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Administered by: Infrastructure and Regional Development
Published Date 23 Jun 2015


Heavy Vehicle National Law

Queensland Heavy Vehicle Standards (Sapphire Mining Industry) Exemption (Notice) 2015 (No. 1)

1        Purpose

(1)    The purpose of this Notice is to allow for the operation of unregistered sapphire mining vehicles on roads situated on unallocated State land within the Emerald Shire.

2        Authorising Provision

(1)    This Notice is made under Section 61 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law as in force in each participating jurisdiction.

3        Commencement

(1)    This Notice commences on 1 July 2015.

4        Expiry

(1)    This Notice expires on 30 June 2016.

5        Definitions

In this Notice—

eligible vehicle means an unregistered heavy vehicle operated by a miner associated with the Queensland Sapphire Association.

6         Application

(1)    This Notice applies to an eligible vehicle in Queensland.

7         Areas or routes  to which this Notice applies

(1)    This Notice applies to all roads on unallocated state land within the Emerald Shire.

8         Exemption from heavy vehicle standards

(1)    This Notice exempts a vehicle to which it applies from the following heavy vehicle standards in Part 6 of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation

(a)     Division 2 General - requirements for lights; and

(b)    Division 3 – Headlights; and

(c)     Division 4 - Parking lights; and

(d)    Division 6 - Tail lights; and

(e)    Division 7 - Number plate lights; and

(f)      Division 8 - Clearance lights; and

(g)     Division 9 - Side marker lights.

9         General conditions

(1)    An eligible vehicle must be operated—

(a)     during daylight hours; and

(b)    on, or for the purposes of maintaining, roads situated on unallocated state land within the Emerald Shire.

(2)    An eligible vehicle must comply with the requirements of any authorisation issued under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management -Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2010 (Qld).

(3)    A person operating an eligible vehicle under this Notice must indemnify Queensland Transport and Main Roads, and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, and their employees, against any claim, action or process for any damage or injury due to the use of vehicles under this Notice.

Dated: 22 June 2015


Sal Petroccitto

Chief Executive Officer

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator