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Published Date 19 Nov 2014




1.       The purpose of this notice is to exempt stated categories of heavy trailers from the braking requirements of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standard) National Regulation (the National Regulation).

Note - A light vehicle towing a heavy trailer is a heavy vehicle combination under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Authorising Provision

2.       This notice is made under section 61 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law as in force in each participating jurisdiction (the HVNL).


3.       This notice may be cited as the South Australia Heavy Vehicle Standards (Six Tonne Trailer Brakes) Exemption (Notice) 2014 (No. 1).


4.       This notice commences on 20 November 2014


5.       This notice expires on 19 November 2019


6.       Unless otherwise stated, words or expressions used in this notice have the same meanings as those defined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law.


7.       This notice applies to a trailer, when towed as a component of a heavy vehicle combination, where the mass transmitted to the ground by the axles of the trailer at the time of operation, or the trailer’s Gross Trailer Mass (GTM), whichever is the lesser, does not exceed 6 tonnes.

Note - A light vehicle towing a heavy trailer and a heavy vehicle towing a light trailer are heavy vehicle combinations.  ‘Light’ refers to a vehicle or trailer with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of 4.5 tonne or less.

Note - A light vehicle or light combination must comply with the South Australia Road Traffic (Light Vehicle Standards) Rules 2013 and the South Australia Road Traffic (Light Vehicle Mass and Loading Requirements) Regulations 2013 and in particular Schedule 1, Part 1, Section 2 – Mass of vehicle towed by vehicle, when towing a heavy trailer.

8.       This notice applies in South Australia.

Exemption from prescribed heavy vehicle standards

9.       This notice exempts a heavy trailer mentioned in clause 7 from the following provisions of the National Regulation:


a)      Section 1 of Schedule 1 - only in so far as it relates to ADR 38 (Heavy Trailer Braking Systems); and

b)      Section 2 of Schedule 1 - only in so far as it relates to section 5 (General design requirements for trailers over 4.5 tonne ‘ATM’) of ADR 38 (Trailer Brake Systems); and

c)       Section 91(1) of Schedule 2; and

d)      Section 92(1) of Schedule 2.      

Note – Parts (c) and (d) specifically apply to heavy trailers only.


10.   The heavy vehicle combination must not travel at a speed greater than 25km/h.


Note - This notice does NOT exempt these vehicles from other requirements of the HVNL including, but not limited to, lighting, signage and dimension requirements.



I, Sal Petrocitto, delegate of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator exempt the stated categories of heavy vehicles from the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation set out in this notice, subject to compliance with the conditions in this notice.


Dated 18 November 2014





Sal Petroccitto

Chief Executive Officer

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator