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Administered by: Infrastructure and Regional Development
Published Date 28 Apr 2014









1.                   The purpose of this notice is to—

(a)    authorise the use of stated categories of class 2 vehicles, on stated routes during stated hours of stated days; and

(b)   exempt stated categories of class 3 heavy vehicles from stated prescribed mass and dimension requirements of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and  Loading) National Regulation (the Regulation).


Authorising Provision


2.                   This notice is made under section 117 and 138 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (the National Law).




3.                   This notice may be cited as the Loxton Waikerie (Pedal Prix) Mass or Dimension Authority (Notice) 2014 (No. 1)




4.                   Unless otherwise stated, words and expressions used in this notice have the same meanings as in the National Law or regulations made under the National Law.


5.                   In this notice—

‘approved vehicle means—

(a)    a B-double up to 26 metres in length (GML & HML);

(b)   a 23m rigid truck and dog combination;

(c)    a 23m vehicle carrier (GML & HML);

(d)   a 19m HML vehicle;

(e)   a controlled access bus;

(f)     a convertor dolly;

(g)    a Performance Based Standard (PBS) vehicle, Level 1 and 2A; and

(h)   a low loader operating at a GCM of 49.5t or less, or 59.5t or less.


‘PBS access approval’ means a mass or dimension authority for a PBS vehicle that is an approved vehicle.


primary national notice’ means the following mass or dimension authorities made under Chapter 4 the National Law or transitioned under s 748 of the National Law —

(a)    National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle B-Double Authorisation (Notice) 2014 (No. 2); and

(b)   Operation Of Rigid Truck And Dog Trailer Combinations Up To 23m In Length*; and

(c)    National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle 4.6m High and/or 25m Long Vehicle Carrier Authorisation (Notice) 2014 (No. 1); and

(d)   Higher Mass Limits For Vehicles Fitted With Road Friendly Suspension*; and

(e)   National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle Controlled Access Bus Authorisation (Notice) 2014 (No.1) And National Class 3 Heavy Vehicle Controlled Access Bus Rear Overhang Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014 (No.1); and

(f)     South Australia Consolidated National Heavy Vehicle Mass and Dimension Exemption (Notice) 2014 (No. 1). and

(g)    Operation of 49.5 tonne prime mover and low loader combination vehicles in South Australia*; and

(h)   Operation of 25m long Prime Mover and Low Loader Combinations with a Gross Combination Mass up to 59.5 tonnes*; and

(i)      Operation of 26m B-Double Vehicles*; and

(j)     Operation of Road Train Vehicles in South Australia*; and

(k)    Operation of Car Carrier Combinations up to 25m in Length*


Note 2— Notices marked with an ‘*’ have been transitioned under s 748 of the National law

Note 3 – Authorised versions of each of the above notices may be obtained from—

a)       https://www.nhvr.gov.au/resources/notices-and-permit-based-schemes/transitional-notices, in the case of a notice which has been transitioned under the National Law; and

b)       https://www.nhvr.gov.au/resources/notices-and-permit-based-schemes/national-notices  or https://www.nhvr.gov.au/resources/notices-and-permit-based-schemes/state-hvnl-notices   in the case of a notice which has been made under the National Law.




6.                   This notice applies in South Australia.


Exemption from prescribed mass or dimension requirements


7.                   This notice exempts a class 3 vehicle to which it applies from a prescribed mass or dimension requirement as provided in a primary national notice applying to the vehicle.


Stated Areas or Routes


8.                   An approved vehicle, which would have otherwise have used Bookpurnong Terrace, may operate under the conditions of this notice, and any primary national notice or PBS access approval applying to the vehicle on Gratwick Road, Starcevich Road, Robertson Avenue, Barker Street, Paruna Road, Browns Well Highway, Habel Road and Karoonda Highway, Loxton.


Period of Operation


9.                   This authority is valid on Sunday 4 May 2014 (from 4:00 AM to 7:00 PM) for the duration of the Bookpurnong Terrace closure at Loxton.




10.               The driver and operator of an approved vehicle must comply with the conditions in this notice and any primary national notice or PBS access approval applying to the vehicle.


Note 4 – Nothing in this notice exempts the driver or operator of the vehicle from complying with legislation regulating the use of heavy vehicles, including but not limited to—

(a)     compliance with mass and other dimension requirements in the National Law;

(b)     compliance with traffic signs, including those indicating mass limits or dimension limits;

(c)      compliance with vehicle standards in the National Law; and

(d)     compliance with lawful directions of authorised officers.


Note 5 – Where a primary national notice imposes a requirement to carry a copy of that notice, the obligation continues as a condition of this notice; however the driver or operator is not required to carry a copy of this notice. 



I, Angus Draheim, delegate of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator—

(a)    authorise the use of the stated categories of class 2 vehicles in the stated areas or routes during the stated hours of stated days and subject to the conditions set out in this notice; and

(b)   exempt the stated categories of class 1 and 3 vehicles to which this notice applies from prescribed mass and dimension requirements to the extent and on the conditions stated in this notice.



Dated: Thursday, 24 April 2014






Angus Draheim

General Manager (Operations)

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator