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Published Date 20 May 2014







1.       The purpose of this Notice is to exempt drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles carrying out primary production in Queensland from the requirement to keep and record information in a work diary and to specify the conditions of the exemption under this Notice.


Authorising Provision


2.       This Notice is issued in accordance with section 357 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).




3.       Unless otherwise stated, words and expressions used in this Notice have the same meaning as those defined in the HVNL.


4.       In this Notice—

 ‘primary production’ means—

a)      the cultivation of land for the purpose of selling the produce of the land; or

b)      the maintenance of animals (including birds), whether wild or domesticated, for the purpose of selling them or their natural increase or bodily produce; or

c)       the keeping of bees for the purpose of selling their honey or other apiary products; or

d)      transporting animals or produce in connection with the sale of the animals or produce.




5.       This Notice may be cited as the Queensland Work Diary Exemption (Notice) 2014 (No. 1).




6.       This Notice commences on 1 June 2014.




7.       This Notice expires on 9 February 2017.





8.       This Notice applies to drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles carrying out the following class of work in Queensland —

(a)    working in relation to or driving a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle on a journey for the purpose of primary production within a radius of 160 kilometres of the driver’s base.


9.       This Notice applies if the driver only carries out work of the class specified in clause 8 (and does not undertake any work outside of this class) on a day.




10.   This Notice applies on the condition that the record keeper for the driver records and keeps the information specified in section 319 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law in respect of the class of work to which this Notice applies.




I, Melinda Bailey, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator exempt drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles carrying out the class of work specified in clause 8 of this Notice from the requirement to comply with Subdivisions 1 to 5 of Division 2 of Part 6.4 of Chapter 6 the Heavy Vehicle National Law for the work, subject to the condition specified in clause 10 of this Notice.


Dated 2 May 2014


Description: Melinda Bailey



Melinda Bailey

Acting Chief Executive Officer

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator