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Trustee Act 1931 (NI)

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Act No. 5 of 1931
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This is an Act of the previous Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly that was continued in force under s16 and 16A of the Norfolk Island Act 1979.
Administered by: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Registered 15 Dec 2015


NORFOLK                            ISLAND





[Consolidated as at 1 December 1987

on the authority of the Administrator

and in accordance with

the Enactments Reprinting Act 1980]




         1.      Short title

         2.      Definition

         3.      Adopting Trustee Act of New South Wales

         4.      Adaptation of Act

         5.      Regulations


NORFOLK                            ISLAND



Trustee Act 1931



An Act relating to trusts and trustees


Short title

      1.         This Act may be cited as the Trustee Act 1931.


      2.         In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears —

“the Trustee Act” means the Trustee Act 1925 of the State of New South Wales, as amended by the Trustee (Amendment) Act 1929 of that State, and includes section 18 of the Trustee Act 1898 of that State as affected by the Trustee Act 1925 and includes any rules operative under the provisions of that Act that are in force in the State of New South Wales at the date of the commencement of this Act.

Adopting Trustee Act of New South Wales

      3.         The Trustee Act is hereby adopted, subject to such modifications and adaptations as are prescribed, as a law of Norfolk Island so far as the same is applicable to the circumstances of Norfolk Island and is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the provisions of any Act, law, Regulation, rule, order or proclamation having the force of law in Norfolk Island.

Adaptation of Act

      4.         In the application of the Trustee Act to Norfolk Island any power or function vested in “the Court”, “the Judge” or “the Judges of the Supreme Court” shall, in relation to Norfolk Island, be vested in and exercised and performed by the Supreme Court of Norfolk Island.


      5.         The Administrator may make Regulations not inconsistent with this Act prescribing any modifications and adaptations of the Trustee Act which are necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Act.



The Trustee Act 1931 as shown in this consolidation comprises Act No. 5 of 1931 and amendments as indicated in the Tables below.


Number and year

Date of commencement

Application saving or transitional provision





Trustee Act 1931

5, 1931









Administration Act 1936

14, 1936









Amendments Incorporation Act 1963

2, 1963









Ordinances Revision Act 1964

6, 1964









Ordinances Citation Act 1976

11, 1976









Ordinances Revision Act 1979

13, 1979












Table of Amendments


ad =    added or inserted

am = amended

rep = repealed

rs =      repealed and substituted


Provisions affected

How affected




  2 of 1963;  11, 1976



14, 1936;   6, 1964



  6, 1964;  13, 1979








© Norfolk Island Government 2002

The Copyright Act 1968 of the Commonwealth of Australia permits certain reproduction and publication of this legislation. For reproduction or publication beyond that permitted by the Act, written permission must be sought from the Legislative Draftsperson, Administration of Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, South Pacific 2899.