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Administered by: Infrastructure and Regional Development
Published Date 04 Nov 2014





1.       The purpose of this notice is to authorise the use of class 2 heavy vehicles that are road trains in stated areas or on stated routes, during stated hours of stated days, and to state the conditions under which these road trains may be used.

Authorising Provision

2.       This notice is made under section 138 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).


3.       This notice commences on the date of publication in the Commonwealth Gazette.


4.       This notice expires on 9 February 2019.


5.       This notice may be cited as the National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle Road Train Authorisation (Notice) 2014 (No. 3) Amendment Notice (No. 1).


6.       This Notice amends Schedule 1, Appendix 1 of the National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle Road Train Authorisation (Notice) 2014 (No. 3) by inserting the table in Schedule 1 of this notice after the following text in item 1(a)—



I, Angus Draheim, delegate of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator hereby authorise the use of road trains (as specified in this notice) in the stated areas or routes during the stated hours of stated days and subject to the conditions set out in this notice.


Dated 31 October 2014


Angus Draheim

General Manager, Operations

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


Schedule 1

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Column 6


Road No

Road Name

Starting Point

Finishing Point


MRT 36.5

SR 41

County Boundary Road

Terling Park Road

Gil Gil Creek Road (SR 63)

NHVAS Maintenance

MRT 36.5

SR 63

Gil Gil Creek Road

Country Boundary Road (SR 41)

Crooble Road (SR 255)

NHVAS Maintenance

MRT 36.5

SR 255

Crooble Road

Gil Gil Creek Road (SR 63)

Crooble Silo Entrance approx. 1.3km north of Gil Gil Creek Road.

NHVAS Maintenance

MRT 36.5

SR 9

I.B Bore Road

Croppa Creek Road (SR 7)

Moree Plains Shire Boundary (near Newell Highway)

NHVAS Maintenance

MRT 36.5

SR 33

Forrest Creek Road

North Star Road (RR 7705)

‘Boonaga’ property entrance approx. 5km east of North Star Road.

NHVAS Maintenance

MRT 36.5

SR 76

Bristol Lane

Croppa Moree Road (SR 5)

Boolavilla Silo Entrance approx. 6.8km south of Croppa Moree Road.

NHVAS Maintenance


Note –

‘MRT 36.5’ means a Type 1 road train combination that meets all of the following criteria:

·         The combination consists of a prime mover with single steer axle and tandem drive towing two trailers where the rear trailer consists of a tri-axle converter dolly supporting a semi-trailer;

·         The tri-axle converter dolly in the combination is fitted with certified Road Friendly Suspension (RFS);

·         Overall combination length is no longer than 36.5 metres; and

·         The prime mover and trailers forming part of the combination are nominated vehicles of an operator who holds an accreditation for the Maintenance Management Module of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).