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General Comments: This declaration was revoked by the Revocation of a Declaration of an Approved Wildlife Trade Operation on 2 June 2018.
Published Date 30 Oct 2015



Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999




1.     I, Paul Murphy, Assistant Secretary, Wildlife Trade and Biosecurity Branch, Delegate  of the Minister for the Environment: 

(a)       having considered any comments that were given in response to an invitation under section 303FR(1) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (EPBC Act); and

(b)       being satisfied as to the matters set out in section 303FN of the EPBC Act,

declare that the Lenah Game Meats management plan for the commercial harvest and export of Bennetts wallaby skins from Tasmania (the operation) is an approved wildlife trade operation for the purposes of section 303FN of the EPBC Act.  

2.    The operation is only subject to the declaration in paragraph 1:


a)    The wildlife trade operation is valid until 30 October 2018;

b)    The wildlife trade operation relates only to the processing of skins, fibres and furs from Bennetts wallabies;

c)    An annual report must be submitted to Wildlife Trade Assessments, Department of the Environment by 31 March each year;

d)    The harvest referred to must be carried out in accordance with the wildlife trade operation and the document Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest and Export of Bennett’s Wallaby Skins from Tasmania.


Dated this 28th day of October 2015




............................Paul Murphy..............................

Delegate of the Minister for the Environment

A person whose interests are affected by this declaration may, within 28 days, make an application in writing to the Department of the Environment, for the reasons for the decision.  An application for independent review of the decision (under section 303GJ(1) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), on payment of the relevant fee (currently $861 or reduced fee where applicable due to financial hardship) by the applicant, either within 28 days of receipt of the reasons for the decision, or within 28 days of this declaration if reasons for the decision are not sought. Applications should be made to the Deputy Registrar, AAT in your Capital City. Please visit the AAT’s website at http://www.aat.gov.au/ for further information. You may make an application under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) to access documents relevant to this decision. For further information, please visit http://www.environment.gov.au/foi/index.html.  Further enquiries should be directed to: the Director, Wildlife Trade Assessments Department of the Environment, Telephone: (02) 6274 2880 Email:wta@environment.gov.au