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This gazette
Administered by: Infrastructure and Regional Development
Published Date 10 Nov 2014

Title: Commonwealth Coat of Arms

of Australia


Published by the Commonwealth of Australia








  1. The purpose of this notice is to exempt a stated category of class 1 heavy vehicles from stated dimension requirements prescribed in Schedule 6 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation (the National Regulation), and in the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014.


Note – The purpose of this notice is to enable Department of Environment and Primary Industries contractors to transport fire-fighting equipment when operating under the State Emergency Response Plan during a bushfire emergency in select areas of Victoria. Although the Emergency Management Act 1986 (Vic) provides powers to allow heavy vehicles to operate in certain situations, this notice aims to provide up-front clarity.


Note - This notice replaces the Victorian Government Gazette notice No S.340 - Exemption for Class 1 Vehicles Operating Under the State Emergency Response Plan upon its expiry.


Authorising Provision

  1. This notice is made under section 117 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law as in force in each participating jurisdiction (the HVNL).




  1. This notice may be cited as the Victoria Class 1 Emergency Vehicles Operating Under State Emergency Response Plan Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014 (No.1).




  1. This notice commences on 10 November 2014.




  1. This notice expires on 9 November 2019.












  1. Unless otherwise stated, words or expressions used in this notice have the same meanings as in the HVNL or regulations made under the HVNL.


  1. In this notice—


(a)           ‘DEPI’ is the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (Victoria);

(b)          ‘External Plant Contracting Report’ is a report, held by the DEPI, which lists the preregistered contractors that may operate under this notice;

(c)           ‘Incident Controller’ means an incident controller appointed under the State Emergency Response Plan.

(d)          ‘State Emergency Response Plan’ is a plan prepared and reviewed in accordance with section 53 of the Emergency Management Act 2013 (Vic), located at http://www.emv.vic.gov.au/policies/emmv/.




  1. This notice applies to a class 1 heavy vehicle operating under the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014 and that meet the following requirements:


a.       the vehicle is a load-carrying vehicle; and


b.      the vehicle is a combination that includes-


                                                               i.      a steer axle with two tyres; and

                                                             ii.      a tandem axle group with eight tyres; and

                                                            iii.      either a tri-axle group with twelve or more tyres or a quad-axle group with sixteen or more tyres; and


c.       the vehicle is owned or operated by a preregistered transport contractor as listed on the External Plant Contracting Report.


  1. This notice applies in Victoria.
  2. This notice applies when a bushfire emergency has been declared, and an Incident Controller appointed, under the State Emergency Response Plan, and ceases to apply when the Incident Controller declares the area to be safe.






Exemption from specified dimension requirements and conditions


  1. A heavy vehicle described in clause 8 of this notice is exempt from the following requirements:


    1. The 2.5m width limit in section 7(1) of Schedule 6 to the National Regulation; and
    2. The 3.5m width limit in Part 2 of Schedule 2 to the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014; and


    1. The prohibitions on night travel for class 1 heavy vehicles wider than 3.1m or longer than 22m stated in section 7 of Schedule 8 to the National Regulation and in Part 3 of Schedule 2 to the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014; and


    1. The prohibition on low visibility travel stated in section 8 of Schedule 8 to the National Regulation; and


    1. Any other travel time restrictions that would otherwise be imposed under Schedule 8 of the National Regulation or Schedule 2 to the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014.


Areas and routes


  1. A heavy vehicle described in clause 8 is only permitted to travel on the following roads, with the exception of any road that the Incident Controller has declared unsafe –


a.       all arterial roads within the East Gippsland and Wellington Shires, other than McKillops Road, Snowy River Road; and


b.      all roads set out in Tables 1, 2 and 3 in Schedule 1 to this notice; and


c.       all roads set out in column 1 of Table 4 in Schedule 1 to this notice subject to the mass limits for the bridges set out in column 2 of Table 4; and




  1. A vehicle described in clause 8 is exempt from the requirements in clause 11 on the following conditions:


a.       a bushfire emergency must have been declared, and an Incident Controller appointed, under the State Emergency Response Plan;


b.      The vehicle must not exceed 3.8m in width;


c.       A vehicle wider than 2.5m must be accompanied by a pilot vehicle as described in Schedule 8 of the National Regulation




I, Sal Petroccitto, delegate of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, exempt class 1 heavy vehicles described in clause 8 from the specified requirements prescribed in Schedule 6 and Schedule 8 of the National Regulation and from the specified requirements in Schedule 2 of the Victoria Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014 set out in clause 11, subject to compliance with the conditions in this notice.


Dated 6 November 2014,



Sal Petroccitto

Chief Executive Officer

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


 Schedule 1: Routes and Areas


Pursuant to clause 12, this Schedule sets out the additional routes and areas to which this notice applies.


Table 1. Wellington Shire roads


Beverley’s Road

Boisdale – Valencia Creek Road

Briagolong – Valencia Creek Road

Carrajung – Woodside Road

Dargo High Plains Road

Gelliondale Road

Giffard Road

Glenaladale – Fernbank Road to Princes Highway

Gormandale – Stradbroke Road

Grand Ridge Road

Heyfield – Rosedale Road

Heyfield – Seaton Road

Jamieson – Licola Road

Longford – Goldern Beach Road

Maffra – Briagolong Road

Marathon Road to Shire boundary

North – South Road

Old Rosedale Road

Princess Highway

Rosedale – Gormandale Road

Shoreline Drive – Seaspray to Paradise Beach

Stockdale – Fernbank Road

Stockdale – Munro Road

Stockdale – Stratford Road

Tarra Valley Road Telegraph Road

Won Wron Road

Yarram – Port Albert Road


Table 2. Department of Environment and Primary Industries roads


14 Mile Creek Road

36 Mile Track

Angora Range Road

Argus Gap Road

Arte Road

Arte Shortcut Road

Ash Range

Road Ba Road

Back Break Track

Back Creek Road

Barling Road

Barmouth Spur

Track Barrs Road

Beach Road

Beasley Road

Bee Tree South Track

Bee Tree Track

BelokaLog Road

Beloka Road

Bendoc Ridge Road

Bentleys Plain Road

Betka Track

Big River Road

Big Tower Road

Billy Goat Bend Road

Binns Road

Birregun Road

Bismuth Road

Black Range Road

Blackfellows Road

Blacks Camp Road

Blackwatch Track

Blues Road

Boomerang Spur Road

Boomerang Spur Track

Border Track

Boundary Road

Boundary Track

Bralak Road

Brown Track

Browns Road

Bruce Road

Buckland Road

Buckwong Track

Buldah Gap Road

Bull Plain Road

Bulldog Road

Bungywarr Road

Bungywarr Road North

Burnetts Ridge Road

Burnside Track

Burwood Road

Camferbar Track

Camp Oven Gap Track

Carl Smith Road

Carneek Track

Carroll Link Track

Carroll Track

Castle Hill Track

Cemetery Track

Centre Track

Clarksville Road

Coast Range Road

Cobon Road

Collins Road

Colquhoun Road

Combienbar Trail

Cooaggalah Road

Cooney Ridge Road

Cottonwood Range Road

Coulson Track

Crawfords Track

Currawong Track

Cutts Creek Road

Dapples CreekTrack

Davey Knob Road

Dawson Track

Dead Horse Creek Road

Deep Creek Road

Deptford Road

Dermody Road

Dinah Divide Road

Dinner Plain Track

Dog Trap Road

Donnelly Creek Road

Dorothy Cutting

Delegate River Tavern Access Track

Drummer Road

Dyer Creek Road

Easement Road

East Wingan Road

Eleven Mile Road

Engineers Road

Errinundra Road

Evans Track

Far Creek Track

Farm Track

Faulkner Spur Road

F D A Road

Fire Break Track

Five Mile Road

Five Mile Spur Track

Fives Link

Flinns Road Flu Track

Four And A Half Mile Track

Freestone Creek Road

Frog Hollow Road

Frouds Road

Garnett Track

Garron Point Track

Ghost Camp Road

Gidley Track

Glenmore Road

Glenmore Road

Goodwood Road

Goolengook Road

Goonmirk Rocks Road

Granite Mountain Track

Gravel Road

Green Hill Road

Greens Road

Groves Gap Road

Guinness Road

Gunmark Road

Hard To Seek Track

Hensleigh Creek Road

Hepburns Road

Hereford Road

Hilo Road

Holloways Road

Howitt Road

Howitt Spur Road

Insolvent Track

Irish Waterholes Road

Ironbark Road

Jack Road

Jackies Dream Road

Jacksons Track

Jirrah Track

Jones Creek Road

Jones Road

Joyces Road

Kenny Road

King Road

King Street

Koolabbra Track

Leathams Road

Legges Road

Leslies Track

Lind Park Extension Road

Lind Park Road

Little Arte Trail

Little Bog Track

Little Dick Range Road

Little River Track

Lock Gully Road

Long Bridge Road

Lowes Road

Macs Creek Road

Mahogany Road

Malinns Track

Maramingo Track

Marathon Road

Marthavale Road

Mcdonald Road

Mckenzie River Road

Mellick Munjie Road

Mia Mia Road

Middle Road

Mill Track Millers Road

Misery Road

Misery Trail

Mitchell River Access Road

Molly Plain Road

Moonlight Road

Moresford Road

Moroka Road

Morris Peak Road

Mottle Range Road

Mount Delusion Road

Mount Hope Track

Mt Alfred Road

Mt Baldhead Road

Mt Deception Road

Mt Elizabeth Road

Mt Hart Track

Mt Jersey Road

Mt Johnston Road

Mt Murphy Track

Mt Ray Road

Mt Victoria Road

Mueller Road

Murphy Creek Track

Newton Creek Track

Nicholson Creek Road

Noorinbee Tower Road

North South Road

North North South Road

South North South Track

Nowa Nowa–Buchan Road

Nunnett Road

Nunniong Road

Oil Bore Road

Old Binns Road

Old Bonang Highway

Old Bonang–Bendoc Road

Old Coast Road

Old Colquhoun Road

Old Mill Road

Old Omeo Road

Old Orbost Road

Old Rosedale Road

North Old Whitegum Road

Orourkes Track

Ostlers Gap Road

Ostlers Road

Painted Line Track

Palm Track

Paradise Ridge Road

Park Road

Parkers Lane

Partellis Crossing Road

Patrol Track

Peels Gap Track

Pettman Road

Pinnak Road

Playgrounds Road

Poddy Creek Road

Point Hicks Road

Pound Yard Road

Price Break

Puggaree Road

Punchen Budwuid Divide Track

Purple Patch Track

Purtle Spur Track

Pyramid Creek Road

Quadra Link Road

Reed Bed Road

Reformatory Road

Rich River Road

Ridge Road

Ridge Track

Robinson Road

Rocky River Road

Ross Track

Rouches Road

Sandy Creek Road

Sandy Waterholes Road

Sarah Allen Road

Sardine Creek Road

Serpentine Road

Sheep Station Creek Track

Shields Road

Sisters Road

Six Mile Road

South Boundary Road

South Road

Splitters Range Road

Springs Road

Staggs Creek Road

Steps Track

Stock Track

Stockyard Road

Stoney Creek No. 1 Track

Stoney Creek Road

Stoney Creek Track

Stoney Road

Stony Peak Road

Storers Track

Stuart Creek Road

Survey Camp Creek Trail

Survey Road

Tambo Crossing Spur Road

Tamboritha Road

Tarlton Track

Tea Tree Spur Track

Teapot Creek Track

The Fives Road

Three Mile Road

Three Sisters Road

Thurra Junction Road

Thurra River Road

Thurra Road

Tingaringy Track

To Purple Patch Track

To Scout Camp Track

Towzer Creek Track

Towzer Creek Track

Trainor Road

Trainor Road Extension

Tulloch Ard Road

Uncle Road

Upper Dargo Road

Upper Little River Road

Varneys Track

Victoria River Track

W S M Road

Waratah Flat Road

Ward Road

West Watchmaker Track

Watershed Road

Wattle Creek Road

Waygara Road

W B Line

Wehner Track

Wentworth Road

West Wingan Road

Wheatfields Road

Whitegum Road

Wilkinson Log Road

Williamsons Spur Track

Windy Ridge Road

Wingan Link Road

Wombat Road

Yahoo Road

Yalmy Road

Yambulla Fire Trail


Table 3. East Gippsland Shire roads


Avonmore Road

Back Corringle Road

Bald Hills Creek Road

Bates Road

Beaselys Road

Beloka Road

Benambra Corryong Road

Bindi Road

Bingo Tice Road

Black Mountain Limestone Road

Bogong High Plains Road

Boyds Road

Brookville Road

Bruces Road

Splitters Road

Bruthen Buchan Road

Buchan South Ensay Road

Buchan South Road

Bullumwaal Tabberabberra Road

Bung Bung Lane

Burwood Road

Cassilis Road

Centre Track

Charlotte Spur

Track Clarkesville Road

Club Terrace Loop Road

Combienbar Road

Connleys Road

Corringle Road

Crosses Road

Davidsons Lane

Deep Creek Road

Deptford Road

Doctors Flat Road

Dry Gully Road

Eleven Mile Road

Engineers Road

Errinundra Road

Evans Track

Farm Road

Five Mile Road

Flannagans Road

Gap Road

Gilberts Road

Gillingal Road

Gipsy Point Road

Great Alpine Road

Hambrooks Road

Haydens Bog Road

Heaneys Lane

Hinnomunjie Connection

Hollingsworth Road

Holloways Road

Jacobs Meadow Road

Knocker Track

Lake Tyers House Road

Colquhoun Road

Lemon Hill Road

Limestone Road

Little River Road

Logies Road

Lower Bendoc Road

Lower Tablelands Road

Mackiesons Road

Mallacoota Road

Marlo / Cabbage Tree Road

Marlo Plains Road

McKenzies Road

McKenzies Track

McMillan Street

Mia Mia Road

Mitchells Road

Mount Lookout Road

Murphys Forest Road

Murrungowar Road

Nallys Road

Negoura Road

Nicholson Park Road

Nunniong Plains Track

Nunniong Road

Old Bonang / Bendoc Road

Old Coach Road

Old Coast Road

Old Princes Highway

Omeo Valley Road

Orbost Buchan Road

Ostlers Road

Parish Boundary Lane

Parkers Lane

Pea Hill Track

Points Hicks Road

Points Road

Porphrey Hill Track

Pows Road

Quire Road

Racecourse Road

Reedy Creek Road

Reeves Road

Rileys Creek Road

Rogers Road

Rules Road

Sandy Creek Road

Scriveners Road

Sebastopol Hill Road

Simpson Creek Road

Soutters Lane

Spring Gully Road

Stockdale Glenaladale Road

Stockyard Road

Swifts Creek East Road

Tabbara Road

Tablelands Road

Tambo Spur Road

Tamboon Road

Timber Road

Tongio Gap Road

Tongio Road

Tower Road

Trevaskis Road

Tulloch Ard Road

Turner Road

Upper Livingstone Road

Upper Wingan Road

Wairewa Road

Wallagaraugh Road

Wallers Road

Wangrarabell Road

Watts Creek Road

Waygara Road

West Boundary Road

West Cann Road

Windarra Road

Yalmy Road

Yandown Road



Table 4. East Gippsland Shire roads with bridges



Mass limit on bridge

Basin Road

Buldah Road

Casey Creek Road

Cobungra Road

Dellicknora Road

Fishermans Track

Lower Tostaree Road

Timbarra Road

Water Holes Road

Youngs Access Road

10 tonne limit on bridge at Buchan River

20 tonne limit on bridge on West Branch Cann River

20 tonne limit on bridge at Tamboon

20 tonne limit on bridge at Victoria River

20 tonne limit on bridge at Bonang River

20 tonne limit on bridge at Peach Tree Creek

20 tonne limit on bridge

18 tonne limit on bridge at Timbarra River

20 tonne limit on bridge at Clifton Creek

25 tonne limit on bridge at Reedy Creek