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Published Date 10 Mar 2015



Queensland Class 1 Heavy Vehicle Easter Curfew Derestriction Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2015 (No. 1)




1)       The purpose of this notice is to temporarily vary the requirements of the Guideline for Excess Dimension Vehicles etc. Form Number 4 (Version 8 February 2013).


Authorising Provision


2)      This notice is made under Section 117 and Section 23 of Schedule 1, of the Heavy Vehicle National Law as in force in each participating jurisdiction (HVNL).




3)      This notice may be cited as the Queensland Class 1 Heavy Vehicle Easter Curfew Derestriction Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2015 (No. 1).




4)      This notice commences at 12:01 AM on 2 April 2015.




5)      This notice expires at 11:59 PM 7 April 2015.




6)      Unless otherwise stated, words and expressions used in this notice have the same meanings as the HVNL, and the Form 4 Guideline.


7)      In this notice—

Easter period means— for a vehicle mentioned in the Form 4 Guideline to which this notice applies, the period mentioned in section 10.5.1 of that guideline for that vehicle.


eligible vehicle means a vehicle eligible to operate under the Form 4 Guideline.


Form 4 Guideline means the Guideline for Excess Dimension Vehicles Carrying Indivisible Articles Special Purpose Vehicles, Vehicles that require a Pilot or Escort in Queensland,

Form Number 4 (Version 8 February 2013).




8)      This notice applies to an eligible vehicle in Queensland.

Conditional amendment of Form 4


9)      Notwithstanding section 10.5 of the Form 4 Guideline, an eligible vehicle that is —

a)      not wider than 4.5m or longer than 30m, and is transporting a large indivisible item or is a crane, may travel from 2 April 2015 to 7 April 2015, inclusive, on a route mentioned in Table 1 of Schedule 1 to this notice subject to the limitations set out in that table provided the vehicle is travelling—

                                                  i)      to or from the Port of Brisbane; and

                                                 ii)      to or from the bond store/holding yard for the vehicle or load mentioned in Table 1; and

                                               iii)      during the hours of travel specified for weekdays and weekends in the Form 4 Guideline, Sections 10.2 and 10.3; or

b)      a conditionally registered vehicle with unrestricted access may travel to or from unprogrammed operations that involve immediate repairs to public utilities during the Easter period; or

c)       a special purpose vehicle or a vehicle or combination transporting a large indivisible item, may operate during the Easter period, where the vehicle is—

                                                  i)      operating under a current dimension exemption (notice or permit); and

                                                 ii)      directly involved with, or in support of, mining activities; and

                                               iii)      operating solely within the Cooper Basin as set out in Schedule 2 to this notice.


10)   It is a condition of this exemption that—

a)      an eligible vehicle operating under it complies with—

                                                  i)      the requirements set out in Section 9 of this notice that apply to the vehicle; and

                                                 ii)      any condition or requirement of the Form 4 Guideline or permit applying to the vehicle that is not excluded by this notice; and;

b)      the driver of a vehicle operating under this exemption must keep in the driver’s possession a copy of this notice and must produce the notice to an authorised officer when requested.




I, Sal Petroccitto, delegate of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator hereby exempt a vehicle to which this notice applies from the prescribed dimension requirements that would otherwise apply to the vehicle, to the extent, and on the conditions set out in this notice.

Dated:  6 March 2015






Sal Petroccitto

Chief Executive Officer

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Schedule 1


Location of Holding Yards

Route (Arterial Road)



Port of Brisbane Motorway

·         No movement West of Gateway Motorway

Acacia ridge



·         Port of Brisbane Motorway

·         Gateway Motorway

·         Logan Motorway

·         Beaudesert Road

·         No movement North of Riawena Road, Granard Road and Ipswich Motorway

·         No movement West of Blunder Road


·         Port of Brisbane Motorway

·         Gateway Motorway

·         Logan Motorway

·         No movement West of Stapylton Road

·         No movement South of Browns Plains Road

Eagle Farm

Port of Brisbane Motorway

·         No movement North of Kingsford Smith Drive

·         No movement West of Southern Cross Way

·         Access to Sugarmill Road is permitted

Mackay Harbour


·         No movement North of

·         intersection Bruce Highway and Sams Road


Hay Point

·         No movement South of Bruce Highwav and Farrellvs Road

Schedule 2

Title: Schedule 2 - Description: Map of Cooper Basin