

                                                                                                Signature of applicant




Form B


Health (Hairdressers) Regulations



This is to certify that the hairdressing establishment situated at                                                   is registered under the Health (Hairdressers) Regulations.

The occupier of the establishment is                

Unless sooner cancelled, this registration remains in force until 31 December 20  , or until the abovenamed                                      ceases to be the occupier of the establishment.


Dated this           day of                    20  .


                                                                                                executive member





The Health (Hairdressers) Regulations as shown in this consolidation comprises Regulations No. 2 of 1971 and amendments as indicated in the Tables below.


Number and year

Date of commencement

Application saving or transitional provision





Health (Hairdressers) Regulations

2, 1971









Ordinances Citation Act 1976

11, 1976









Health (Hairdressers) (Amendment) Regulations 1981

1, 1982









Health (Hairdressers) Amendment Regulations 1992

3, 1992







Table of Amendments


ad =    added or inserted

am = amended

rep = repealed

rs =      repealed and substituted

Provisions affected

How affected



Regs 3, 1992



Regs 3, 1992



Regs 3, 1992



Regs 3, 1992



Act 11, 1976; Regs 3, 1992



Regs 1, 1982

Schedule - Form A


Regs 3, 1992

- Form B


Regs 3, 1992




© Norfolk Island Government 2007

The Copyright Act 1968 of the Commonwealth of Australia permits certain reproduction and publication of this legislation. For reproduction or publication beyond that permitted by the Act, written permission must be sought from the Legislative Counsel, Administration of Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, South Pacific 2899.